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Capcom: “We’ve Got no Plans for a PS Vita Monster Hunter at the Moment”

For many years, the Monster Hunter franchise was synonymous with PlayStation, having gotten its start on the PlayStation 2 and selling huge numbers on the PlayStation Portable (in Japan at least). - PSLS (Capcom, PS Vita)

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doctorstrange  +   798d ago
Do they not want money?
Abash  +   798d ago
Have you heard of Street Fighter X Tekken, Resident Evil 6, and DmC? Of course they dont want money, they made specific choices to make sure they get less money with their games and series
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ShoryukenII  +   798d ago
I find it extremely odd how a person from N4G could probably lead this company better than their actual boss. I mean, what idiot decided that it would be a good idea to use the 3DS, the weakest current platform, as the main platform for Monster Hunter 4? They could have AT LEAST put it on the Wii U. But, Capcom is just too stupid.
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Salooh  +   798d ago
They just can't achieve what fans want. That's why they choose that path. I don't overreact about these games. Same goes for call of duty and assassin creed will join them if they continue releasing only story game. They need to make a new interesting gameplay to avoid that fate..
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wolokowoh  +   798d ago
@Shoryuken The same idiot who realized it's the only handheld that might sell DS numbers and realized it it's huge in Japan, coincidentally where Monster Hunter is popular.

OT. While I hate Capcom for doing this, I also understand it. They see Vita as not having sold enough units to get the MH sales they want. What I don't understand is that Capcom fells to see Monster Hunter is also a console selling game. PSP sales jumped up every time one was released, in spit of the fact millions of PSPs had already been bought. Putting it on Vita would move units and make the platform more successful. Monster Hunter would sell millions regardless of which handheld its on.
sikbeta  +   798d ago
Get over it! MH is a success on 3DS... it'll never go back to PlayStation...

And yeah... they love money, that's why MH is on the best selling system in Japan right now...
HammadTheBeast  +   798d ago
Meh, I don't care, Soul Sacrifice more then makes up for it.
SilentNegotiator  +   797d ago
This illustrates what I've been saying for a long time; Sony needs to throw more money at big third party developers. You can't expect companies like Activision to not put a thrown together POS like COD:D if you don't take the opportunity to initiate the game ahead of time and help them cover expenses of development. You can't expect something like Monster Hunter to not be wooed or made contractually exclusive by Nintendo (a handheld and Japanese giant).

It's great that they're trying to open up their new systems a bit more. But they still need to be very active with the biggest developers/publishers.
dedicatedtogamers  +   798d ago
Other devs are flocking to fill the gap. We may simply end up with a superior hunting game in the end. Soul Sacrifice already surpasses MH in some respects, and there will definitely be more similar games to follow including a Western release of Phantasy Star Online 2, I hope)

And who knows? Capcom could simply put Dragom's Dogma on Vita. That game is 80% MH.
majiebeast  +   798d ago
We are getting god eater 2 which looks really good just like Toukiden its just a matter of time till someone catches up to Capcom no1 stays on top forever.
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ShoryukenII  +   798d ago
I agree. Capcom clearly doesn't care about keeping their top spot. If the next Soul Sacrifice has a higher budget and is open world, it could completely end the need for a Monster Hunter on Vita.
beakeroo1  +   798d ago
I was disappointed with Tri and the demo for MH3U is lackluster, just more of the same. The silver lining to Capcom ditching PS owners is that we now have this influx of great hunters. Ragnarok is a good game, Ace promises to be even better. SS is excellent. Toukiden looks the business.
Aceman18  +   798d ago
yea i have Ragnarok Odyssey, and also getting Soul Sacrifice next week so i'm not gonna lose any sleep if they want to keep making stupid decisions.
Awesome_Gamer  +   797d ago
Soul Sacrifice is amazing, indeed.
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GamerToons  +   798d ago
I have no plans to really respect crapcom lately.
oONinjavitiSOo  +   797d ago
Agreed! It's hard to respect a company that turns their back to the fanbase that helped catapult the MH series. Either way Soul Sacrifice is way better anyway....could really care less if they make a MH game for the Vita at this point.
fermcr  +   798d ago
Why make a Monster Hunter Vita game, when then can make more money making a 3DS Monster Hunter game ?

If you guys owned a software developer company, and wanted to invest in a handheld platform, would you guys invest in a Vita game or a 3DS game ?

The question that should be asked is, if they ported the game to the Vita, could the sales justify the money wasted in that port ?
porkChop  +   798d ago
Monster Hunter is a system seller. If they released it on the Vita it would sell a shitload of units.

