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Submitted by Smurf1 1014d ago | news

Iwata wants to clear misunderstandings that Wii U is underpowered

GC - "Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is aware of the fact that some people think the Wii U is underpowered." (Industry, Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, Wii U)

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GamersRulz  +   1014d ago | Well said
It is underpowered Iwata. Now I see why nintendo is struggling in the console space, their CEO thinks that WiiU is powerful!! the damn thing has 2006 component all over it, hell even the wiiU Gamepad uses Resistive type of touchscreens!

Please Nintendo try to fix all these mistakes next gen.
OmegaSlayer  +   1014d ago
It's probably the most powerful current gen machine at the dawn of new gen...thus, really underpowered.
r21  +   1014d ago
Huh, I guess thats one way of seeing it.
hard joe  +   1014d ago | Well said
Only nintendo fans deny it
To justify their purchase of it
aCasualGamer  +   1014d ago | Well said
If it's true that the console has components that are from 2006 tech, then Nintendo are nothing but cheap bastards. That's f***ing unacceptable. How can a tech company that hypes up "innovation" and "new possibilities" release a console that has that much of old technology in it. That's almost a decade ago. This is really... REALLY pissing me off. Think of how much crap Sony or Microsoft would get if they released their nextgen consoles with technology that old, they would get the worst beating ever from the gaming media. How come they aren't giving the same treatment to Nintendo?
bigrob904  +   1014d ago
"Everyone knows that the WiiU is underpowered,quick we have to tell them it's not underpowered. the'll believe us because we made mario." thats how it went on behind closed doors i think.
LOL_WUT  +   1014d ago
Who are they trying to convince with this?
For it to take Nintendo's CEO this long to clear things up is rather disappointing. They haven't convinced anyone except for the faithfuls and the diehards so, therefore the Wii U is underpowered end of story. ;)
Braid  +   1014d ago
I wonder how you can clear a misunderstanding if it's not a misunderstanding but a fact.

I mean, I'm not talking out of my arse here. The specs are there, there's no way in this universe or any other alternate universe that we know of that Wii U can compete with the PS4 and quite possibly, the next Xbox that's about to be revealed in the graphics department.

I have no grudge against Nintendo or Nintendo fans but, please... Sometimes there's just not enough room for argument, and that's one of those cases.
bullymangLer   1014d ago | Trolling | show
SilentNegotiator  +   1014d ago

It isn't 2005 anymore. Ps3/360/WiiU games DO look subpar now.
guitarded77  +   1014d ago
@ hard joe

Yeah, and that's the problem. I'm a gaming fan, and bought a Wii U day 1. I knew it would be under powered in terms of NextGen... That really wasn't an issue for me as I bought it for Nintendo first party exclusives, and the inevitable JRPG's that will make their way to the console.

I had no dillusions (if that's even a word) that it would be my primary platform for 3rd party software. Those who thought it would/could be were blinded by their love of an inanimate object.

However, I did expect Nintendo to have more social features like trophies/achievements, Miiverse/Facebook/Twitter integration, direct play of Wii games (without having to go to Wii menu), new features like widescreen/achievements/leader boards for VC titles. I'm not pissed about the power of the system, I'm upset with the lack of functionality. Nintendo knows the Wii U is less powerful than the PS4 or NextBOX... they can survive with a less powerful console. What hurts them is that they still don't have features standard to other platforms. Achievements are standard. Widescreen, trophies and leaderboards are standard to Genesis Classics, social media is everywhere... people want to share their screenshots and accomplishments with their real-world friends.

Nintendo can still have success with the Wii U, but they need to step up the feature set. And the Nintendo faithful need to start being critical of their favorite pub/dev and stop acting like everything Nintendo does is gospel. If Nintendo doesn't get the message loud and clear from gamers, they will face financial dificulties. They need to listed to the critical gamers, devs and pubs, and stop acting like a closed off dictatorship.
Gaming101  +   1014d ago
lol sorry Nintendo fans... you're all in denial. Nintendo is not marketing to you if you're looking for the most powerful console. Nintendo is marketing towards old people, casual gamers, and hardcore Nintendo fans that would buy a pile of dog poo if it had Nintendo's label on it.
Zhipp  +   1014d ago
lol, calm down. The console doesn't have any 6 year old components in it, what Gamerz means is that it's hardly more powerful than the PS3/360. The components themselves are brand new, just not "cutting edge" so to speak.
AsimLeonheart  +   1013d ago
Well, he is may be right in his claim just like how Reggie was right when he claimed on TV that COD looked SIGNIFICANTLY better on the Wii U. /S
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Theyellowflash30  +   1014d ago | Intelligent
Touchscreens have nothing to do with power.

And the Wii U touchscreen is fine.Works with a stylus,unlike my multitouch android smartphone.

The Wii U isn't as strong as the PS4 or Xbox 720, but that doesn't mean it's weak.

Xenoblade 2 looks pretty damn good on Wii U. And lets see how Retro's project looks.

But whatever, it's about the games...and Nintendo has the franchises I want to play most.
Tei777  +   1014d ago
I'm sure thats just reinforces that the tech inside is rather dated technology...
Karlnag3  +   1014d ago
Your "multitouch android smartphone" will work perfectly fine with a stylus, providing you purchase one compatible with capacitive touch screens.

Also, while the touchscreen being resistive isn't a problem with overall power, it is a problem with perception. What I mean by that is, these days people much like yourself have a decent smartphone and/or tablet device, with a nice capacitive touch screen. Resistive touch screens feel cheap (because they are) in comparison, thus general public opinion of the device is lowered.
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Neonridr  +   1014d ago
Man I really wish the gamepad screen was multi-touch so I can use it to pinch-zoom on my games.

The only reason tablets and smartphones have to have multi-touch is due to the LACK OF PHYSICAL BUTTONS.

Tell me a game that uses multi-touch other than for pinch-zooming or for the fact that it needs multi touch when you are using the virtual joystick along with an action button at the same time?

Multi-touch is essential for phones/tablets but hardly in the case for the wii u gamepad.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1014d ago
The touchscreen isn't even multitouch.

