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Submitted by Dnarbeis 2812d ago | video

Call of Duty 4 God mode - Untouchable

"This was shown by somebody on

This is the Xbox 360 version of COD4" (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Xbox 360)

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Joey Gladstone  +   2812d ago
LOL that is hilarious......
the whole team is simultaneously shooting and grenading him, and he is just knifing them all one man at a time lol.......even the Airstrike directly on his head didnt seem to phase him lol
...."The JOEY has Spoken"
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THESWAT   2811d ago | Spam
mikeslemonade  +   2811d ago
That is what COD4 needs more glitches. The game was too clean that's why I retired from COD4. In Resistance I played for months because of the cool glitches.
kalistyles  +   2812d ago
That was great
I wonder what his record was at the end of the round.
iHEARTboobs  +   2811d ago
Might not have been as great as you might think. It looked like he was left channeling his inner OJ at the end once his gun ammo ran out.
superman  +   2812d ago
Dude didnt want to die
Apokalypsis  +   2812d ago
Just like you Superman
Untouchable ...except for kryptonite....but even them you never really seem to die from it.
mintaro  +   2812d ago
wtf!? lmao
iAmPS3  +   2812d ago
These XTARDs are amazing, you will never see something like that ruining a gameplay on the PS3, ever.
NPerez  +   2812d ago
It's literally embarrassing to read things like this.

If you really know what a computer is, you'll realize that at the core, the PS3 and 360 and PC are all the same. There are differences, but none fundamental enough to say that a software exploit couldn't possibly work from one platform to another.

The fact that you insult people you don't know based on the video game system that they prefer really says a lot about your character. It's laughable and sad at the same time. I don't care if this is the open zone, or if that's just your 'gimmick' you like to parade around. It's a lot of bad attitude over something extremely trivial.
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DruePhoenix  +   2812d ago
yes because the PS3 is a pure and completely glitch-free console
iAmPS3  +   2812d ago
@ NPerez - I Understand What you trying to say but....
I suffer from multiple personalities, very sorry, here I am "iAmPS3" but well, I have a real life too, and honestly I am a nice guy there. But on N4G Open Zone I can say what I see fit.

You righteous uptight people can talk about whatever you want on the Gamer Zone, I respect that but, here is for the crazy minded.
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NPerez  +   2812d ago
Heh, fair enough, I guess I just needed to know that you people are capable of thinking realistically, else I would have lost all faith in humanity.
iAmPS3  +   2812d ago
@ NPerez
It's funny you mentioned that cause sometimes I feel like N4G is a scape valve for a lot of people, like games, when you are upset/tired/frustrated and you turn on that online match on COD4 and hit a few head shots and.... BOOOMM.

The world changes.

We all have feelings and I always try to have fun reading the posts, I never thing that the person is actually meaning what they say, but just that we are all cracking at each other, know what i mean?

Take care!!!
LONEWOLF231  +   2812d ago
Dude that was sweet!
mighty_douche  +   2812d ago
Bet his favourite wrestler is... Haxor Jim Duggen.
skynidas  +   2812d ago
iHEARTboobs  +   2812d ago
That was crazy. I loved seeing him try to knife everyone. Never give up! haha
Anyhow, there's a god mode or did something screw up there??
Nameless  +   2812d ago
This seems like good video editing to me. But if there really is a god mode glitch then no doubt that will be patched
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Nevers  +   2812d ago
I've heard rumor
... this could totally be happening on PSN cuz it's hack-able. My friend showed me "The Flash" glitch in action while on PSN. He's had so much trouble with glitchers on PSN he took CoD4 back and exchanged it (at a loss) so he could play it on his 360.
mighty_douche  +   2812d ago
What? Hax on any PS3 game as of yet are unheard of, I think you or your "friend" is telling porkies!
kevin1122  +   2812d ago
i know for a fact there is an aimbot on the ps3 version.
mighty_douche  +   2812d ago
As much as id love to believe you dude, got a link for this "fact"?
znu  +   2812d ago
agreed douche

how exactly has this aimbot been used and how come ive never seen it before
Nevers  +   2812d ago
I know what i saw
and don't care if you don't believe in me or Santa.

I'm not trying to flame on PSN at all. I'm just giving an account of what I saw - seeing someone in my buddy's crosshairs approximately 300 game feet away on a map disappear faster than sh!t behind a wall only to knife him from behind w/in 1-2 sec couldn't be explained by us in any other way than a glitcher/hacker... I don't know where but he said he'd read posts of similar things happening to others when he tried to look it up (I think he was trying to figure out HOW to do it) It must be rare cuz he says he's never encountered it before that instance or since.
Proxy  +   2811d ago
If I was Sony, I'd probably just hand out a MAC address BAN or two.

