The Myth of the Myth of Gamer Girls

Gamer girls. Are they a tantalizing myth created by videogame marketing companies to keep us all hooked to online play in the vain hope that one of those gorgeous metal-bra clad warrior elves actually has a real-life girl on the other end of the ludicrously complicated macro setup? Perhaps they only exist out there as auto-aim-despising sirens of beguiling beauty, strewn across the wave-lapped rocky outcrops with Xbox 360 controllers and finely honed twitch reflexes?

Of course, the idea that gamer girls are some kind of myth is of course, itself a myth.

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Donnieboi1824d ago

My 11 year old niece loves playing games (ds, 3ds, Wii, and pc) and I wouldn't be surprised if she goes into the industry when she grows up. The way she talks about the most intricate details of how the game mechanics work, is intriguing. She reads Game Informer magazines from front to back every time I visit and drop it off. She's so smart!

Metamorph931824d ago

You should introduce her to game journalism and tell her how she can use magazines like Game Informer as a reference for writing if she's interested in it. Lots of perks come from game journalism such as: free games and getting to go to places like E3.

Donnieboi1824d ago

Tat's not a bad idea. Maybe one day she'll write blogs for n4g! I can spell-proof it too.

Ravenor1824d ago

If only Game Journalism wasn't dying, there are Game Journo vets who can't find work. Better bet would be some form of development, especially if there is an interest in mechanics.

Metamorph931824d ago

There are "gamer" girls, but usually the only games they play is CoD and BF. I'm a girl, and I play games. Sure, I play CoD and BF from time to time, but those are not my only choices. Want the truth about those "gamer" girls who only play FPS games that they know are filled with men? They want the attention of any man they come in contact with because most will think a girl playing a game is rare. They'll put on a different voice to make guys know they are a girl. I'm sure a few of you have ran into the ones with the fake valley girl accent.

They're usually not sweet to anyone except guys because other girls are their competition. If a guy flirts with them, they will most likely flirt back even if they have a boyfriend. They don't want to date some random guy gamer or even give them a compliment, but they won't hesitate to lead a guy on if they think they'll get the attention they want. These are girl "gamers" whom I call fakes. Real girl gamers like more than just one or two games and will act like a normal human being and not make themselves out to be a piece of meat. They'll talk to you like a normal human being and give you a piece of their mind if needed.

There are a lot of girls who keep their mics muted or don't buy one because most guys playing will just act like wild animals when they hear a girl speak on a mic. Girl gamers want to play their game just like guy gamers, and they don't want to be harassed while playing it.

Seriously, it's not cute when I'm playing a game and some random guy starts being weird or asking if I'm a girl when they hear "watch out for that guy over there" or "I took care of that already, so don't worry about it." A video game isn't a dating site, so don't treat it as such. It's really annoying, and when I hear annoying people, I mute them. So here's some advice: don't act like a wild animal when you know a girl is playing with you because she is not a piece of meat for you to gnaw into. Just treat her like "one of the guys" and continue on with the game. You'll get a better chance at talking with a girl gamer by acting normal than by acting weird and singling her out.

And as for these kinds of articles, I find them stupid. Of course there are girl gamers. Men aren't the only ones allowed to go out and buy a game. Lol.

sherimae24131824d ago

nice comment sis, you already said what is on my mind ^_^

Ravenor1824d ago

My sister plays games, she played random crap with me when we were younger and that evolved into things like Counter Strike, Halo 2 and has now landed on CoD as her permanent home. I play on my days off with her and her boyfriend and consistently she'll get questions about whether she is a boy or a girl, she kinda has a nasally voice so I suppose I can see why the question would be asked.

She is harassed consistently, gets random friend invites and deals with all of it well. It's not rocket science, you just tell people to f--- off. Troll back if you're getting trolled or bothered, why on earth would anyone be bothered by someone who acts like an idiot just because they hear a voice that belongs to someone with a vagina? It clearly speaks to their level of maturity and intelligence, they are base creatures leave it at that.

I will say, I take offense in you positing that females who play FPS predominantly do it for male attention. My ex and my sister play predominantly shooters and they do it because they have fun playing them. They could care less for the mouth breathers, or what they think. Your experiences do not speak for the whole and the idea that females play for male attention is a disservice to the community.

MikeyDucati11824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

LOL! My face meets my palm when I hear guys asks girls questions like "So how do you like COD so far?" Uhhhh, she's probably been playing just as long as you so uh yea. She's a gamer like you, carry on as normal. It's always fun to play with the opposite sex but don't creep her out please.

ErzaScarlet1824d ago

Gamer girls should join tournaments or events.

sherimae24131824d ago

im also a gamer, a vita girl ^_^

MeatAbstract1824d ago

Have never, ever, agreed with the term 'Gamer Girl'. It's something that puts a clear divide between men that play games and women that play games. In a time when we should all be striving for equality, it's stuff like this that isn't needed.

If you're online and you're in a competitive game, it doesn't matter if your opponent is a male or female, they are fair game and just your competition. Same in co-op. If you team members play well, sex shouldn't come into the equation.

Guys that treat women any different in games because they are women need to get a grip and grow up. Just as women that assume they are something special because they play games and draw attention to it by saying 'I'm a girl gamer, look at me guys, aren't I special!?' nope, you're like everyone else that plays games.

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