Maybe if "It's fine" wasn't the Nintendo fan mantra, Nintendo would give us up to date interfaces like 2-nubs on 3DS, a multitouch screen on Wii U, etc.
CryofSilence  +   1014d ago
People got hung up on the multitouch part. I believe he meant capacitive, which is a far superior technology. Instead of detecting pressure (through disruption of rays under the screen), the screen is a giant capacitor that can detect transferred electrons. It detects through a matrix of sensors, so it is far easier to detect than multiple pressure points, which need to be localized by multiple directional rays that have the potential of being blocked by the other pressure source. As long as you have a stylus that readily gives up electrons, it will work perfectly on a capacitive screen.

For current standards, there is no denying that the Wii U is underpowered. That doesn't mean it can't have good gameplay experiences, should games ever be released.
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Rhaigun  +   1014d ago
The Wii U doesn't get much 3rd party support as it is. Think that is going to change after PS4 is released? Think again. It'll be even more difficult to port down so far. Its going to get left behind.
NBT91  +   1014d ago
Exactly. NO ONE bought the WII U because they thought it was powerful. But it is still a lot different to what the PS4 is and the XBOX will likely be similar to PS4. Meaning that WII U is a perfect addition to either one of those, because it is different enough from the competitors that I can see myself using it even when PS4 is in my room.

No one should care how powerful it is, as long as it is not outrageous. It is able to play modern games like Assassins Creed which is about as powerful as anyone had any right to expect from Nintendo. It's the controller and exclusives that make it interesting.
Jockamo  +   1014d ago
The games are what matter.
Hicken  +   1013d ago
I'll give you the touchscreen thing. Still, the TYPE of touchscreen is old as poo. Just need a certain type of stylus for your Android phone, as Karinag said.

Because the Wii U is competing against the PS4 and 720, it is comparatively weak. WEAK. You're denying it just like Iwata.

Project X DOES look good. I admit it's one of the games that has me interested in a Wii U. I can only imagine, though, that it'd look even better on the competitors' hardware.

It IS about the games. One of the complaints against the Wii U, by the way, is that the 3rd party games aren't there, like they are on the other consoles. It's fine if they cater to their traditional core, but it'd be nice if they tried to draw in other people, or at least put more effort into it.

Burying their head in the sand like they're doing- and like many of their fans seem to be doing, as well- isn't going to change the Wii U's condition at all.
Theyellowflash30  +   1013d ago
@ Hicken

- The touchscreen is fine, and as for the whole gamepad, the tech inside of it is good.

It has 9 axis tilt, NFC technology, and excellent latency, like 1/60th. It blows the speed of PS Vita to PS3/PS4 away.

And with Project X, it could look better on the consoles, but then again, it could look even better on decked out PC.

All that matters is that it looks good. And the Gamepad will benefit a game like X for item/weapon management.

The issue with people complaining about 3rd parties and Wii U is, people are mad about games that were already planned and well into development, by the time developers could add Wii U versions.

The Wii U has Monster Hunter 3 and Lego City as exclusives. And Batman, Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, Rainbow 6, Assassin's Creed, COD Ghosts, Resident Evil, Deus Ex and other third party games are coming.

Nintendo isn't burying their heads in the sand about anything. The media is blowing things out of proportion and giving the perception that Nintendo isn't doing anything, but thats not true.

If Nintendo is "burying" there heads in the sand about 3rd party support. Why did Nintendo pay for exclusive rights to Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Bayonetta 2, and The Wonderful 101?

Why are they teaming up with Atlus to get Shin Megami Tensei IV exclusive on the 3DS? Why are they approaching Atlus to do a cross over of Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem? It seems the media and lots of people, like you. Seem to gloss right over their efforts and proclaim they aren't doing anything, when they are doing plenty to get 3rd parties on board with Wii U and 3DS.
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yesmynameissumo  +   1014d ago
As the Wii proved (to some extent), power isn't everything. As long as the games are fun and engaging, that's what matters. The problem is...most of the Wii U games out currently aren't fun and there's only around 5 or 6 that are worth playing (most of which are ports). I'd prefer for Iwata to clear up misunderstandings regarding their 3rd party support. I thought they had substantial titles and 3rd party support for the Wii U, but that doesn't appear to be the case. I feel like I bought another Nintendo console, to yet again play only Nintendo games on it.
brave27heart  +   1013d ago
I think thats the big issue for Nintendo. If the Wii U is less powerful than the upcoming next gen consoles it wouldnt be much of an issue if the 3rd party support was there. The problem is a console that is less powerful than its competitors wont get multiplatform support. The Wii missed out on games like Battlefield, Bioshock, Portal, FFXIII etc because it wasnt powerful enough to support these games. The Wii U is going to face the same issue once the next gen comes out, so once again you're relying on first party titles and Nintendo simply dont make enough of them quickly enough.
zavierkai  +   1014d ago
the wiiu is good
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MysticStrummer  +   1014d ago
That's subjective and has nothing to do with the topic at hand. If WiiU had come out several years earlier this conversation wouldn't be happening, but releasing it so late means it's compared to the next gen. WiiU is comparable to current gen, which is now underpowered. More power doesn't mean better games though. If it did, there would never be "PC vs Console" debates.

I didn't hit disagree, since I have no idea if WiiU is good.
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zavierkai  +   1014d ago
Read this before you talk. Metro: Last Light developer 4A Games made some unflattering comments about Nintendo’s new Wii U console after confirming that it wouldn’t bring its shooter to that machine. “Wii U has a horrible, slow CPU,” said 4A Games’ chief technology officer Oles Shishkovtsov.

THQ press relations representative Huw Benyon, who works directly with 4A Games on the Metro series moved to clarify those statements on Thursday to try and counter the negative reactions to Shishkovstov’s statements.

“[There] was one comment made by Oles the programmer, the guy who built the engine,” said Benyon to Eurogamer, “[Metro: Last Light] is a very CPU intensive game. I think it’s been verified by plenty of other sources… that the CPU on Wii U on the face of it isn’t as fast as some of the other consoles out there. Lots of developers are finding ways to get around that because of other interesting parts of the platform.”