Their decision was never about install base, because Monster Hunter creates its own install base. It was always about money. Nintendo paid Capcom a lot of money to keep Monster Hunter exclusive, that's the only reason Capcom isn't releasing it on the Vita.

But just watch. Once that exclusive deal runs out Capcom is going to come running back to PlayStation for more money. But MH is being replaced by many interesting games on the Vita, and eventually MH will become irrelevant to PlayStation gamers. So in the long run, Capcom could actually be losing money because of this exclusivity.
supremacy  +   798d ago
It really doesnt matter my friend, especially with a system seller such as this. Remember, when the 3DS wasnt selling much, and the media considered it a failure?

Why did capcom choose to still support the platform anyways?

The way i see it, Nintendo and Capcom shook hands and millions of dollars were exchanged; its as simple as that.


Like i said,Monster hunter is a system seller, its the kind of game proven to move units, and with that, had the game released last summer along with Gravity rush it could have changed things for the vita platform. The vita is not only a superior platform, but most importantly a platform designed for this type of game; this was proven by Capcom themselves when they demoed a MH game at the vita unveil where it then was known as the ngp.

Nintendo played their cards right, dropping the price along some new releases helped them overcome their predicument and please its share holders who at the time wanted Nintendo,s ips on smarphones.

People on here tend to diss others with the old "i suppose you know better then the people running things at x company"

Yet i cant help but come here and read the news articles on how poorly some of these very same companies are doing based on their know how decisions. Squarenix, thq, and now capcom, companies are run by people just like the ones in a hog dog stand, only difference is one doesnt try to analyze who is going to support or whom are its consumers, while the other does.

Bottom line, there is no reason why this game or resident evil revelations which is coming to every single platform you could think off, except the vita, should not come to the vita. Capcom tend to make odd ball decisions and worse cant even explained to its loyal consumers why x game isnt coming to y platform. Its ridiculous to be honest, i only hope they start listening to their fans, before they start turning their backs on them like a good few have on squarenix.
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nugnugs  +   797d ago
Would it really hurt to make some creative decisions instead of purely financial ones? Also it helps to build up kudos amongst fans, by denying the original Playstation MH fans they have lost a lot of revenue and credibility. IMO.
GamerToons  +   795d ago
I see your point, but I think in a lot of ways Capcom just makes crap decisions.

I don't think it would have taken a whole lot to even port MH3U to the vita.
cleft5  +   798d ago
Yes, thats why they are the 3DS. The 3DS is the biggest selling platform in Japan and Monster Hunter sells better in Japan than the West.
Dan_scruggs  +   798d ago
Nah they would lose money. If every person who owns a Vita bought the game they could only ever get around 4 million in sales. It's just not enough. Not when you can safely release the game on the 3DS that has a 30 million install base. You need to be realistic.
BLow  +   798d ago
So by your logic, 4 million in sales is a bad thing. And on a portable with lower development costs. Hmmmm??????? PSP had it and everybody pirated games on that system. It would fly off the shelf if it released especially in Japan. Shit, I want a proper next gen version on a console. Loved the PS2 game. Oh well, it's their decision.
Hicken  +   797d ago
In that case, they should have made one for the PSP instead of the 3DS, since they'd get around 70 million in sales from that.

Or is 70 million somehow less than 30 million?

You need to stop trolling. And yes, you ARE trolling, make no mistake.
rezzah  +   798d ago
GraveLord  +   798d ago
Yeah they do and they got a lot of it from Nintendo.
OwlEyes  +   798d ago
Of course they want money. That's why Mon Hun is on a successful system like the 3DS.
BlaqMagiq24  +   798d ago
They must not when they decided to cancel unannounced games and try to shove more DLC down our throats. It's like they want to go bankrupt.
mrbojingles  +   798d ago
Have you heard of how much better software sells on 3DS over Vita? They would likely lose money on the Vita anyway. I'm sorry, but the Vita market just isn't great right now and it isn't Capcom's job to turn it around.
Donnieboi  +   798d ago
I own Monster Hunter (the psp/vita version) and it's great, but Soul Sacrifice really is a great game too (from what I can tell from the massive demo). Some might say it's better. Capcom is shooting itself in the foot if the let Soul Sacrifice get the jump on them.
Knushwood Butt  +   798d ago
According to one site:

Monster Hunter Tri (3DS) - 2.02 million globally
Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (PSP) - 4.85 million globally

If anything, they threw away millions of sales by not putting Tri on the PSP.

