2K skipping E3 2013

Borderlands publisher won't have official presence at trade show in June; Take-Two Interactive will conduct business meetings only.

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Sandmano1818d ago

All I want is a next gen Mafia game...

Pyrrhus1818d ago

All I want is for 2k to make a NFL/NHL game so EA has competition...

NYC_Gamer1818d ago

I really hope the NFL doesn't sign another exclusive deal with EA

NYC_Gamer1818d ago

I'm still upset with 2K over all of the NBA2K13 problems

PSNintyGamer1818d ago

nintendo has started a trend

Sandmano1818d ago

Was thinking that, look what they've done now...

Minato-Namikaze1818d ago

Companies skip E3 every year

Nightfallen1818d ago

Rockstar hasn't been showing up for years.

animegamingnerd1818d ago

this is annoucing we are skipping E3 week

Pushagree1818d ago

Yup. Sell out to casuals and you don't have to impress any of the intelligent and informed hardcore gamers.

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majiebeast1818d ago

2K has already released all their big hits cept for GTA V and Rockstar never shows up.

Jek_Porkins1818d ago

Something tells me Rockstar might show up this year, new consoles coming out, new GTA, good chance for a company with a lot of money to get some exclusive DLC and a heavy hitter on the stage.

StraightedgeSES1818d ago

But according to some people on this website not showing up to E3 means you have nothing to show.

bratman1818d ago

Publishers, Developers, Future console owners, Shareholders and pretty much everyone else has their eyes on nintendo... hoping that they can turn it around with the wii u, and what does nintendo do? announce they aren't holding a event at e3. That's alot different then 2K showing off more of GTA5 which is easily going to move 10 million+ units.

Realplaya1818d ago

All E3 is is a cock swinging contest. But what we gamers don't get is they only show small game play snippets nothing much. You get smart ass people who want to be presenters and there boring as hell. They talk about technical specs and hit us with worthless jargon and show off small parts of games that are years away.

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