“[Maybe] his opinion is that it’s not as easy for the way that the 4A engine’s been built as is the others. [We] coul
Realplaya  +   1014d ago
Where is that THQ rep now ? Oh yeah out of work. Maybe they should have got the game on there and made some money.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1014d ago
Honestly I don't care what 4A games has to say. They've ruined a franchise with their horrible practices, thus their word means nothing to me.
Shadowsteal  +   1014d ago
It was damage control dude, the second comment was a lie.
Rivitur  +   1014d ago

What the hell are you talking about?
jcnba28  +   1014d ago
I feel sorry for you for thinking that.
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mrbojingles  +   1014d ago
I didn't know consoles had 32MB eDRAM and 2GB RAM in 2006, their own social networks, off-TV play, etc.
DarkHeroZX  +   1014d ago
PlayStation home= mmiiverse
Smart glass and vita= off-tv play

As far a specs go the Wii u's cpu is comparable to the 360's which is lesser then the ps3's cell. Its gpu is based on a 2008 card hence the reason why it can only use directx 10.1, heck even the Vita's GPU is capable of directx 10.1 and that's a handheld. As far as far a ram goes for a 2012 machine that is very little. Kill zone shadow fall demo used more then 1gig Wii u has for gaming.
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Nicolee  +   1014d ago
someone got no clue about miiverse .compare it with playstation home ?
3-4-5  +   1014d ago
Your right...there is no way they could improve over this gen with 2GB compared to .5 GB of RAM.

nice logic.
nora3salaza   1014d ago | Spam
stragomccloud  +   1014d ago
Except its not. It's only underpowered compared to the raw power of gaming PCs just as the PS4 is. Though the PS4 is rocking a lot of(though high latency) ram.
a08andan  +   1013d ago
But on the other hand the memory is unified which is a really big deal :)
Sucitta  +   1014d ago
it's resistive for the pen..

try using a Wii u or ds pen on your smart phone bro..
Whymii  +   1014d ago
Let the Trollfest begin.
JsonHenry  +   1014d ago
It amazes me that Nintendo is even still in business.
jaymart2k  +   1013d ago
It amazes me that people buy IPads/IPhones/ITouch devices to play as a dedicated gaming device.
TheUndertaker85  +   1013d ago
@jaymart2k: The problem with your statement(and many like this) is that iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and devices like them don't really advertise themselves as gaming dedicated machines. Users choosing to use those devices as gaming dedicated simply CHOOSE that purpose for those devices because they're content with the gaming experiences they can get there. Most of them only want smaller games that they can spend five or ten minutes on at a time.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   1014d ago
its more powerful than PS360,but when the PS4,and next XBOX come out,yeah iwata its underpowered compared to its competition.
majiebeast  +   1014d ago
Underpowered is an understatement just look at this Gif that compares Killzone:SF to X. 1 is a launch title that was made with only 1.5gig of ram the other is probably a 2014 title with around the same ammount of ram.
GamersRulz  +   1014d ago
RAM is part of the story, in order to create great graphics with immersive worlds you need a powerful GPU. WiiU GPU is just 1.5x X360 GPU, that's why Nintendo was so secretive about WiiU system specs.

PS4 in the other hand is almost 8x the power of 360/PS3
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SIANSLOW   1014d ago | Trolling | show
kneon  +   1014d ago

yeah but its still just killzone, aka too hard for you to play.
majiebeast  +   1014d ago
Lol now you are just moving the goalpost, something Nintendo fanboys have perfected in recent years with the Wii.

Were talking graphics here not how good the game is gonna be and Killzone 2 was really good, if they go back to more of that Shadowfall will be good aswell.
jsslifelike  +   1014d ago

So, games like BioShock Infinite aren't immersive because they're on an *underpowered* current-gen CPU? I'm having difficulty believing that. We should just abandon all of this crop of consoles/software after Fall, then?

Maybe, on paper, the new box specs are 8x as powerful, but (A) you and I both know that's most certainly NOT how technology works and (B) we'll be lucky to see games that perform THREE TIMES as well as late current-generation ones.

Next-gen = PCiiU
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bitboi  +   1014d ago
"RAM is part of the story, in order to create great graphics with immersive worlds you need a powerful GPU"
So I guess the upcoming GTA V, doesn't look good or isn't immersive based on your logic? Or any other massive open world game for that matter.

It's just funny and a bit sad that since the new xbox and ps4 have been announced, everyone is so quick to discredit everything that's been done with current gen. It's like all of a sudden the graphics and worlds we're seeing now isn't impressive anymore. :/
Bobby Kotex  +   1014d ago
Who the hell uses a tiny animated gif to prove a graphics point? lol.
_QQ_  +   1014d ago
lol this guy claims that this basic/average shooter killzone is a hard game to play, must be real difficult to run around and press one button when you see somone.

@bitboi, yeah its also funny the ps4/720 are not as good as my 2 year old pc but bring that up, and suddenly specs don't matter. Don't try to understand fanboys, let them dwell in their fantasy world where killzone is a hard game.

@ the guy below me, Radec was a great boss,but 1good difficult boss doesn't make the entire game difficult or great, if you must know it took me 3 tries, there is a cheap trick to beating him.
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UnwanteDreamz  +   1014d ago
jsslifelike and bitboi

Strawman Fallacy

How about not putting words in peoples mouths to argue something that wasn't said?

"proof"So, games like BioShock Infinite aren't immersive because they're on an *underpowered* current-gen CPU? I'm having difficulty believing that. We should just abandon all of this crop of consoles/software after Fall, then? "

"It's just funny and a bit sad that since the new xbox and ps4 have been announced, everyone is so quick to discredit everything that's been done with current gen. It's like all of a sudden the graphics and worlds we're seeing now isn't impressive anymore. :/"

Where did anyone say this stuff?


Oh you beat Radick on Elite no sweat first try? GTFO
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TruthbeTold  +   1014d ago
Why in the name of sense, would you compare a FPS where all open looking areas are on rails, and all game play areas are in confined areas, to an open world Skyrim like RPG? We all know the PS4 is more powerful than the Wii U, but you are just ignorant.

Fact is, there have been no big budget, full effort games for Wii U that have been released yet, or fully revealed. The Wii U is less powerful, but it's plenty capable.

If you want to use X as an example, then check out the draw distance, and the mountain textures and compare it to Skyrim PC. Take a PS3 game like Killzone 3, imagine it (for the sake of comparison according to console ability) spruced and polished up for Wii U with the modern DX feature set that the GPU has, with the draw distance ability of X and Shadowfall. Wii U can run such a game if it goes 720p and 30fps.