Still, Capcom knows best!
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HarvesterOSarow  +   797d ago
You didn't even list Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (2ndG in Japan. It sold almost 700,000 copies on it's first week in Japan, and a year later had grossed 3.5 million. It continued to be in the top selling games for years, so that number is way larger now, not including the digital sales on PSN.

Capcom makes terrible choices, and not giving the Vita a Monster Hunter is one of them. Although from a business stand point, they are trying to wait and finish their "deal" with Nintendo with MH4 before releasing the game everyone is waiting for on the Vita. It only makes the hype stronger to deny and deny. They are in danger of getting pushed out of the race by other companies though.
Tei777  +   798d ago
I'm sure nintendo has given them plenty, hence the exclusivity.
miyamoto  +   798d ago
They already wanted money and that money was given by Nintendo in exchange for exclusivity.

Nintendo and Microsoft are known for stealing PlayStation hits by bribing 3rd party developers.

It happened with Capcom 5 during GameCube. and it did not work out well for both because its either they are too late or those games lost their relevance.

But knowing Capcom once they do not meet sales expectations on Nintendo platforms they have this habit of porting them exclusives to PlayStation many times before.

Viewtiful Joe
RE Code Veronica
RE Umbrella Chronicles
RE Darside Chronicles
RE Revelations
and the likes

but Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD was demoed during PlayStation Meeting last Jan 2011

So take Capcom's words with a grain of salt
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YoloSwag  +   798d ago
No, I think they want profit.
OmegaSlayer  +   797d ago
*then the president jumps into the pit instead of kicking someone else*
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MYSTERIO360  +   797d ago
I don't get how third party developers expect the Vita to pick up in sell but don't support it
jcnba28  +   797d ago
Only 4.5 million vitas sold. It wouldn't be worth their while bringing it to vita.
ALLWRONG  +   797d ago
"Do they not want money?"

On a Vita? Because all the money is on smartphones and 3DS, Vita is pretty much a failure.
alexcosborn   798d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
oof46  +   798d ago
Translation: Nintendo has paid us a lot of money to keep the handheld version of Monster Hunter exclusive to the 3DS.
papashango  +   798d ago | Funny
you mean two businesses conducted business?

what a strange concept.
Prodigy-X  +   798d ago
Which means they're still in Nintendo's pocket.
ichimaru  +   797d ago
not necessarily a bad thing too
Prodigy-X  +   797d ago
*Which is really a bad thing too*

ichimaru  +   796d ago
at least monster hunter alive on some platform
Majin-vegeta  +   798d ago
Get rid of the clowns running scamcom.
Foolsjoker  +   798d ago
That franchise really has lost me, I hope another company just capitalizes on a similar styled game using real hardware.
PygmelionHunter  +   798d ago
"using real hardware"
Yeah because MH is known as a franchise that exploits all capabilities of the system it releases on/s
Satirical  +   798d ago
Oh please...you're just being childish and bitter.
beakeroo1  +   798d ago
I actually agree, I was a big fan until Tri, I won't lose sleep over Nintendo keeping it.
YoloSwag  +   798d ago | Well said
Because as soon it's a Nintendo exclusive the quality drops, right? You don't want it anymore, right?
DarkHeroZX  +   797d ago
Lackluster hardware means lackluster software. 3ds HDS has great first party games but that's it.
WildArmed  +   797d ago


So NES didn't have good games?
Gamecube didn't have good games?
Since PS2 was weaker than Xbox, it didn't have good games?
Gameboy color didn't have good games?

There is no correlation between hardware and the quality of the game.
jcnba28   797d ago | Immature | show
gijsbrecht  +   798d ago
That's Okay. We got Soul Sacrifice.
TrendyGamers  +   798d ago
Yep, can't wait!
jcnba28  +   797d ago
ftwrthtx  +   798d ago
Sony needs to pay them more to bring it to the Vita
Reborn  +   798d ago
They made a lot from PSP days.

