Pocket-lint: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty 360 Review - Shoddy wartime blast-a-thon

Pocket-lint writes: "With wartime shooters ten a penny over the last decade or so, a decent twist on the genre can be enough to get a game noticed. And with Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, that's exactly the hope.

The idea is that without Winston Churchill proclaiming that we'll fight them on the beaches, the Allied forces crumbled. The Nazi regime spread throughout the world at a rapid pace, and in 1953 they're finally ready to stage a full scale assault on America, who failed to join in and kick some Nazi bottom like real life. As alternate histories go, its one that'll have the wartime history buffs intrigued.

Sadly this dazzling start isn't built upon."

The good: Fantastic idea, some decent scripted sequence

The bad: Dull design, no building on a great initial idea, enemies lacking in any intelligence

Verdict: A decent premise is no replacement for poor workmanship. Bug-ridden, dull, and one to miss

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