Rumor: Soul Sacrifice US DLC Schedule Leaked

It looks like Soul Sacrifice could be getting a healthy dose of free DLC in the coming months along with a rumored expansion.

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majiebeast1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

RAINBOW GHOST! Does anyone know what they mean with AR support?

Godchild10201489d ago

You might be able to use the AR cards that came with the Vita to do new things with the game.

r211489d ago

You'd think a monster with rainbow color would look less scary....gameplay wise, it doesnt D:

ApolloTheBoss1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

This HAS to be legit. I cannot wait to buy this game.

nm971489d ago

Cant wait for this...hope there is dlc!

PeaSFor1488d ago

Headless Knights and Starving Ruin Dwellers

May 28th.
Two new bosses — Dullahan and Behemoth
New Map — Goliath
New Magic — Berserker
8 new missions
SNS and Augmented Reality Support added

A Drunk and a Chef

June 11
Two new bosses — Dwarf and Ogre
8 new missions

Wild Wheels and Apparition

Two new bosses — Ouroboros and Wrath
8 new missions
New Magic — Angelus

nm971485d ago

O sht! well there we go!

sherimae24131489d ago

i hope all the dlc that will be release in japan would also come to US and EU

boybato1488d ago

It wouldn't make sense to release "region specific" DLCs not unless the content itself wouln't be approved by videogame regulatory boards.

xGrunty1488d ago

Its legit. Its a marketing poster for gamestop. I work there.

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