Yes, that is a big difference. But not one that most consumers care about if they are spending less money on hardware. Even though it's not entirely accurate, the comparison between PS4 and Wii U is more like Wii and PS2, than PS3 and Wii. Think about that for a moment.

Bottom line is that for the first few years, Wii U will be able to run just about any game that the other consoles run and it will look good. After 2015 or so, advancements, the extra RAM, and PS4 NextBox optimizations will likely start to step away a bit. But most definitely, this is not a PS3 and Wii difference in on screen/feature reality.
#2.1.10 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report
ChickeyCantor  +   1014d ago
And hardly anything in that world is reachable.
Yes it looks good, and many games will follow like that. But killzone is not an openworld type of game.
_-EDMIX-_  +   1014d ago
understand your argument wi GTAV and BioShock Infinite, the only problem with that is that you guys seem to disregard that neither of those teams will sit back and make exclusive Wii U games.

Yes those are great and amazing games, but there only great and amazing for right now.. There is Nothing to compare the two in terms of next generation.

Look i love the MGS series, Metal Gear Solid 3 was amazing game on PlayStation 2, at the time PS2 was the weakest system, but that didn't stop Metal Gear Solid 3 being such an amazing game..... but the PlayStation 2 didnt just magically create Metal Gear Solid 3. it took a developer to do that, if Hidieo Kojima didn't work on metal gear on the PlayStation 2, the idea of it being possible means little to nothing if the developer isn't even there to make it happen.

that's nice that BioShock Infinite looks great that's cool that GTA V looks amazing.... you guys wanna give me the link where irrational and Rockstar stated we were no longer making Playstation or Xbox games and going exclusive to the Wii U?

nevermind what a system "could" do if no team takes a risk or sacrificed to make something only on that system it doesn't really matter.

where was the Wii's Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, God Of War , Resident Evil looking games? Or did we forget that actual developers and teams created these things again?

so why should a team sit back in create the same looking game when there competition and rivals will be creating next gen wonders on Beast Machines?

"could" doesn't make people buy systems, last time people bought a system based on what it could do or might do it didn't end up too well
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   1014d ago
wow,idiots that disagreed,need to realise the wii u is slightly more powerful than theps3 and 360,you people act as if i said it was more powerful thn ps4 and next xbox.
4lc4pon3  +   1014d ago
even if it is AS powerful as current gen thats still pretty embarrassing.
_QQ_  +   1014d ago
whats embarrassing is Marketing All Stars no snake, no cloud,no sora, no lara croft. yup sony sure knows how to please fans.
ceballos77mx  +   1014d ago
Its more embarrassing bringing the marketing of a game into a conversation of a consoles power.
TruthbeTold  +   1014d ago
I think it's more accurate to say that the Wii U is about 2X PS360, but with the added importance of modern DX feature set in the GPU. Even a 3DS game like Resident Evil Revelations can have screen shots placed next to the 360 version without shame. Why? Modern shader/lighting/etc tech.
stragomccloud  +   1014d ago
While not as powerful as its competition will be, the Wii U is far from underpowered. People don't like to hear that though, because its a Nintendo product.

Its funny really, they only didn't go for good tech for one generation and then everyone thinks they always make and have made underpowered consoles.
Dragon_for_Lunch  +   1014d ago | Well said
I love how people think that power is the most important thing for a console to succeed, went in the end all come to the quality of the software and the unique style a game feels.

you want power get a PC.

you want quality software get Nintendo.

you want great games offer and free online get Sony.

you want to pay for online for no particular reason and hear a lot of kids cursing get Microsoft.

You want to win at life get all platform and enjoy all the software you love and be a true gamer.
WiiUsauce  +   1014d ago | Well said
Everyone said the PS Vita would demolish the 3DS, because it had better graphics and how did that turn out? ... Yeah lol.
Dragon_for_Lunch  +   1014d ago
Exactly my point, software is the key for success in the gaming industry. I hope Sony release more software for the Vita.
wishingW3L  +   1014d ago
3DS was $250 and Vita is $250, that's why people said that....
#3.1.2 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(11) | Report
UnwanteDreamz  +   1014d ago
3DS needed a price drop. It wasn't looking so good before that.
#3.1.3 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(4) | Report
MEsoJD  +   1014d ago
Yeah, they had the same price point at one time.
Tei777  +   1014d ago
Power is very much a significant part of the equation. From 3rd party support, to enticing early adopters and generally validating the existence of your system. But software is always king but sometimes theres a correlation with power, see 3rd party support. If you opt out of a huge graphical leap you must replace it with another USP, the problem is no one see's the wii U pad as a great USP.

Also theres a much higher abundance of quality software on Sony's platfform because they actually 3rd AAA like Bioshock Infinite.
grimmweisse  +   1014d ago
That's true. I am one that will always choose a game on it's overall quality, rather than just visuals. But graphical boundaries are always going to be pushed forward and it's the first thing lots of people will look at. Especially with next-gen. If the game looks the same as current or last-gen, then why even progress.
Studio-YaMi  +   1014d ago
"you want quality software get Nintendo."

That's kinda debatable ..

Nintendo first party titles I would consider "quality software" but all the Wii shovelware last gen that the system had year after year is HARDLY considered quality !

I just hope Nintendo realize that and doesn't suffocate the Wii U with shovelware too.
PopRocks359  +   1014d ago
What shovelware came from Nintendo exactly? I give you Wii Music, but that was a single game as oppose to a variety of Nintendo produced games that received high critical reception and were generally fun to play in my opinion.

If you're talking about things like Carnival Games, then you need to rethink your argument because those games were not made by Nintendo.
Studio-YaMi  +   1014d ago

What argument do I need to rethink exactly !?

Dragon_for_Lunch stated that if you want quality software then get Nintendo and that's not true at all and IS debatable,many(if not most) of Nintendo Wii games were shovelware !

Here,look here and show me how much "quality" you can get out of this list :

I didn't say That Nintendo Wii didn't have quality games,I specifically said Nintendo "first party" games are considered quality.

Who said anything about those shovelware being MADE BY NINTENDO ? they aren't! but Nintendo DID allow these games on THEIR system,so yeah they are considered Wii games and they ARE shovelware.

