Xbox 720: The Ultimate Casual Gaming Machine?

by Ben Dutka

I've owned the Xbox and Xbox 360 (the latter is still hooked up, of course). I have no idea if I'll own the new Xbox console.

My personal preferences aside, based on the rumors we've been seeing, could the Xbox 720 be labeled as the perfect system for the casual gamer? I know casual vs. hardcore is a never-ending debate that hinges on the operational definitions - often widely varying - of "casual" and "hardcore."

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AkatsukiPain1818d ago

Pretty good read, I totally agree with him though. Microsoft may have a few core games to start the next xbox launch but I feel the console will be more casual focused alot more then we are seeing now with the 360. Is it a bad thing? No it isnt but as a core gamer it could turn u away from being an early owner of a next xbox. Well thats just how I feel.

Shinra Tensei

Skips1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

If THAT is what Microsoft says and thinks about the ENTIRETY of their Xbox brand.

And judging from what they've been focusing on in the past few years and past conferences (E3) etc. Agreed.

PC/PS4 and MAYBE Wii U for me.

As you said, Microsoft may have a few core games at launch, maybe 1 - 2 years after. But after they get the hardcore fanboys to purchase the console. It'll be like current gen all over again. BACK TO Kinect! with added cable box features!

ThatCanadianGuy5141818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Wow.Ballmer really said that lol
Straight from the horses mouth! Seems like he wasn`t joking either.Since around 2011 is when 360 has really started to go casual.

TheKayle11818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

man pls buy just an ps4....

im pretty sure that durango will own badly the poor ps4 hardware design..(called to laugh on poor ignorant ppl that dont undestand nothing about hardware ...supercharged pc architecture with enhanced pc gpu...istead of 70$ low end pc gpu with 30$ mobile pc cpu)....and as i said if it dont...ill def delete my account on n4g....pls do the same if it happen that specs talking durango own ps4...delete urself from this forum..or ask sorry in every xbox thread

coz im sure ppl will be bored to hear...(in both that case)....boring useless talking like urs...or mine

till dat date....seen that u dont know pretty much nothing about the new xbox and microsoft better for u better to dont let ppl understimate your mental sanity shut the fuck up.......we will talk about real things after the 21

the only thing that i can accept these "oh i love sony and i will talk bad about ms just coz im a sony fanboy and not coz i exactly know that x720 will be a useless console"

admitt that u r a cheerleader and we will take u just as a cheerleader...or spill ur know about the real specs of ms console about the OS capability and everything else...or as i said before...dont talk bold..coz u sound stupid

AngelicIceDiamond1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Yep, because we know exactly what MS line will be like. All casual, right folks.

The stupidity is unbearable. The comments the articles everything.

@Sonic we seen that STUPID article you post up every single time, enough with that garbage its old and played out.

Oh and since we're judging and doing track records. I believe Sony will present allot of games that either, overpromise, go multiplat, fulling millions with fake gameplay and CGI or games that don't get released at all. And with a insane starting price.

Pretty ignorant response right? Well that's what you sound like ever single time.

*I'm only Judging by Sony's past and track record.

If others can judge than I will to.

@Sonic MS isn't begging you buy the console. Nobody cares and seeing how I presented rumors of cores games in your face many, many times you ignore because your a fanboy. So its expected you don't know any better. Fanboys don't know anything.

Lets ignore. Alan Wake 2, Rares multiple projects, Black Tusks Ip, Rare's MMO Fable Project Gotham a possible new Zombie Ip and Ryse.

Can you see that? This above me those games? Of course not. Man you fanboys...

EDIT: @Sonic What is MS doing that is so bad. "OMG MS hasn't given us new core Ip's for 2 years they're changing focus."

Or maybe MS were building their core teams for 720 for the past 2 years. You know, that would have some impact on the 360's first party line up as a whole.

Remember, MS has less 1st party games than Sony that's why Sony's able to release more than MS duh.

He made that statement a little over 2 years ago. Will see what the 720 looks like in several weeks just wait. I bet bubbles Ms will tease new Ip's. at E3 and at the Xbox event.

Rumors are rumors of course everybody roots for the positive ones. But its funny you dismiss once again those games I put in front of you. Btw those games I listed weren't even rumors. that actual new

Ryse is real been real for 3 years now
Fable IV or MMO is real
Alan Wake 2 was real teased last year
Black tusks new Ip is real (news)
Rares new projects are definitely real. That dates back to an article last year

The only game that's consider a rumor is that new Zombie Ip.

You don't like Xbox fine that's fine but keep your stupid BS to your self. Your not buying the new Xbox anyway save it for the people that will.

AkatsukiPain1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

You have your opinion & ill respect that but its not how a console launches that shows its, "True Potential". Its how u finish that really shows what a company is really all about.

Edit: Nvm my post on the bottom, i posted it in the wrong article & its been resolved. Sorry all.

Fear could only bring the best of u, unless your a coward. =]

Shinra Tensei

Skips1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

"I believe Sony will present allot of games that either, overpromise, go multiplat, fulling millions with fake gameplay and CGI or games that don't get released at all. And with a insane starting price."


LMAO! Great logic you have there buddy. XD

I'm sorry but if THE CEO OF MICROSOFT has something to be said about, literally THE ENTIRE XBOX BRAND, and what they want to market it as. "A family friendly entertainment center".

Then that's kind of a big deal... : /

"and seeing how I presented rumors of cores games in your face many, many times you ignore because your a fanboy."

"I presented rumors of cores games in your face many, many times you ignore"

"I presented rumors of cores games in your face"

"I presented rumors"


Lol, and I remember people getting mad at others saying RUMORS about Xbox such as Kinect required, always online, TV focused cable box, and DRM, blocking used games. etc. etc.

Guess only rumors are viable when they're POSITIVE RIGHT?!?!

fathoms1818d ago

You talk about "fanboy BS" and post THAT?


Reread it and try again.

ALLWRONG1818d ago

Smell that?

That's fear

greenpowerz1818d ago

They're staring to troll like mad. Like their BS is going to change what MSFT will offer and change people making their own judgments when they see the reveal for themselves making up their own minds, free of Sony fanboy slander.

Hicken1817d ago

Two of the biggest trolls on the site, still spinning away.

Honestly, I hope the 720 is a core machine first and foremost, but it really doesn't look like that's gonna be the case.

AkatsukiPain1818d ago


The writer did not say anything bad about the xbox, he gave an opinion, & based on your report, i bet you didnt even read the article to think the writer was trolling. Please take that report away, from your history it says it all. Thank u.

Shinra Tensei

NANOHORIZON1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

This business model will bury the new Xbox. Just like it buried the Dreamcast, Wii, and Wii U.