That's what pHaez diserves. It's on page 1 of google, there is no reason to think it's secrete.
Chuck Norris  +   2811d ago

He hid behind the wall, got killed, respawned right behind your friend, and knifed him. Plain and simple. COD4 needs more respawn points. It happens alot, especially when you camp. You snipe someone out then he respawns behind you.
Captain Tuttle  +   2811d ago
Yeah Nevers...
This is a forum post so take it for what it's worth but you're not the only one who thinks there's hacking going on...

I think the guy is being a bit dramatic about the RROD but he does have a point.

There's also a video on YouTube showing people how to use cheats. If you want the link PM me or do a search yourself. This is turning into a problem.
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Nevers  +   2811d ago
hahaha oh it's not just a river.
TODAY there's an article/vid showing possibly the PS3 and specifically IW's CoD4 is probably hacked. HUH!?!?!?! GO FIG...

... oh yeah and 'bout my title... DENIAL
jollygoodchap8  +   2812d ago
I love how that guy keeps on going back to try kill him only to get pwnt over and over again.

That guy looks like he's relaxing while killing, God Mode indeed.
LevDog  +   2812d ago
doesnt beat the snake mode on socom 2.. and watching people slither on their stomachs shooting peeps..
Boink  +   2812d ago
I don't think it's god mode
I think it was just a glitch that occured...
boodybandit  +   2812d ago
It's most likely just some random glitch
that uses last man standing. You get killed on a certain spot on the map but last stand keeps you alive even though you can hit others they can't touch you. I have already seen people walking in mid air in COD4 just like some use to in Gears of War.

I don't know any glitches, and I don't care too, but I think this is a glitch and not some mode, code or what have you.
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Ri0tSquad  +   2812d ago
That was awesome
Nice glitch.
BloodySinner  +   2811d ago
Some people just don't want to die, I suppose.
TheGamer  +   2811d ago
The PS3 is and will always be in GOD MODE :)
tony  +   2811d ago
i hope theres no...
copycats. he should get banned.
GETPWNT  +   2811d ago
LMAO@ the guy teabagging. and this is definitely ps3. sorry. no glitches on my version.
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2811d ago
check the button prompt facking idiot.

What happened to your GITPWNED? No more bubbles?
acertainkid102  +   2811d ago
now imagine everyone knows this glitch.
Junior4565  +   2811d ago
They would be in for a long game...can't kill something that won't die
t-0_ot-  +   2811d ago
iAmPS3 - Good thing you sent me that PM telling me not to take you seriously, cause if you didn't you I would have thought you were being serious, which you probably are, here. And, be incapable of saying anything intelligent.
iAmPS3  +   2811d ago
I see....
What PM???? OMG, I get it, your brain is succumbing to all those hours in front of the TV isn't it? That is too much radiation, good luck with that my dear future Dr. Spaceman patient.

Good luck.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2811d ago
There was a horrible glitch on the original MGO similar to this. What people used to do for it to happen is that once they died, they disconnected the ethernet cable and reconnect it. All you'll see is the dead body from were he died and you, randomly getting shot/stabed/stunned at by some effing glitcher!!!!
t-0_ot-  +   2811d ago

13 hours ago | By: iAmPS3 | Block
Hey man, don't take me too seriously OK?
Although we exchange some heated sentences, I don't hate you or anything, it's just that, sometimes you feel like ranting.

Oh, well.
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Fatmanp  +   2811d ago
My post
I was the person who posted this yay
The Wood  +   2811d ago
There can be..
...only one

put a sword to his neck. that'll stop him
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Fighter  +   2811d ago
I hate cheaters. Cheaters are the real losers.
RYPW  +   2811d ago
Haha thats funny but since he cant move the smartest thing to do would be to just leave him there and go off and continue the game instead of trying to kill him and getting knifed :)
Utalkin2me  +   2811d ago
Well there is alot of bug's in this game. I have seen people have high rate of fire being used without the perk. I have seen that god mode glitch several times. And don't get me started on the jump glitches and what not .But the thing is of course there will be more glitches found on 360 when there is 5 times more people playing on it
Kami  +   2811d ago
i love your avatar. lol
Skizelli  +   2811d ago
I found another glitch related to Last Stand, though it was a cool one. I was pressing X to reload right as somebody dropped me to Last Stand, and I picked up somebody's M60 that I just happened to be standing over and was able to use it in Last Stand.
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kalistyles  +   2811d ago
Funny Skizelli
I did that yesterday. LOL! But I guess if you drop a guy then get shot by someone else next to the other guy you dropped, you might be able to pick up his gun. It was really cool though as I was on last stand holding an MP5.
gEnKiE  +   2811d ago
What a douche bag.... He should of commit suicide or just quit the dam game....what a loser to keep playing like that...
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