That's why I said :
"I just hope Nintendo realize that and doesn't suffocate the Wii U with shovelware too."

Because THEY(Nintendo) have the last saying if the game will be allowed on their system or not !
SilentNegotiator  +   1014d ago
"I love how people think that power is the most important thing for a console to succeed"

Oh yeah, that's TOTALLY what everyone is saying; NOT that the Wii U that lacks the means to attract the casuals like its predecessor nor the generational leap to attract the hardcore crowd.


But it's easier to put words into peoples mouths than to address issues. You should be a politician.
#3.5 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
PopRocks359  +   1014d ago
"But it's easier to put words into peoples mouths than to address issues. You should be a politician."

This coming from the guy who has a history of putting words into peoples' mouths. You are hardly in any place to use that phrase when you yourself aren't even capable of staying on topic half the time.

The largest irony is I recall saying this quote to you in the past.
#3.5.1 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(13) | Report
_QQ_  +   1014d ago
PC has great games...The only system that lacks great games imo is Xbox, but i just can't play nothing but shooters all day.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1014d ago
There is some variables you are missing though. The reason the Wii did well this gen was because of the casual uptick that now seems to have died down. So the Wii wasn't really competing with the PS3/360 market. Yeah there was effort for 3rd party software to support the Wii but the hardcore were still buying mostly Nintendo games and casuals were into gaming this gen so the Wii had that covered

Now Nintendo finally is in HD territory to get a lot of support with 3rd party and compete with Sony and MS's crowd. The only problem is they are too late. The next gen is about to start and the 3rd party has moved on also, that's why you are seeing a lot of drop outs for 3rd party software.

Nintendo might not have the casual support to cover up the smaller third party support this time around and it will show in sales.

You are right power isn't the most important thing in gaming but for sales to increase Nintendo needs that 3rd party support now more than anything as casual support is drying up and that is where 3rd party companies are hitting at, power. It seems the WiiU might be going back to the Gamecube days of not having casual support and only living on their first party lineup for the most part.

Nintendo should have waited and built their console as powerful as the PS4/X720.

It seems Nintendo just wanted to appease the 3rd party developers and create a system that can handle HD games so that they can have some of the PS3/360 crowd with their humongous casual crowd and have a system that sells. Good in theory, but now it seems the casual crowd has lessened and that PS3/360 crowd has moved on to the next gen system leaving Nintendo with the crowd they had with the Gamecube.

I don't want Nintendo to fail, I like their games but seeing Iwata in denial reminds me of the beginning of the PS3 when Sony wouldn't budge with their laurels and were finally humbled by the feedback. They should have waited and built a system to compete with the PS4/X720 but now we can only see small evidence of them struggling to bring the sales back up with some position moves and more denial from the CEO.
#3.7 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Shadowsteal  +   1014d ago
You want quality games like Mario and Zelda year by yeay and games like golf and a party game always with "Mario" slapped on the box get Nintendo******

You want fresh new IPs in addition to frequent great exclusives spanning all genres such as Uncharted, Infamous, Last of Us, Ratchet and know how long the list goes it's longer than Zelda...and Mario get Sony******
kingduqc  +   1014d ago
More like

You want power,quality software, great game and the best free online experience get a PC.
You want mario, get a wii U
You want sequels of corridors shooters and kinect bullshit get a 720
you want rehearse sequel of dieing franchise, get a ps4
Stroke666  +   1014d ago
you do discount wii u and ps4 too much, ninty got more than mario and very decent free online. the idea behind zombie u shows promise and look at the splinter cell uses for the gamepad. sony I believe will have more than rehashes and much better online than their previous system.we'll see more on that at e3. as for Xbox..... You're spot on! lol
MasterCornholio  +   1014d ago
If it isn't under powered then produce games that look on par with PS4 launch titles.

Seriously Iwata Zombi U was the Wii Us best looking FPS at launch.

And it cant even compete with Killzone Shadow fall which is a launch title for the PS4.


Well 3rd partys and Sony have quality software which is why im getting a PS4.
#4 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Dragon_for_Lunch  +   1014d ago
Yeah i'know i might get one to.
bitboi  +   1014d ago
but as pretty as Killzone looked, it was still the same old killzone...And sony's first party games don't move systems.
Stroke666  +   1014d ago
Zombie u was fun as hell and they've never had and instance where they bait and switch on you ala killzone.i'm interested to see what games ps4 will have cause I'd like to pick one up but thus far nothing moves me yet. i'm pretty sure e3 will change that
Agent_hitman  +   1014d ago
Wii U can do a lot, I believe.
tigertron  +   1014d ago
What Nintendo needs to do for their next console:

A. Release a console that is just as powerful as its rivals i.e. PS5.
B. Invest in more first party studios and get those exclusives out there.
C. Ensure a good supply of first party titles for launch.
D. Ditch the gimmicks. A conventional, yet innovative controller like the PS4's wouldn't go a miss.
E. Make sure third party support is there.
F. Make sure the online service is up to the standard of its competitors.
G. Ditch the Wii name, the average Joe public associate the Wii U with the Wii and think the controller is an add on.
nirwanda  +   1014d ago
What Nintendo need to do is carry on being different, thats why Nintendo has only every posted one loss in its entire history, now compare that to sony that have only posted one profit in the last 5 year's.
kneon  +   1014d ago
Comparing Sony's financials to Nintendo's is just silly. Nintendo only have one business, Sony is in to more lines of business than most people know, everything from movie studios, music labels, biotechnology, banking, all manner if consumer electronics, etc.

A large part of their problems lately has been the tv segment, margins are too low, prices are dropping too fast and until recently the yen was way too strong.
#6.1.1 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(4) | Report
nirwanda  +   1014d ago
It's simple really you keep making a loss you go out of business, you keep making a profit your doing business in the right way.

There's no other comparison to make, to say Nintendo should do it the Sony way when all the real world figures are there to see is just silly.
supremacy  +   1014d ago
Then why dont you ask iwata if the wiiu is profitable? Or if its even meeting its sales target.

