Sony Has Something Big Ready For The PS3 At E3

According to sources, Sony has something big ready to be revealed at E3 this year in regards to the Sony PS3.

Sources state that Sony has something huge to announce at E3 this year, which could give the PS3 a boost heading into the holidays against the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

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decapitator3718d ago

Whatever it is, it outta be good. I just hope it is ICO or God of War related. Home beta will be welcomed as well. Killzone 2 wont be a bad choice either. R2 is something I can only dream of though.

Ju3718d ago

LOL. Go buy a $49 HD-DVD player from M$ and hook it up now :) Don't complain that there is no driver, there are no disk to play anyway (oops, I'm wrong here ... LOL ... run ducking).

Violater3718d ago

The long haul to E3.
It will not seem so long this year, as we will actually have GAMES to PLAY and not just talk about.

faisdotal3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )


I reckon it's the R* new PS3 Exclusive franchise.

I for one hope it's not something as random as table tennis. (><)

SUP3R3718d ago

I'm thinking it might be the slim/lite with a price cut.
It'll be a 40GB slim/lite to replace the current 40GB at $300> but the 80GB will remain as is at least until next year.
I can only hope lol.

whoelse3718d ago

The PS3 isn't even 18 months old and you think they'll release a slim version. What ever happened to the 10 year life cycle. The slim wont come to at least 2009.

SUP3R3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Sorry I meant <$300...
but why not a redesign lol.
New smaller, much cooler 45nm cell processor.
It's much cheaper to manufacture the entire console now compared to launch, so a price cut is understandable.
It'll increase visual appeal by folds especially in Japan.
I think it needs it.

Lifendz3718d ago

Home Beta, Resistance 2 Demo, FFXII demo, FFXIII vs demo, GOW III this year, in-game xmb, expanded functionality for PSN: videos, music, tv shows, etc, and...ummm.....I think that's it. Oh yeah, Shadow of the Colluses II, Infamous, and the Agency.

MADGameR3718d ago

ANOTHER bullet to Microsoft!

Sarick3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

The 6 million dollar man wasn't even in his 40's and they upgraded him.

Key point here is with the cost reductions to manufacture a ps3. Why not upgrade the design to farther reduce cost. They could even reintroduce full backwards PS2 compatibility through software on the PS3 40G.

Let's just hope it's not like MS last big announcement. Something to do with digital video downloads.

syanara3717d ago

ok dude HD-DVD lost the war already and blu-ray is the next format its already been decided MS even dropped hd-dvd and toshiba (the guys who make hd-dvd) are dropping it too.

tethered3717d ago

@ syanara
Because you cant see a joke, let me fill you in on something.

mighty_douche was joking.

solidt123717d ago

I really hope he isn't that slow. Great joke..

byaaface3712d ago

this post is sort of stupid+un-needed since obviously sony will have an announcement(ITS E3!!!) and this post is unbelievably vague. next time try not to put something up that is as stupid as "Breaking News!Tomorrow the Sun is going to rise!!!".

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conjurdevil3718d ago

They have been holding back no announcements at GDC whch they rocked at last year which just indicates they are planning something I am not expecting anything because whenever you do in the end you feel disappointment but am certainly interested to see what they bring up.

decapitator3718d ago

It will be interesting, I know that much. I recently saw the Gametrailers tv show wtih Steinberg PR vice president of Sony and Evan of Naughty Dog and they seemed very optimistic.

conjurdevil3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

for some reason EA,Sqaure Enix,Ready At Dawn,Naughty Dog,Insomniac and many other companies are very optimistic about ps3...maybe they know something we dont yet.

EDT:Could it be crysis?!

decapitator3718d ago

Thats because these guys usually know something and know whats going on internally before we the public have any idea on what the hell is going on.
Crysis is coming, you can quote me on it. But as to when it will hit is anyone's guess. EA loves them money, and there is no way in hell they would pass up an opportunity to make some bucks on the PS360 or if one that is.

General Pinky3718d ago


robbo9183718d ago

Go find The Brain as you are in dire need of your partner! Also while you are looking for The Brain, find a caps lock key as yours is obviously broken.

ruibing3718d ago

Jeez, do you call Christmas the Waitmas then? It's not like Sony can control when E3 is held.

mikeslemonade3717d ago

The PS3 will be revealed to play Xbox 720 and WiiHD games.

Forbidden_Darkness3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Heres what they will show off at E3 most likely:

Motostorm 2
Killzone 2
8 days
Getaway 3
Resistance 2
Team Ico project
Team Siren Project
NcSoft Project
Gran Turismo 5
Team Ninjas next project
Heavy Rain
Game Republic Project
The Agency
God of War 3
La Noire
Naughty Dog Project
Final Fantasy Xlll and vs. Xlll
and ect.

kosha3718d ago

naughty dogs project is bound to be uncharted 2 as the first one was so succesful

cant wait till e3

StarieMichie3718d ago

Pfft. I wish they would tell us more about Heavy Rain, but that's not going to happen. I want that game so badly, but still don't know what it's about (which makes me laugh at myself for wanting it).

Foxx773718d ago

To add to that list, probably SOCOM: Confrontation will be shown if not near release and then Zipper will probably show off what they have been hard at work on.

solidt123717d ago

I will make sure I am wearing a Diaper if they plan on showing GOD3 at E3.

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