What makes a great Battlefield 3 player?

"What makes a truly great Battlefield 3 player? His K/D ratio? His W/L ratio? His teamwork?" - BF3Blog

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REDGUM1818d ago

Defiantly teamwork. That's what sets this game apart from other 1st person MP games.
The need for a mic, spawning and instantly throwing down a medi kit, ammo kit, spawn point for your fellow team mates or even repairing a friendly vehicle.
I have a shocking K/D ratio .3 ish but manage to rank often in the top 3 or so by helping your mates out or capturing territory in conquest or objectives in rush.
I love this game as its team based not solo style like COD (nothing against COD though)
Teamwork guys, teamwork.
See you on the battlefield.

jjb19811818d ago

I agree. A mic is a must especially on conquest. I still play COD and BF3 but BF3 scratches an itch nothing else can.

Rob Hornecker1817d ago

You could not have said a better reason! I may not have a out standing K/D at the end of a match when playing BF3,but I for the most part finish in the top 5 of both sides do to teamwork!
Having a good bunch of friends to play with makes all the difference to having a fun time in a game and after some time playing with said friends ,you know what there up to 90% of the time.

I will say this for ANY BF game I have owned and played and that is I have absolutely gotten my moneys worth of gaming fun out of it!

I will miss getting anymore DLC for BF3,but I will be looking forward to BF4 and playing it with ALL the great people I met while playing BF3!

isarai1817d ago

Only thing i hate is the stigma placed on Recon class. Fairly often i get some jerk who will block my view, give away my position to the enemy, or just constantly bother me for the whole match simply because i'm the sniper so i guess that makes me a lame camper. But i barely even snipe, i spend most of my time spotting people, setting spawn points by infiltrating enemy bases, placing TUGS near camp heavy areas, carefully placing the SOFLAM in well guarded vantage points, and doing this often gets me in the top 4 on my team(sometimes even #1)in fact the majority of my time spent sniping is only to take out other snipers. I play recon to help my team, i spot, tag, and disable everything i can while trying to give my squad the extra advantage with spawn beacons. I also ALWAYS wear a mic to verbally call out things i am not able to spot with the spot mechanic and to warn people int the distance of a nearby danger they cannot see.

Even so i still get bothered by people all the time, to the point where i rarely even want to play anymore

trenso11818d ago

team work, there have been so many games where a team has lost from no team work and just wanting to get kills and ive seen plenty of people be the top of the leader boards and only be 4th place on their team as far as kills go.

BALLARD321818d ago

Apparently jumping around constantly like an idiot, drop shotting, and revive whoring makes a good BF3 player. At least that's what all the 1337 kids do.

Ken221818d ago

I agree that's why i have resorted to aiming for the eir heads.And now have "HAX" accusations.

Reverent1818d ago

Funny, because those are exactly the kinds of players I see that do terribly at the game. Not sure where you got your info.

BALLARD321818d ago

That was sarcasm, buddy. Thought that was kinda obvious. Those fools think they're good though.

Reverent1817d ago

Apologies. Sometimes it's difficult to tell sarcasm through text. But yes, I completely agree with you.

Obamanationn1818d ago

just not being a vagina , just keep rushing and in my book your good - nothing worse than 20 ppl hiding behind a wall spamming nades or being afraid to go through the nades

Rearden1817d ago

Welcome to Operation Metro.

AJ Hartley1817d ago

Lol the stairs before you go up they sit next to ammo box and a rain of grenades come at you lol.

xYLeinen1818d ago


On the serious side. What I value most in a good BF3 player is first and foremost tactical awareness.. Grab your opportunities for flanking.

I can be bold and say a great BF3 player does something else in many situations than the average player..

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