Gamer 2.0: Echochrome Impressions

Gamer 2.0 writes:

"The first title former Sony executive Phil Harrison showed off at last year's E3 was echochrome, a title he described as having "the least graphics and most gameplay" of any game you saw at the show. Being one of the first PSN titles that would also see a simultaneous release on the PSP on a UMD, the title was certainly one of the few unique experiments that Sony was conducting with their PSN titles since that E3. Now, over eight months later, the game is nearly complete and we've gotten our hands on a quick demo of the game to see if Phil's claim still holds up even after he himself has moved on.

If you haven't seen the screens of echochrome by now, the game can pretty much be described as an interactive M.C. Escher puzzle, but taken much further. The game is pretty much a blank white background with the cel-shaded puzzle in the center of the screen which you must twist and turn around to help the mannequin make it through the puzzle. The control scheme is simple enough, as you can use the d-pad, either analog stick, or motion control, with the press of the L1 to activate, to rotate and twist the puzzle. R1 allows you to speed up your contorting, as it'll move slowly and precisely without it. However, if the puzzle is more complex than you think, you can press the triangle button to tell the mannequin to stop and give you a second to think. If you've got the solution and want it to hurry along, the X button will tell the mannequin to move quickly so you can be on your way. The PSP version works the same way, minus the motion control option."

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