Insight on Xbox 360 Supply Problems, Larger Hard Drive and Movies

Via blog.seattlepi:

"The biggest issue that I've had with the idea if paying for downloading movies rentals via the Xbox Live Marketplace is that they are competing with "gray market" p2p sources of digital movies such as BitTorrent. That and the fact that I don't have enough space left on my 20 gig Xbox 360 hard drive and I get a lot of movies off Netflix. But Microsoft's biggest competition for digital movie distribution on Xbox Live is not Sony but BitTorrent."

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TriggerHappy3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I can see the larger hard driver rumor coming through somewhere along the line.

iAmPS33720d ago

They are releasing a new SKU for sure.

With all the 360's piling up on the repair shop they announced a new SKU to solve the shortage problem.

It's going to be a top seller cause I know BOTS buy anything from Nazisoft.

doodle3720d ago

X360 is now fully finished in europe with the launch of GT5P

It is over in USA too MS

Nothing will help you. No one wants that RROD BOX 3 FIX ME anymore

Z F1GHT3RS3720d ago

with a 60 gig hard drive as the norm. or is it a new sku

uxo223720d ago

Although I agree that bittorent/psp will compete with downloadable movies, it's kind of a pointless point. Simply because BT competes with all movie formats; Downloadable or otherwise. Most people with access to HD movies via "free" psp download would do so rather than pay for it.

As for the HD size I totally agree, MS needs to either release the pro system with a larger HD or reduce the 120g drive by 50%. I will not buy the 120 drive for the price that is currently at.

vagina3720d ago

its not psp its p2p as in peer to peer. the psp has nothing to do with anything here.

Panthers3720d ago

lol ya he was confusing me