Wooing women gamers -- and game creators -

CNN has a coverage about women gamers and games developers in the light of SOEs new scholarship initiative:

"More and more, husbands and boyfriends are playing second fiddle to computers and consoles as 38 percent of gamers are female, spending an average of 7.4 hours a week playing, according to the Entertainment Software Association.

Dorrell isn't just one of these female gamers, she also works in the industry. As the senior vice president of global sales and marketing for Sony Online Entertainment, she has made a career out of her passion for games."

Story Highlights:

• Sony created scholarship to attract women to careers in development
• Some students said male dominance could be a deterrent for women
• Survey: 38 percent of gamers are women who play about 7.4 hours a week
• Number of students enrolling in gaming programs is on the rise

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StarieMichie3689d ago

Wow. The internship is the sweet part of that scholarship, as $10,000 only covers a half a year of school at some places. (sorry, I have a bit of sour grapes toward the cost of my college experience)

It's an awesome effort though, and hopefully many more companies will follow suit. It would be interesting to see how gaming would change if there were more women making the games.

And no, just because I bought a pink DS doesn't mean I want to play the Strawberry Shortcake game or Cooking Mama. I'd like to see hardcore women making hardcore games for consoles.

iamtehpwn3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I couldn't agree more. As a male, I believe women are key to expanding the industry.

I'm an independent programmer/designer right now working on a game, and one of my key focuses is finding out how attract women to my game.

kira9893689d ago

On Soul Calibur and reduce the obnoxious size of Ivy's breasts... lol

But seriously gaming isnt just for guys anymore.. I for one am happy to see these strives for female gamers!

Goodfella783689d ago

for years now men have been getting there mens clubs ruined with women invading them of there peace and privacy,and in gaming to a certain extreme its happening again women are entering the domain of the male only, decade s long tradition of gaming, my point being is there is nowhere left for us guys to go when the women are the one things we want to escape from?also even when they have been [eg]online gaming all they do after the online event is complain about their harsh treatment,s--t not so long ago there was a article by a girl gamer on this site where all she did was complsin about her online experiances,now c,mon if your a girl and you go online gaming you must expect a bit of a ripping considering your surrounded by a load of rough and tumble guys and hormone filled teenage dude s,WHY Woo GIRL GAMERS WE GUYS NEED OUR CHILL TIME AWAY?.PEACE OUT.....

Robearboy3689d ago

Jade Raymond is testiment to that, stick to the DS and wii