'BioWare hates ports' - Mass Effect interview by Eurogamer

In the PC version there are no content surprises such as new quests or characters, not even the Bring Down the Sky DLC, for now, at least - you may even get something unique at a later date. So, in search of some surprises, Eurogamer sought out BioWare's Matt Atwood and asked him why PC fans are made to wait and what we can expect from Mass Effect 2, among other things.

Eurogamer: What about things like multiplayer?

Matt Atwood: It's a good question, but another one I don't know the answer to. If the team wanted to do it then I think they could do it well. But Mass Effect is an experience that is very personal, because you make very personal choices. You choose whether you're going to explore that romance or explore that planet; are you going to save someone's life or are you going to kill them? And these are all things that are really personal. So is it possible? Sure, I think the team's smart enough to do it. But I don't know if they're going to do it.

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blog3603752d ago

with PS3 and it's games, there is no need to play Mass Effect !
there are much better games for PS3.

GameOn3752d ago


I think your in the wrong zone. Get-->

wetowel3752d ago

obviously not the most skilled developers

chaosatom3333752d ago

Atleast it's better than loving giving crappy ports like capcom and ..... who else again?
EA is starting to straightened out.
Oh yes, and VALVE.

realistgamer3752d ago

yeah blog360 whatever u know r dying for mass effect, anyway what a great interview can't wait to continue this journey!