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When did Sony learn to stop being evil?

It wasn’t so long ago that Sony was known as the bad guy of the video game world. It’s quite a feat when one of the chief players in a games space is Microsoft, and yet Sony’s gaming team earned it the nickname “the Evil Empire.” Years of anti-consumer moves – from removing features across platforms to security breaches to forcing proprietary formats – will do that. (PS4, Sony)

Godmars290  +   762d ago | Well said
How? How were they ever "evil?"

They took crap for selling an $800 console at $600 and taking away Other OS because of open declarations of piracy, not having rumble on htier controllers for a while because of how stupidly they handled a lawsuit, and have never been forgiven for any of it - until recently? - but they have never been "evil."
iGAM3R-VIII  +   762d ago
Agreed, I just want to know WHY this man is saying this. Though I did donate $100 to research on his mind and his childhood, maybe he hit is head
NeverEnding1989  +   762d ago
Answer: Financial difficulties.

When a company loses so much money, the shareholders oust the CEO and other management and the company is forced into taking a different direction. SONY is far from being out of the woods yet though, so I wouldn't say they are no longer "evil", using the authors logic.
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Soldierone  +   761d ago
It's the CEO's job to keep the company running smoothly. If that isn't happening, he gets fired. And firing a guy thats putting millions of dollars in his pocket isn't that evil....

If any of the peons at the minimum wage jobs don't do their jobs, they get replaced. Why shouldn't that work for the CEO?
miyamoto  +   761d ago
The author is living in an alternate make believe reality. LOL!
He's got things exactly in the opposite .

As a Canadian outfit, globe and mail is notorious anti-Sony and pro-xbox since day one anyway. no surprise there.
its a shame for us Canucks.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   761d ago
That's not what "evil" means.

Personally, they've been better gaming-wise to me than any other company this gen.
showtimefolks  +   761d ago | Well said

sony has done a lot right when it comes to PlayStation brand and their movies department. Their TV market is what cost them for a long time

under Kaz things have been better, when you loose so many billions and are in red for that long than it takes some time for you to come out of it. So give it some time

I know i will be disliked for saying this, but in last 15 years sony is the only gaming company which has actually gone after core market and succeeded. Their have taken big risks with new IP's that no other publisher would even touch

nintendo has been making the same games again and again and again and again yet they don't get any bad reputation but when MS makes another Gears,halo or forza its a bad thing

gaming media is in deep double standard, one company is the gaming darling and no amount of mario games can be enough but another is hated on for making too many sequels

Its hard to please everyone and i am glad wii-u is left behind again in last gen when ps4 and next xbox comes out, nintendo has always left a lot on the table specs wise to add a Gimmick now its catching up to them
M-M  +   761d ago
Very well said.
Salooh  +   761d ago
Never felt sony as an evil company. It making great effort on gaming but don't forget that it's just a company like the others only care about money. All of them do bad things but if you ask me which one is better i would say sony..

14th agree :)


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showtimefolks  +   761d ago

Well said goal of every company is to make money but Sony while I hope makes a lot of money will deliver games to us the core gamers

Games like SLY or Ratchet and Clank are called Risky IP's yet we have seen Sony fund the development

Than you look at ICO,SOTC and now in long development the last guardian and these are extremely risky projects

When heavy rain launched it was IMO quite risky but I along with many more loved it and now we are getting a more polished 2nd game from QD in beyond 2 souls which I might add is coming 7th year into a console cycle as a new IP launching in Fall which is usually reserved for big games.(I see B2S doing really well)

Advertisement has been sonys biggest issue this gen and now they have hired the EX good and MS advertisement firm who advertised 1st Gears so here is hope that Sony will actually invest money into advertisement

Uncharted 3 had great advertisement campaign and it showed sales wise

But my earlier point was if we are gonna hold Sony and MS to evil or special standards than someone in media should speak up on Nintendo and thei long history of doing the same games and HAVE NEVER GOTTEN 3PARTY SUPPRT SINCE SNES AND THAT WAS A LONG LONG TIME AGO
Root  +   761d ago | Well said
I think they've been nitpicked to death this entire gen...because of the media. Microsoft and Nintendo in the past can get away with murder half the time but if Sony did one little thing it was straight to the doom and gloom articles.

I'll admit at the start of this gen with the PS3 they were big headed but recently from 2009 on wards they've turned themselves around to be, in my opinion, the number one games company out of the big three....and I mean that in terms of giving core gamers what they want, even despite their little financial problems they've never once abandoned their roots to go after the casual audience who have more money...

