Blank Your Game Episode 34 – Big let down’s in games

Hello gamer’s and how is it going. I know the Blank Your Game crew has been away for a little while but its been for a good reason. Mike on the team had his second baby so we took some time off because he host the show from his house. So the BYG crew has been playing some games except for Mike who has been busy. Ryan starts us off with him finishing BioShock Infinite (which we talk a lot about), and he is still in love with the game. Then Ryan talks about Lugi mansion for the 3DS and jumps to Injustice Gods among us. Where he finishes with Defiance a other game he is having a really good time with. Over the break Vince was able to finish up some games as well. Vince lead’s us with him finishing Assassins Creed 3, and how he was let down with the ending of the story. He also goes back and visit’s some more Battlefield 3 multiplayer, then lead’s into iOS. On the iOS side he is hating Candy Crush but a game that he found that is working for him is Dungeon Hunter 4. Mike talks about playing some BioShock as well and then Spec ops the line some more. He forgot to talk about a other game but he will save it for next show. Mike then goes into a sales pitch about Shroud of the Avatar Forsaken Virtues(which you can still donate). Shroud of the Avatar is a game being developed by Lord British who is known for making the Ultima series. Which come to find out not only did Mike support this kick starter project but Ryan did as well. Both guys are so looking forward to this game that we go in depth with it some more later on in the show as one of the main topics. Jason is the last to go and he also talks some more about BioShock and then talks about the Simpsons Tapped out. The BYG crew talks about some of the new that is floating about. The guys are excited about a new Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past 2, and Mickey’s castle of illusion HD remix. Also the new Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection and the Ratchet and Clank movie that is coming. Some of the big topics include Nintendo not coming to E3 and is Kickstarter still a way to go for some developers. Listen to the show and tell us what you think, cause we love to hear it. I am sorry but from now on if you want to listen to the show you have to log in because of some of the attacks we have got on the website. This is done so that you will always be able to visit the site and listen to our shows and it wont be down. Thanks and as for the art show that we where talking about you can visit Loft Beats art show for more details.

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otherZinc2032d ago

Right on time, just finished the no quarters podcast, great.

What I've been playing:
Gears Judgment- beat it on Insane Mode & completed all Declassified Missions on Insane Difficulty.

Looking forward to the show...

Daze3112032d ago

Thanks otherZinc one of these days I am going to play some gears other then the betas lol