Online Game Helps Iraqi Girl Forget About War & Death

CNN offers a touching profile of Wurud, a 14-year-old trying to cope with the stress of living in war-torn Iraq. Zwinky, an online game, helps Wurud escape from the stress, at least temporarily.

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Hentai3559d ago

I'm glad gaming is helping people forget the harsh reality.

BloodySinner3559d ago

I truly feel sorry for her.

faisdotal3559d ago

I hate Zwinky though , my little sister downloaded this and now i have this stupid virus telling everyone i'm gay on msn messenger!

AnthonyPerez3559d ago

Yeah, GamePolitics has a not on their entry that Zwinky isn't well liked by internet security folk.

StarieMichie3559d ago

Zwinky hardcore messes up computers. Malware is packaged in with the download. It's a wonder anyone plays it.

Then again, I guess if your living in a war-zone, virus might not be your biggest worry.

Tempist3559d ago

Wow that kinda sucks big time. A more permanent fix would be needed. Good relief so long as there's no end addiction.

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