Some insight into GTA 5 radio

Grand Theft Auto 5 is touted as this year’s most highly anticipated game, and we have to admit we are getting very excited in the build-up to September’s GTA 5 release. While many gamers wait patiently, various leaks about this game have accumulated and information can be found on the web for those looking to find out about all the ins and outs of GTA 5.

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Nightfallen1694d ago

I'm mostly excited for Radio Nightride FM. Kavinsky being the DJ. As far as radio stations are concerned I believe that is the only confirmed one.

Stefanrules71694d ago

They better have some decent rock and metal.

Wintersun6161694d ago

Agreed. There was like 10 rap/hip hop/rnb/similar crap stations in San Andreas. The only ones worth listening to were K-DST, Radio X and K-Rose.

Nightfallen1694d ago

I loved RadioX and K-Dst from San Andreas. They definitely need great rock stations in 5.

ichimaru1694d ago

kdust =) san Andreas was the first.....anything to introduce me to country music

Psychotica1694d ago

I hope we can still stream our own music playlists in.

ichimaru1694d ago

was disappointed when gta 4 left this out

1nsaint1694d ago

It would be cool if the radio is synced for all players in multiplayer, so you hear the same track while in the same car or when a buddy says: quick turn on Roots 103, and you'll actually hear the stuff he's hearing

LAWSON721694d ago

PC version will hopefully be announced then I can have my own songs on a radio station.

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