COD: Ghosts Confirmed for Current Generation, Modern Warfare 4 Still Possible for Next-Gen

VG Republic Writes: Ghosts, that is what the newest Call of Duty will be known as and is made by famed developer Infinity Ward, instead of the traditional Modern Warfare series that has become a fan favorite. Each and every year the Call of Duty game that is released finds a way to top and becomes the best selling game of all time within its lifespan, but the clear favorite is that of the Modern Warfare series that has enjoyed the fast-selling games of all time in the past two iterations. Switching the formula when you have been making the same thing for three years running, and the way that the last title ended in its single player campaign (Who cares about that, I know, right?), seems like a likely scenario. Is this simply a smoke screen for what is to come for the next generation, as it is possible that Modern Warfare 4 could still be in the plans afterall.

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majiebeast1818d ago

You really think Kotick wants to miss out on a userbase of 150+ million?

joab7771818d ago

I agree but why can't they do both. It may hurt them b/c if its this gen only many may simply want to go next gen. If not, its gonna hurt sony and MS that a game like this would hold ppl back. I am very surprised that MS didn't pay activision to ensure a next gen iteration also.

Braid1818d ago

Can't wait for Ghosts 2 in 2014.

Oldman1001817d ago

And Call of Duty Ghosts: Modern Black Ops in 2015.

UnwanteDreamz1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Sure, then they can sell you a new COD every 8 months.


Change #s Rinse Repeat

Software_Lover1818d ago

........... They have surely made their R&D money back from this engine.

Lubu1818d ago

PLEASE, Take Out Quick scoping.

Sandmano1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Agreed, I hate it. I talked to a Dev at an expo while I was playing BLOPS 2 and I told him if they were going to remove quick scoping because its so unrealistic. He replied "Were trying to make it harder to quick scope" Yeah right, as is evident in BLOPS 2.

Relientk771818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Oh yeah they totally took it out lol

I was playing last night on Nuketown 2025, there were people running around quickscoping. Like really? It was pretty damn lame

Sandmano1818d ago

Ill hopefully be playing Killzone Shadow fall by then you can keep your COD this year Activision ill get your next gen COD... maybe...

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