They've been hated on so much this gen but the funny thing is they are the only ones left who are still in touch with core gamers.
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ceballos77mx  +   761d ago
Well said Bubs+
Ducky  +   761d ago
I don't know man.
Remember those PS3 ads? That baby they had was definitely evil.
RandomDude655  +   761d ago
They were never evil, except to the rabid asshole 360 fanboys circa 2006.
scofios  +   761d ago
If Sony is Evil i wonder wat Microsoft, activision and EA are ?
Ken22  +   762d ago
Evil da fark??Sony is the only company thats pushing boundaries with games.Even this late in a Gen.

Someon give this man some help pronto.

Not to mention they gave all PS users free games and a free month trial after being hacked.They didnt have to but they went out of there way to do it after being haacked.
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BattleAxe  +   762d ago | Well said
Sony, Steam & Nintendo = Good

Microsoft = Bad
Yodagamer  +   762d ago
Seems about right, microsoft always has that stupid policy this gen where devs must launch on the same day and have the same features. It holds back games or delays games so devs can get it running on xbox. While i understand microsoft's point of view it's a pain for everyone else.
kneon  +   762d ago
Microsoft isn't evil, sure they charge you for stuff that is free everywhere else but that's their customers fault. If they weren't dumb enough to pay it then they couldn't get away with charging for it.
hellvaguy  +   761d ago
MS donates about 10 times more to charities. Pretty they cannot be accused of being bad. Greedy, ok maybe. Not your console of choice, I get that. But not evil, come on really? Same with Sony (except for the charity part), these are not evil companies.
ceballos77mx  +   761d ago
This big companies donate all that money to get tax breaks not because of the goodness of their hearts.

But my respects to bill gates and all he has done for the education of our kids.
hellvaguy  +   761d ago
Tax breaks are never 100% of what you contribute (more like 10-20%). Was a nice try to discount charitable efforts, but if you don't even know that, then you never done taxes, in which case you really need to get a job.
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tiffac008  +   761d ago
MS was actually known as the "Evil Empire" once. Especially when they spearheaded the campaign against "Linux". I think there were other reasons but I just can't remember. Its all in the past though.
jeffgoldwin  +   761d ago

Of course you don't remember why, you've been brainwashed by sony fanatics.

There's no evil empire, this isn't star wars. MS gotta bad rep several years back for doing what Apple is doing now with all the patent law suits. That's probably the "evil" propoganda your thinking of.
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tiffac008  +   760d ago

I think your too young to remember. You may want learn a little bit of history concerning the days when MS, Apple and Linux battled over the OS market and my memory regarding MS campaign against Linux is not a myth either. The other reasons are the ones I cannot remember because its been that long.

And you know why there was a Star Wars reference? Because back then the majority that followed the news from the Computer Industry are people who are known as Geeks and Nerds. They named MS that.

Heck, if Google is not your friend then Bing it. I am sure you will find references to what I am saying here.

Sony had nothing to do with this history of the Computer industry. You may want to try again with that spin.
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RandomGamer  +   762d ago
huh when has Sony been nicknamed the Evil Empire?.
landog  +   762d ago
for me;

GOG/CD Project
uplay store

in that order

from coolest to stingiest
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majiebeast  +   762d ago
The fact that you placed Origin(On par with Pando media) and Uplay(1 big piece of garbage that loses your cloud saves and makes you replay 10 hours of Assasins Creed 2) above Sony,MS and Nintendo is the biggest joke ever.
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landog  +   761d ago
ive gotten games or $1 from uplay, origin constantly sends me coupons for games for $5, half of my steam library was $7 or less (over 250 games)

nintendo store is a joke with pricing, ms is almost as bad, and sony has GREAT deals, i mean it, i actually really like the psn store......but, they just cannot compete digitally with the big dogs like steam etc...
BeZdaBest  +   761d ago
im sorry but origin an microsoft should be on the bottom of that list... because they are ones who charge you for things that already there..

if that aint stingee idk what is
M-M  +   761d ago
For me;

Everyone on N4G

In that order.

From coolest to stingiest.
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trenso1  +   761d ago
how origin and Uplay are high than sony and nintendo on your list, makes me wonder
Max-Zorin  +   762d ago
Only N4G is evil.
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OwlEyes  +   761d ago
$100 proprietary memory cards are a good thing!
Hicken  +   760d ago
Almost as good as those $200+ proprietary hard drives!

Oh, wait, Microsoft had overpriced proprietary memory cards, too.

