Women will not be included in FIFA 14

Women will not be included in FIFA 14. Now, it is official.

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IanVanCheese1457d ago

Target audience doesn't want women in so it mskes sense. Call it sexist all you like but if it won't increase sales, why would they do it?

Davoh1457d ago

First off, there's not many people interested in women's football, and then you need those who are interested to also be interested in playing a football game. Between this and licencing costs and development costs, of course it wouldn't seem worth it.

ZodTheRipper1457d ago

"According to him, to include women in a FIFA game, “there are lot of things that are involved” like “new models and hair styles”."

That makes sense. Guess they don't have the money to do complex things like hair styles since they are only selling a couple million copies each year.

GanjaMan1457d ago

hasnt each fifa passed 10million copies? and fifa 13 has sold 12 million already so what your saying makes no sense

ZodTheRipper1457d ago

The ganja seems to impact your sense for sarcasm ;)

vulcanproject1457d ago

Yeaaaa there is interest. I wanna see scantily clad cheerleaders in FIFA :)

jony_dols1457d ago
International womens football...

Even the top women sides wouldn't be near the standard of EPL or Championship football. So why the hell bother investing all the time & resources in teams that 95% of gamers will never use.

Hell even staunch feminists would probably switch back to Barca or Bayern after a game or two!

RBdrift1457d ago Show
Dunpeal1457d ago

I'm still waiting for the WNBA video game. That will surely fly off the shelves!!!

BlaqMagiq241457d ago

I'm still surprised not even one has happened.

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The story is too old to be commented.