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Final Fantasy Fans Petition For Type-0 With The Power of Twitter and Facebook

PlayStation Euphoria: Final Fantasy Type-0 is an entry in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series for the PlayStation Portable. With a focus on party based action gameplay, Final Fantasy Type-0 seemed like an excellent entry for Final Fantasy and after playing the Japanese demo, this was the most promising title for the franchise within this generation, in my opinion. This game, sadly, has never been released for the West as the PlayStation Vita began to take shape. However, with the digital release of Final Fantasy III for the PSP not so long ago, there still is hope. One petition group who plans to get this Final Fantasy game localized is Operation Suzaku with their new Twitter campaign. (Final Fantasy Type-0, PS Vita, PSP)

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majiebeast  +   452d ago
Think Sony should just localize it, like Nintendo did for Bravery:Default.
chrispseuphoria  +   452d ago
Sony did publish Kingdom Hearts in Europe so it could happen!
jujubee88  +   452d ago
It's not my bag, but.
SCEA and SCEE could publish it on PS Store and call it a PS VITA "digital exclusive".

Seems simple enough. Well. I mean, it still needs to be translated and SE prob needs to waive those rights to allow for Sony to publish it that way.
hay  +   451d ago
"we have money!" :D

I think it's about enough to convince Squeenix.
OperationSuzaku  +   450d ago
According to one of our sources, Square Enix and Sony failed to reach an agreement. The PSP market was already dead in late 2011 overseas and the PSVita market was (and is) moribund.

But the localization is already done. Two voice actors broke their NDA to let us know their worked on the game between Nov. 2011 and Jan. 2012.
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HammadTheBeast  +   452d ago
I've played the Japanese version, and this game is truly great. One of the best Final Fantasies since 9.
belac09  +   451d ago
i have it too, it would be soooo AMAZING if i could understand it, even though i cant it is still THE best psp game.
Majin-vegeta  +   452d ago
Maybe now with WADA gone it could happen.
Prodigy-X  +   452d ago
E3 will reveal all for the long awaited FF Type-0 & Versus 13 at Sony's press conference.
Pozzle  +   452d ago
When have Square Enix ever listened to petitions though? :(
jc48573  +   452d ago
they probably did in the past, but I don't remember what game that was. It's not that they didn't listen, but no one used social media to get their attention. If they did in the past, then I should've heard of one because I really wanted Front Mission 5 localized. I ended importing the game. Very disappointed for those that didn't care.
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zerocrossing  +   451d ago
I have heard rumour that one of the reasons FF type-0 hasn't been localised yet may be due to a licensing issue regarding a specific song from the Japanese band "Bump of Chicken" it's supposedly sung by a character (or characters) in game and has highly prominent connotations to the story/plot, If they haven't gotten the rights to translate the song or even use it in its current form outside of Japan then this may mean FF type-0 is effectively stuck in localisation limbo :/
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OperationSuzaku  +   450d ago
Actually, it was not a rumor but a hypothesis from RPGLand.com.
According to our sources, the moribund PSVita market is the main issue here.
Panthers  +   451d ago
When have Square Enix ever listened to its fans period? They were so worried about getting new fans, they turned their backs on their old ones.
OperationSuzaku  +   450d ago
I have feedback from Square Enix, they are listening to us. We have now to convince them...
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ErzaScarlet  +   452d ago
You guys will be the luckiest if SE listen to your petition.. But I doubt it SE will listen..
izumo_lee  +   452d ago
I am fortunate to have played the game (& finished it....one of the best endings in the Final Fantasy series) & i have to say Squarenix is doing a disservice for not localizing the game at all.

There was rumors it was cause of a song but to me that is BS cause it has never stopped Squarenix from localizing other games that have licensed songs.

Also why isn't more of their games available for digital downloads. Where is Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep? Where is Crisis Core? How come games like 3rd Birthday, both Dissidia game, FF Tactics are available but those i mentioned are not?

Hopefully with the new management they won't pull of this BS to their fans cause this gen they barely cared for us.
Shadowsteal  +   452d ago
I'm not sure about Crisis Core, But Kingdom Hearts is due to Disney disliking digital downloads or something of that caliber.
fsfsxii  +   451d ago
I modded my PSP just to play Crisis Core again.
trenso1  +   451d ago
i got to the end but i couldnt finish it cause i dont understand japanese but from what i played it was amazing really hope i get to see the ending though
dark-kyon  +   452d ago
dont have big hopes. i think what square is gonna remake type 0 and crysis core of psp and sell for ps3,to square enix psp and vita dont make money in the west.
8bitHero  +   452d ago
square enix gives us the exact opposite of what we want. a few examples: want Kingdom Hearts 3? heres a bunch of spin offs instead. You want a FF7 remake? nah(note:personally idc for a ff7 remake)You want versus 13? how about FF13-2 instead. Oh, did you say you're tired of Lighting and her lame friends and univ? How about FF13-3 to make up for it.
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Williamson  +   452d ago
Not really a fan of final fantasy but I would buy this and versus 13 in a heartbeat when available.
JackVagina  +   452d ago
I only have 1 question.