Iwata wants this so called misconception to go away, yet decides not to hold a presser at e3 and instead show up like a 3rdparty at a booth all on the eve of the full introduction of its rivals new machines.
Truth is had the wiiu launched a few years ago, it would have made a greator impact. But launching just a year before two more impressive platforms with superior services and 3rd party support isnt such a great idea and i think they now realize that.

And its like kneon said,Sony has its hands in many different ventures. If Sony were to be just a gaming coming company, just imagine the focus Playstation would have, the success would be on another level, forget ps2 success, i am talking about a whole another level.

Nintendo has its niche, and its working for them. But with the rise of cheaper alternatives and services, its going to be tough to maintaining that level of success outside Japan. You would think that with all the money they make, they would atleast consider competing head with its rivals with a more compelling hardware and service.
#6.2.1 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report
Shadowsteal  +   1014d ago
They have quality software, but it's just always Mario, Mario-Related, and Zelda
truechainz  +   1014d ago nintendo needs to be Sony? What would be the point? You know you can go buy 2 ps4's when they come out if you want right?

Nintendo needs to improve (or at least it would be beneficial if they did) third party support, and improve in general with how the do business because that is the real weakness they have. Otherwise their drive to be different needs to stay.
Kennytaur  +   1014d ago
To be honest though, I don't care much for the power of the system. The Wii delivered some of the most beautiful games this gen and it was far, far underpowered. Proving that art-style and gameplay outdoes graphics any day of the week.

It will have an impact on third-party titles though, but it could also turn into the cheapest to develop for.
Utalkin2me  +   1014d ago
Well for me i have not played a single Wii game where i have said "Man this is beautiful". Of course art direction has nothing to do with the power of the machine.

That's like unfinished swan, so simple in concept and art direction. But the game came together beautifully in all aspects. If the Wii had those type of games i would still be playing it, which it doesn't unfortunately.

Nintendo has always been about taking baby steps in the hardware department, which is fine as long as you have great software. But the problem for the WiiU is not it being underpowerd for next gen console, it's the lack of software that has always carried Nintendo. And by the time they start releasing big hitters, i feel its gonna be far to late. Cause Sony and MS will be coming into play.
mudmax  +   1014d ago
No software? Check again. As of 4/26 there are 78 games available for download on the wii u e-shop.
Utalkin2me  +   1014d ago
Quantity doesn't equal quality. Trine 2 being the second most downloaded title on the shop proves my point. Don't get me wrong i'm not saying there isn't some good software there. But is it really enough to purchase a WiiU? And for me i say no.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1014d ago
Even playing games on the PS3, Xenoblade was a marvel to behold.

The art and soundtrack certainly made up for the lack of power. It's also pretty damn sad that, up until the release of Ni No Kuni, no JRPG released on either the 360 or PS3 matched the quality of Xenoblade.
brave27heart  +   1013d ago
I played Trine 2 for free as part of PS Plus too, which shows a serious issue for Nintendo. The second most purchased game on Wii U was given away for free on PS3
DarkHeroZX  +   1014d ago
Sorry but after venturing the lost cities of El Dorado, Shambhala, and Iram of the Pillars throughout the Uncharted series almost nothing on Wii or 360 have been more impressing visually in a game.
#7.2 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Kennytaur  +   1014d ago
*SPOILER* El Dorado isn't even a city in Uncharted, if you've played them then you should know this. PS3 have had the most impressive games visually for me this gen, but that doesn't change how good some Wii games look.
#7.2.1 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
Satirical  +   1014d ago
Graphics will always continue to evolve, but they have definitely reached a point where art style and the creativity of the developer can make all the difference. Ni No Kuni and Xenoblade taught me that. The Wii U won't be able to handle crazy photo-realistic games, but it will be more than capable of pulling off cartoony cell-shaded graphics just fine. So if Nintendo really wants to showcase the true power of the Wii U, they'll have to show off some good JRPGs.
#8 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
talocaca  +   1014d ago
Isn't this the easiest thing to prove? Just release great looking games!!!

Convincing people/developers about the tablet controller is a bigger issue in my opinion.
SAYGUH  +   1014d ago
The Wii U got me to realize somethin, we live in a HD era & most people can't tell the difference between resolutions or whatever (not a techie) The most that companies need to focus on is AI (artificial intelligence) system memory, user interface & the standard for control options. Leave that cutting edge graphic shit for the future when costs go down, focus on what really matters right now.
mudmax  +   1014d ago
That's what nintendo does:)
juhis815  +   1014d ago
Does anyone still remember when 4A Games, the developers of Metro: Last Light, clearly raised the voice about "horrible, slow CPU"?
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1014d ago
Also, the truth will come out when some honest and patient developer tries to do everything to port a game from WiiU to PS4 and the game does not run.

I am not saying "does not run" because of special-effects
But because of AI and Physics that would otherwise break the gameplay.

"Underpowered" is subjective.
---- Like PC vs Consoles.

Now then to the sad truth- There will be few people who will port everything they can into a Port (for whatever reason).

I am not denying that having a more powerful system would not have made things easier to court 3rd Party Support.
--Nintendo has a hard, difficult road if their goal is to lure more Major Third Parties onto WiiU.

Anyway, I will buy whatever 3rd Party games that come and are of the Quality of a Nintendo Title.

Just the mention of the 1st and 2nd Party games alone is enough to make me a WiiU enthusiast.
+ I am getting Watch Dogs - & I hope "Destiny" is destined for WiiU as well.
mudmax  +   1014d ago
I will be very dissappointed if wiiu doesn't get Destiny. I love my wii u, not big on nintendo's first party games, just not my thing. Nintendo always makes great hardware even though its never the most powerful, doesn't matter. If WiiU doesn't get Destiny then I won't play it. They will be to many awesome games to play em all anyway. But if wiiu gets Destiny, It will be a Day 1 purchase for me and you haters can say we will never get it all you want. And watch dogs is a definite day 1 also for me especially since it will be better than the ps360 versions. Even if it only runs smoother, that be great. One more thing also. I don't get it, how is four times more ram, that is also faster, only slightly more powerful. And I would also like someone to explain to me what part of the wiiu is outdated. The highly customized cpu( and horribly slow claims one developer) co-designed by IBM and nintendo. Broadway Core > Jaguar core. Thats why PS4 will have Eight. It's BS excuse from lazy developers because they dont want to code for more than 2 consoles.
#12.1 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Utalkin2me  +   1014d ago

I have to disagree. For the most part Nintendo has always been behind in hardware and features of the console. But always made up for the lack of both of those with good software.

