MMORPG: Jumpgate Evolution: Hands-On at Connect '08

MMORPG writes: "Over this past weekend,'s own Donna Desborough attended Codemastes Connect '08 in England. While there, our intrepid reporter had the opportunity not only to speka with Scott Brown, the President of NetDevil, but also (for the first time) to try Jumpgate Evolution for herself.

The announcement that Codemasters would be working with NetDevil on Jumpgate Evolution (JGE) caught many by surprise. Further news that those attending Connect'08 would get the first hands-on look at the game was exciting news though. Never before had anyone outside of NetDevil played the game.

I was only able to play one demo mission, but if what they have on show now is anything to go by, this game is going to be a beauty, graphics-wise. It is supposed to look beautiful even if you only have a good machine and even more amazing if you have a top end machine. The computers at the Omega Sektor (the event location) are of course top end machines so it was a treat to see JGE in all of its wonderful glory. It is good to know though that they are very specifically looking at making the game able to run on both lower and higher specification machines."

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