Where do i sign?
Chrono  +   452d ago
These petitions won't help. It's near impossible that they localize such a big game for PSP right now, they won't even sell half a million copies.
chrispseuphoria  +   452d ago
They released Final Fantasy III. Why not this one?
Chrono  +   452d ago
Because that's a copy-paste port, not a massive game with voice acting and thousands of lines of text that need to be translated.
knifefight  +   452d ago
They released Final Fantasy III. Why not this one?
1) The work on that was already done. They already had the full script and everything from the DS version. It doesn't matter if it only sells 5 copies, that was easy money.

2) ...Comparatively, like Chrono said, this is a HUGE game with some VERY complex translation and a need for more than 20 voice actors. Those guys don't work for free. So that's a lot of people doing a lot of hard work for...how much money will they make? They can't be sure.

3) They don't own the rights to the music. At all.
Once you factor all those together, you have a project that might not make money. It's the sad truth.

Sucks too, because it's a great game.
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chrispseuphoria  +   452d ago
You are right about the comparison between Final Fantasy III and Type-0 but we have seen other games in the same situation be successful before such as Persona 4.
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knifefight  +   452d ago
I don't see how Persona 4 was ever in the same situation.
It debuted in 2008 for the PS2, the best-selling console of forever.

When the Vita port came along, all of the translation work was already done. Only the handful of new scenes needed to be redone, which is very, very small compared to FFT0, which is a full game, and much, much more difficult (if you know Japanese. The kanji level in FFT0 is insane, and it's often not text, but images that they need to get in there and change. That's harder than normal localization work).

Furthermore, the port is a native Vita game, not a PSP game, which helps because it's newer and shinier. It might not matter to YOU or ME, but it matters in the eyes of the mass market. Sad truth.

Additionally, Atlus actually OWNS all of the music in Persona 4, so they don't have to pay out the nose to use it in other countries, unlike Square Enix, who does not own the music in Final Fantasy Type 0. =/
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grimmweisse  +   452d ago
Square must have shit for brains. Releasing sequels to FF13 that people dont really care about. But when the fans are literally begging for type-0 they do nothing.
TenkoTAiLS  +   452d ago
So let me get this straight? Square will continue to publish redundant crappy social versions of their big franchises that even the smartphone review pages trash. And release sequels to the games no one asked for or wanted and have had terrible reviews etc like Final Fantasy 13.

Yet they wont localize a game that fans actually want and form petitions for and want to throw their money at...
Businesses that ignore what their consumers want are kinda doing the opposite of what a business is supposed to do >.<
Tei777  +   452d ago
Sony would waste money porting Epic Mickey but would not port and localise FFType0 to Vita -_-
8bitHero  +   451d ago
holy shit i completely forgot about sony porting over epic mickey, thats a really good point. Didn't gearbox say theyd be down with sony porting borderlands 2 to the vita, but instead sony gives money to port epic mickey 2. what kind of backwards thinking is that >_>
Gerchi-san  +   452d ago
Wasn't the localization already almost completed? I recall reading something like that and was super-pissed when SE simply decided to scrap it alltogether albeit being nearly finished.

Thinking about it... I still am super-pissed.
GABRIEL1030  +   451d ago
I played the demo of Final Fantasy Zero and this game is amazing, the game is for PSP but the graphics are amazing, the control system is like FF XII but with and incredible interface with other players and the history was very interesting and the music is very pretty.
Funny is the fact, that the only decent FF game in the almost 10 years and Square decides not launching it out of Japan, demostrating that Its past president was a inept and idiot.

Final Fantasy Zero is a jewel that Square throw at the trash :(
e-p-ayeaH  +   451d ago
Maybe without Wada they might listen this time around.
illtornworld  +   451d ago
I hope final fantasy 7 crisis core gets a hd treatment for Vita! my god that would make me cry!
despair  +   451d ago
How about a vita rerelease of the game with upscaled graphics and some vita centric interface (enable use of the dual sticks and touch maybe?) I think it would be a system seller, a great portable FF game on the vita.

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