It's just Nintendo have probably given them an offer they don't want to refuse. Comes down to money at the end of the day, 90% of the time any ways.
Soldierone  +   798d ago
Who cares, we got games like Soul Sacrifice. Sony will just find the perfect alternative, and Capcom will come begging for money.
Hanso  +   798d ago
meh Soul Sacrifice is much better anyway
PFFT  +   798d ago
Is it?? Great game no doubt BUT better....mmmmmmmm no not really.
Dan_scruggs  +   798d ago
The game isn't even out in the US yet. How can you say its better if you haven't played it?
Soldierone  +   798d ago
It's been out in Japan and you can import. Let alone the demo lets you play long enough to get the full idea of the entire game.
GloriousBagel  +   798d ago
@Soldierone I got more hours of Soul Sacrifice in than in a campaign of CoD.
Count  +   798d ago
Can't blame Capcom for wanting to be where the money is.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   798d ago
theres more than enough alternatives.
dbjj12088  +   798d ago
Well that's a monster of a problem.
TheGamingArt  +   798d ago
It's a backslash to their fanbase (that's not like Capcom at all right?)
Sharius  +   798d ago
ah.... 4 more day for souls sacrifice, and this game will last me to June then.... bam... the last of us.... beyond two soul and maybe few more 3rd party game (dark souls 2 i look at you).... oh well, capcom can keep their belove MH
Shadow Man  +   798d ago
the only game that could save the psvita in Japan is no show
Roper316  +   798d ago
Even if Crapcom were I wouldn't buy their incomplete game anyways. When was the last time the released a full fledge title that didn't have alot of content locked away? 1 of their games you even had to pay extra for the true ending! GTFO with that BS Crapcom!
Neko_Mega  +   798d ago
Wonder if this means they are making one for PS4 then?
Rushing_Punch  +   798d ago
It's ok. The last game really wasn't so great. For those that are upset about the lack of Monster Hunter, they should check out Ragnarok Odyssey
Kantankoras  +   798d ago
I'd agree, but that game is a bit more anime-y and even more PSO. It's not bad though, I did enjoy the demo.
TongkatAli  +   798d ago
Didn't buy Monster Hunter games on my PSP or Wii U so, yeah : /
crazysammy  +   798d ago
I love Monster Hunter, and as much as I want a Vita and PS3/4 version, the blame here really falls on Sony. Capcom is upset how they handled the Ad Hoc party / Online situation and when Sony refused to fix it they moved on. It would no longer be a problem but there is some bad blood there.
Gerchi-san  +   798d ago
I'm curious. What happened back then?

I always assumed they just went with Nintendo because that way, they could cash in on the large fanbase, while keeping the development costs as close to the PS2 era as possible.
Kantankoras  +   798d ago
I don't understand, what was this debacle? PSPs are full capable of infrastructure and ad-hoc multiplayer, so why did Capcom not capitalize on that?

Sony developed software to allow games that play on ad-hoc to play worldwide with Ad Hoc Party.

What was this argument they had?
Soldierone  +   798d ago
Sony pretty much fixed every issue every developer had with the PSP with the Vita, so the argument makes no sense.

The "bad blood" is simply "Nintendo paid us more" and nothing else.
crazysammy  +   798d ago
Basically, Portable 3rd didn't work on Ad Hoc Party without a massive update that only Japan got. P3rd HD used Ad Hoc Party for it's online play as well. Sony also requires all PS3 releases to have trophies in the US, on top of that, which Capcom didn't want to add.

Capcom wanted Sony to pay for these required changes and Sony refused.

This is the "bad blood" I speak of. Its of course not "confirmed" and its all dev speak here and there but this seems to be the main reason for the falling out. Then Nintendo stepped up with a bag of money and Capcom happily took it.
HexxedAvenger  +   798d ago
Aww, well this completely sucks. :-/ oh capcom, why have you let all these eager vita owners down like that. Looks like soul sacrifice will make up for it. At least I don't have to wait for a vita mh.
Rezka  +   798d ago
When Soul sacrifice releases we are all gonna be like "wtf is monster hunter again"
crazysammy  +   797d ago
Soul Sacrifice is awesome, but it is no MH killer.
strickers  +   798d ago
And Capcom wonder why they are failing . The day they moved away from the PS fanbase, is the day they lost me. Nintendo and MS exclusives and weakest support on PS. Struggling more than ever. Duh! I wonder what they got wrong?
imXify  +   798d ago
What's wrong with you Capcom ?

Aceman18  +   798d ago
wow even with the bigger user base the Wii and 3DS numbers don't even come close to the PSP numbers.

Capcom has lost my complete respect.
Kantankoras  +   798d ago
Good to know, considering MHFU is my most played game on my Vita.

Fucking Capcom has no idea what they're doing, and how great of a game MH could be if they weren't rereleasing the same game with the same shoddy graphics and systems and issues on the same run of the mill platforms.
Harkins1721  +   798d ago
WOW! Im surprised they said at the moment. Instead of clear out NO
despair  +   798d ago
how much would the Community Specialist of Capcom USA know about the development of a PSV monster hunter? Not attacking anyone, I actually would like to know because the article says CAPCOM said it but it was this guy on a forum post, which is odd.
e-p-ayeaH  +   798d ago
"facepalm" capcom you used to be smart before this current gen started.
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