You will see in about 2 years into next gen how far behind in technical/feature aspect WiiU is, as the PS4/720 start to shine. Doesn't mean the WiiU wont have great games. But tech/feature wise won't be able to compete. But the main focus for Nintendo will be price and games in order to compete.
#12.1.1 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
R_A_LEE20  +   1014d ago
One thing that's got me recently is the fact that games don't need "super photo-realistic' graphics to sell. All it needs is great gameplay and content.

Best example is Minecraft IMHO:
Original Graphics: 3/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Content: 9/10

With over 30 million copies sold and counting it just goes to show that its not all about the way it looks that sells but how it plays and what you get out of it.

The Wii U can succeed in this upcoming generation. Forgot that its underpowered compared to the other two it's how you play and what you get out of it that counts.
#13 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
cyhm3112  +   1014d ago
they are still in denial, that 's the best they can do. How come you guys are so stupid, still believe nintendo this console is not underpowered, they are trying to trick you and the investors. You think they will say,"Yes, the Wii U is underpowered, don't buy this machine, buy PS4 and Xbox next which is much more powerful, third party only developed "NEXT GEN" titles for PS4/next box because Wii U is outdated????" which is totally true? If you are the CEO, you get paid for the job to promote Wii U, will you say that, it is that simple.
madjedi  +   1014d ago
There is no misunderstanding going on the wii u is slightly more powerful than the 7 or 8 yr old systems.

That isn't a particularly difficult task to accomplish considering how much technology has advanced compared to 8-9 years ago.

"you want power get a PC." I hate this bullshit statement, it isn't about running at an insane resolution maxing out every graphics option.

Whenever anyone accuses nintendo of releasing less than reasonablely modern hardware in their devices, this is always a popular response to dismiss the criticism.

Both sony and ms aren't using anything near cutting edge in the designs, but they are still much more powerful than their predecessors.

No system would be worth a damn without it's software library to run on it that is a no brainer. But can we please stop with the spin campaign to champion the perception that graphics or power are unimportant for game consoles.

I have never seen a group constantly downplay graphics or power increases on newer systems than from nintendo fans.

The wii u, will likely have several great looking games, doesn't change the fact that it is badly underpowered going into the next generation, for everyone but nintendo and it's fans.
#15 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
YoungPlex  +   1014d ago
Whoever bought the Wii U for power is in for a huge letdown! You want power? Get a PC because it will always lead in the power race! I bought a Wii U for Nintendo games and the few third-party titles that will come like Bayonetta, and The Wonderful 101! My PS4 will be for Sony games and if I buy the next Xbox it will be for whatever exclusive titles that come and possibly their media too!
#16 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
AKR  +   1014d ago
Either way. The system IS under-powered against the PS4 and the X720, but only in terms of just being weaker than the aforementioned systems. As for overall power, it really isn't weak. We only BASICALLY know it's specs. 30% of the systems power is still unknown.

Point II: It doesn't really need to be super-powerful to make beautiful games. People, graphics are starting to advance less and less. Yes, 8th-gen titles will look more beautiful than 7th-gen, but it will NOT be as big of a transition as the 6th-gen was to the 7th-gen. At that time, we were moving from SD to HD. Now it's just HD to HD. Like someone else has stated; it's getting to the point where developers need to start thinking of creative and artistic art styles, in order to have a sense of being beautiful.

I don't even get why people are lusting over photo-realistic graphics anyway. Yes, games like GTA: V, Watch_Dogs, and Crysis 3 all look beautiful using a photo-realistic graphics scheme, but it isn't as necessary as people make it out to be. Just remember, development costs are rising. AAA games are making less on the market, than what it costs to make and advertise them. All these factors may lead to devs taking a different approach. Beautiful, big games, take beautiful, big money. Same goes for the tech they're developing for. Two powerhouses - twice the extra price. Catch my drift here? Don't forget the fact that the economy is still on un-even ground.

Point III: PS1, PS2, and Wii demolished their competition in the sale department, for their generations (5th, 6th and 7th-gen ~ respectively). But what's so unique about them? Well, they were the "under-powered" consoles of their generations. But yet, they sold so well. The same trend can follow for the Wii U. All the system needs right now is FUN, QUALITY games. Not necessarily "hyper-realistic graphics" to succeed. As I mentioned before, we're coming to the end of the graphics road here. Really, we need to start looking at games for what they are supposed to be - fun & entertaining, instead of worrying a bit TOO MUCH about what engine it's running on, how many particle effects are being used, how much anti-aliasing does it have, and so on.

The Wii, for example, had games like Xenoblade Chronicles, Mario Galaxy 1/2, Skyward Sword and Sonic Colors. All those games, despite running on a system that was MASSIVELY under-powered against the competition, looked rather well. Plus, they were all fun to play. Even Minecraft, a game that doesn't look ANY WHERE NEAR as good as a current-gen/next-gen game should, is insanely popular. Why? Because it's entertaining. Let's face it, fun-factor overrules graphics to the general public. They don't necessarily buy a game based on "Ooooh! This looks so beautiful!" They buy it on "Hey, this looks pretty fun." Even if a game looks really just like the outside of your window, if the gameplay portion is boring, you will not enjoy that game no matter how hyper-realistic it looks.

IN CONCLUSION: The Wii U is weaker than the PS4 and X720. But even so, that doesn't ensure the former two a solid victory, and the Wii U a dead-last place. It's really to early to call anyone a winner or loser. Either way, the graphical prowess may not be as high and mighty as the other two systems, but it still has key Nintendo-franchises, which are a household name. On top of that, the Gamepad makes for some very creative and innovative uses, as mentioned by SEVERAL developers. The system is only weak(er) than it's competition, but it surely isn't weak. When all is said and done, the difference between Wii U and PS4/X720 will be noticeable, but not super-massive. We will NEVER see another Wii vs PS3/360 scenario, again.
ape007  +   1014d ago
"he difference between Wii U and PS4/X720 will be noticeable, but not super-massive. We will NEVER see another Wii vs PS3/360 scenario, again. "

100% correct
contradictory  +   1014d ago
it will be underpowered
when the PS4 and nextbox come out

but it doesn't really matter
if there'll be good games then great.
count me in
Studio-YaMi  +   1014d ago
That's what's great about Nintendo consoles,you can always count on them to have those great gems that you will have fun playing.

