MCV Feature: UK February Charts analysis

MCV writes: "February is usually a quiet month in games – but not this year, with the likes of Devil May Cry 4, Turok and Mario and Sonic falling into consumer hands. Christopher Dring takes a look.

"If you look at the Total Software by Label/Company charts you will see that there is a disparity between the units sold by Nintendo and the value this month.

"The reason behind this difference is partly due to Wii Play. Wii Play always shifts a lot of units (All Formats number three in February), however, we split the controller and game up when working out the value, with the remote retaining its full price."

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mighty_douche3539d ago

PS3 is shifting a hell of a lot of software!!

Harry1903539d ago

as long as everyone is fine.

doodle3539d ago

I think PS3 is around 1.5 million units in UK vs 1.8/1.9 for x360

However GT5P marks the end of x360 in UK and europe


Wii - 21.3%
DS - 19.8%
Xbox 360 - 18.4%
PS3 - 17.1%
PC - 15.2%
PS2 - 4.1%
PSP - 3.8%
Mac - 0.3%


Wii - 21.3%
Xbox 360 - 19.9%
PS3 - 19.6%
PC - 17.6%
DS - 15.1%
PS2 - 3.1%
PSP - 2.8%
Mac - 0.6%

Over 1m preorders for GT5P already in EUROPE ALONE. so i believe console war is over on march 28th in europe. It is OVER for x360 atleast