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Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut worse than 360 Original

While the PS3 Director's Cut for Deadly Premonition is once again splitting critics, one thing is certain: the improvements hardly make a double-dip worth it. In fact, improvements may be a slight over-exaggeration, as users have found that certain parts of the game are worse than in the original 360 release. (Deadly Premonition, Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut, PS3, Xbox 360)

Jackhass  +   856d ago
Well, that's unfortunate. Although the original wasn't exactly "good" in the traditional sense.
Chaos_Raiden  +   856d ago
That sucks. I was thinking on getting the game today...
majiebeast  +   856d ago
Isnt worse better with this game? Atleast thats what i always understood from it getting high marks.
DigitalRaptor  +   855d ago
Yeah. "So bad, it's good" was the general consensus from those pushing it.
-Falaut-  +   856d ago

Reminds of Sine Mora. Shit came out on 360
(exlusive for awhile) and was the best thing since sliced bread. Then it got a release on PS3 and Vita...tumble weeds.

Well, I'm going to get this "worse on PS3" version. Poor ol' me with my shitty PS3s. /s
Heisenburger  +   856d ago
Hell yeah brother!

People getting this know what to expect. So this guy is acting like it having flaws should deter us, even though the original was loved in spite of those flaws? Yeah, okay...
b_one  +   854d ago
i will get it for free on my shitty Vita... as im PS+ in EU
Heisenburger  +   856d ago
Day one.

I have been looking forward to this for so long(since I heard the original 360 release compared to Twin Peaks). Mine is already paid off in full.

Fire walk with me...
Shadow Man  +   856d ago
bring it over to playstation+
Veneno  +   856d ago
Strange. I've seen other reviewers say its the best version of this already bad game.
MestreRothN4G  +   856d ago
Ill buy this game.

Reviews are actually saying it is better than the 360 version, which was already a great unforgettable game.
ajax17  +   856d ago
That's what patches are for. I'm still getting it.

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