Aka = Nintendo First party exclusives

So as you said,it will be under powered when the next gen consoles come out,but you can always wait for games like Legend of Zelda,New Mario adventure game,Mario cart or Mario party games.
#18.1 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
brave27heart  +   1013d ago
The issue for me is those Nintendo first party titles are no longer enough for me to justify purchasing their console. Wii was worth it for the fun of Wii sports, Mario Galaxy and afew other 1st party titles, but now, after playing gems like Journey, Bioshock, Far Cry 3, Walking Dead and seeing what new ideas, new worlds and new ways of storytelling developers can bring to the table, the thought of a Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, even a good old Mario platformer just leaves me blase about what Nintendo brings. The mechanics are always solid, but thats no longer enough for me.
josephayal  +   1014d ago
tbh The Wii u graphic are good enough for me
sephx22  +   1014d ago
Nintendo doesn`t believe that their consoles has to be powerful in order to be successful. I believe this weakness came back to bite them. The Wii U is so under-powered it cant run all the new engines that the developers are using for next gen.
AKR  +   1014d ago
If you're implying about UE4 - Yes it can. It just won't be directly supported from EPIC. But next-gen engines are immensely scalable, to be used on a variety of platforms ~ Wii U included. Like he said: "It just won't look true next-gen". Which is understandable, considering the Wii U's hardware is weaker.

Frostbite 3 can also run on the Wii U, especially considering it can run on PS3 and 360. EA is just acting like a rotten,immature child, and doesn't want to release any games on the Wii U or even 3DS. That's why games like BF4 won't be coming to the Wii U - because of EA refuses to get off their high-horse.

Your Point = Invalid.
sephx22  +   1014d ago
So the ps4 and x720 will run the original UE4 and Frosbite 3 engines while the Wii U will run a scaled down version?
AKR  +   1014d ago

~ Yes. UE4 and Frostbite 3 will be at full-force, depending on which platform it's being ran on. Whether it be PC (which has infinite power) or 720/PS4 - those will be the three major platforms that use the engines to their fullest.

Anything under them, like the Wii U, will be getting a scaled-down version. But at least in Wii U's case, it won't have to be scaled-down dramatically like PS3 and 360, or mobile devices.
esemce  +   1014d ago
We'll see how powerful it is when the Ps4/Nexbox games get ported to it (if WiiU owners are lucky). It will truly look like crap when digital foundry does some comparisons.
AKR  +   1014d ago
So you say. If you're expecting a difference like Wii vs. PS3/360, then you're really off the wall there. Wii U IS weaker than the competition, but it isn't weak, NOR is it as handicapped as the Wii was compared to it's competition.

The graphics road is coming to an end. We're transitioning from HD to HD. Not SD to HD. Try looking at Crysis 3 on low settings, compared to Crysis 3 on high settings. We can at least expect to see a difference like that when Wii U is compared to the PS4/720 in terms of graphics. Noticeable difference, but not massive.
KillrateOmega  +   1014d ago
They just need a better library of games for the Wii U. Good games.
shattacrew  +   1014d ago
Lower the price to match current gen and i promise to buy 1.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1014d ago
WiiU doesn't need to be powerful. Nintendo is all about innovation plus they have some of the best first party games out there...

Their main focus is children which everything about the WiiU is suited for. Once they release a 3D pokemon game for the WiiU it will probably take off like an avalanche.
#24 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SlapHappyJesus  +   1014d ago
It isn't powerful, but it doesn't need to be. These are consoles here. They were are the most powerful things around and the most powerful has never been the most successful.
Roll out the first-party releases, get a number of third-party developers under your belt who are willing to dedicate their efforts to your machine . . . and then see how the industry takes.
WiiU has the potential to be a fantastic machine, and having the weakest specs of the three machines isn't a damning thing.

Give us games and gamers will buy your system.
#25 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
howardwhite28   1014d ago | Spam
GotHDGame  +   1014d ago
Still more powerful than what other consoles have to offer right now, but Nintendo, you failed to really show that off. You should have had a real flagship title at launch. I love the Wii U, and I like Nintendoland, and NSMBU, BUT common! IF you would have released a bitchin Zelda, Or Smashbros at launch, with graphics and gameplay no other system could match, well gee, some of the hater would not be so concerned about....who's is bigger than who's....they would be to busy playing your game.

I am not saying that I hated the first party launch games, I just think they were bad titles to show off what the system is capable of. In terms of graphics. Nintendoland and NSMBU do show off the gamepad. It would have been really nice to see a game that showed off both.
#27 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
howardwhite28   1014d ago | Spam
jameson12345  +   1014d ago
Ok, the Wii U is a little more powerful than the PS3, so it will be weak compared to the PS4. However, it will not be like with the Wii and PS3, that was night and day. The same games could not even be made on the Wii. Wii U vs PS4 is like a lower end PC vs a Mid to High end PC. Especially if games are still made for the 360 and PS3, the Wii U will still get games, they just won't look quite as good as on the PS4. Also, the Wii U isn't dependent on the horsepower, Nintendo hasn't done that since the Gamecube.
Pinkdolphin  +   1014d ago
Exactly compare a tiran to the ps4 and look how games look on both. Barely negligable for a gpu thats 3x more powerful.
jameson12345  +   1014d ago
Yeah, with Nintendo consoles, most of the time the pure horsepower of the consoles has not mattered much. I would like for it to matter a little more, to Nintendo for long term reasons, but they mostly just focus on creative ways to use the hardware they have.
NYC_Gamer  +   1014d ago
Wii U is weak compared to PS4/720 but Nintendo doesn't make games that demand high end specs...I still feel that Nintendo is always one step behind hardware and feature wise though..Nintendo will announce a new console in 5-6 yrs that's just on par with PS4/720 while MS and Sony are ready to move on to better hardware.
#29 (Edited 1014d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Pinkdolphin  +   1014d ago
Haha!! Its funny the only time the word dated technology is thrown around is when talking about nintendo. The hypocrisy.....
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