Top 10 Characters I Wish Were In Injustice

Injustice: Gods Among Us released over a week ago with a pretty decent roster...but oh, what could've been.

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StrongMan2060d ago

No Lobo, no approve this article.

zeal0us2060d ago

Lobo was the first DLC character revealed before the game's release.

horror_spooky2060d ago

Lobo was already announced as DLC.

zeal0us2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

I would like to see Darkseid , Atrocitus, John Stewart, Red Hood, Martian Manhunter and the rest of the Teen Titans.

Other Characters
Black Canary, Vixen, Huntress, The Question, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Blue Beetle, Doctor Fate and Mr Miracle and....

General Zod, Kneel before Zod, Zod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine trying to put Mogo into the game as a character not a stage btw.

admiralvic2059d ago

@ Horror_Spooky

He's rumored to be in the game.

horror_spooky2058d ago

Good to hear! You mean coming to the game via DLC?

r212059d ago

Adding with Static Shock, I'd like to see Cole from the inFamous series come over to the game, my wish list at least.

Jag-T10002059d ago

Too many male characters. How about adding Power Girl and Zatanna.

Yi-Long2059d ago

... having magical powers and all that.

CheatMasters2059d ago


Maybe there will be more in other DLC's coming though ;)

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