Gaming's Most Impossible: Can You Beat Journey Without Jumping?

GP writer Jared discusses his experience trying to beat Journey without jumping to see if it's possible.

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NukaCola1633d ago

Its not possible. It don't understand when jumping is one of the only abilities the wanderer has.

Walker1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Yes, i can .

btw; i'm a cheater :p

Godmars2901633d ago


At one point the entire an level you have to go "up".

admiralvic1633d ago

The post said they're a cheater, so what is there to ask?

StrongMan1633d ago

No. You have to jump to get to some areas and advance in this masterpiece.

GreenRanger1633d ago

Of course i can!
I'm the best at whatever it is i happen to be doing.

OmniSlashPT1633d ago

The title should've been "Can you beat Journey without killing anyone?" like those Dishonered/Deus Ex articles :P this one is kinda dumb though

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