Carry on.
shivvy24  +   761d ago
isnt it sony that are pushing the boundary with games, uncharted 2 , god of war 3, killzone 2 etc had amazing graphics and awesome gameplay for its time and still are awesome
FrightfulActions  +   761d ago
The Evil Empire? Really? Since when, exactly? News to me.

I hear 'Evil Empire' and I think EA, not Sony.
KwietStorm  +   761d ago
I'm not one to make an ass of myself, as per commenting without reading, but in this case, I genuinely can't get passed the first sentence. Sony was known as the bad guy in gaming? Did I fall asleep for 7 years?
ps3vita4life  +   761d ago
Sony is an amazing company and you'd be stupid to think otherwise. They are the only company that provide us gamers with quality exclusives that push boundaries whether gameplay, graphics, etc. Plus, even when a new console is about to launch, they still support their previous consoles unlike MS. Sony takes risks with new ip something Nintendo and MS rarely do.
ceballos77mx  +   761d ago
Sony is the galactic empire, bad but waay cooler j/k
Williamson  +   761d ago
Dont really think any of the big 3 are evil. Lol pretty dumb calling a company evil, did sony go around kicking puppies? Some companies may be greedy though but evil....come on man.
ErzaScarlet  +   761d ago
How MS?. What can you say about them charging extra fees for free service like youtube?.
mochachino  +   761d ago
After a huge serving of humble pie from MS, Samsung, and Apple.
darkpower  +   761d ago
Evil? No!

Done stupid shit that left us scratching our heads? Hasn't everyone?

Should they learn from their lessons of not making us have to go "what were you thinking"? Hopefully. Them making the PS4 more PC based is a great start.
first1NFANTRY  +   761d ago
If Sony is evil for giving us hardcore gamers plenty of games, free online, then what does that make M$?

Surely charging people to play online and knowingly releasing a console with 50% (higher) failure rate in hopes to beat the competition to the market earlier (failed in regards to ww sales) is beyond demonic lol.
Drainage   761d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
Bathyj  +   761d ago
Sony arent evil, theyre wicked.
BrianC6234  +   761d ago
This makes no sense. Sony has never been evil or bad to their customers. I guess some people might think the price of the PS3 was bad but Sony wanted to make a powerful console. It's hard to do that and have a cheap price. Now look at people crying over no backward compatibility for the PS4. You people who complained before caused that one. But other than that one issue they haven't been bad.
mayberry  +   761d ago
@brianC6234 #20
I agree! I am a launch 60G buyer and to this day I don't regret the purchase. The 60G version is different than even the 80G b/c version in that the 80G is ps2 software emulated whereas the 60G actually has the "emotion engine" chip installed in it. And all we heard was "the price is too high", well, there will never be an "emotion engine" chip installed in another PS box ever again. That, qnd the simple fact that my 60G Ps 3 is still on everyday with no issues all these years, I couldn't call Sony evil.
MikeyDucati1  +   761d ago
Sony hasn't ever been evil. They are just listening more to their consumer base. And the truth is, 360 has been losing alot of steam lately. Sony is capitalizing on the moment. You have Xbox loyalists who are not liking the new direction MS seems to be taking.
maccomeandela   761d ago | Spam
mrmancs  +   761d ago
just because Sony music have devil partys for there stars to bow down to the baphomet, does not mean there evil! :)
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MasterCornholio  +   761d ago
It should say.

When did Sony stop being arrogant jerks?

The answer for me is after they suffered they suffered with the PS3 and realized the mistakes that they made with the console.

I own a PS3 and i love it but i know that they made some mistakes in terms of hardware design which isnt the case with the PS4.
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Inception  +   761d ago
Stop being Evil? You mean like Evil Dead, Evil Within, or Resident Evil? :P

Nah, seriously, i don't see they has done this 'Evil' thing to me. They gave me four games for free and apologizing by bowing their heads to the public, when i think they should not do that because they are the victim of stupid hackers. And they also gave a lot of exclusives IP with amazing quality (Uncharted, MGS 4, Disgaea, Yakuza, etc) that i felt 'man, PS3 are one of the best console i've ever had! :3'. So in the end, i can't wait to play The Evil Within on my PS3 :3
fsfsxii  +   761d ago
No one is evil but the one who wrote this shitty article.
Seriously, who wrote this and where does he live??
badz149  +   761d ago
oh no..
I sense evil intention!
isarai  +   761d ago
"It wasn't so long ago that Sony was known as the bad guy of the video game world"

I'm sorry what?

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strickers  +   761d ago
For always focusing on games? For 4 generations.
Bringing the freshest gaming experiences and backing games for the joy of making something boundary pushing, even when it is a financial risk ?

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