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Submitted by Sandmano 946d ago | article

Applauding Nintendo for Stepping Off Center Stage

Tom Mc Shea praises Nintendo for calling off its E3 press conference and urges other companies to follow suit. (E3, Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

Sandmano  +   946d ago
LMAO!! At the pic! xD

Anyway I love the anticipation leading up to e3 and the hype before conferences so Im against stopping the conferences.

E3 is the world cup for gamers so why shouldnt Sony and MS present? Would take alot away from e3.
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Agent Smith  +   946d ago
Dear god. Reggie should've kept the hair.
onyoursistersback  +   946d ago
LMAF!!!! hardly use "LMAF"
My Body Is Reggie...
adorie  +   946d ago
I want to know why Reggies Chin is wet. Notice that too, anyone?
jsslifelike  +   945d ago
Actually, this smacks of elitist games press feeling a bit butthurt that Nintendo doesn't think enough of them to herd them all into a gigantic theater and make them feel like they're important. So, they write a few articles about how wrong the decision is and... BOOM! The entire gaming internet decides to follow suit because they spend 90% of their conversations parroting what they heard someone who they deem to be of high repute in the "media" say instead of rationally forming an opinion that they could call their own.

Kudos, Mr. McShea- I applaud you.
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HammadTheBeast  +   946d ago
Looks like it's E2 now...

Also, this isn't a good thing, missing out on doing something at arguably the biggest gaming event of the year does nothing for publicity or advertising. The whole month after E3 will be dedicated to what was shown in there, so I believe this is a mistake on Nintendo's part.
Stroke666  +   946d ago
they are doing something just not the largescale press conference like usual
Abriael  +   946d ago
Some people applaud Nintendo for all sorts of weird stuff...
LOL_WUT  +   946d ago
The people at Nintendo are delusional if they think Nintendo Directs are going to reach out to the masses like E3 does. ;)
Stroke666  +   946d ago
@lol_wut... thats probably why they are still doing smaller events at e3
bullymangLer  +   946d ago
yyyeahhhhh yep and the rest will follow.

Sony and microsoft soon to have little "Directs" of their own, or they will step it up like Nintendo, like a boss.
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chrismichaels04  +   946d ago
Further proof Tom McShea from doesn't know what he's talking about.
Stroke666  +   946d ago
nintendo is still gonna be there, and the author isn't saying everyone shouldn't. he is just stating that all the fluff that has become the majority of the press conferences can be done without. I mean its true in a way look at last years e3 it sucked for all 3 bigwigs. having the smAaller events at e3 will help keep focus where it belongs
chadwarden  +   946d ago
Reggie got DAT SWAG
noirzillagamer  +   946d ago
This pic of reggie is prolly the real deal seeing that he is of Haitian blood on both sides.
jsslifelike  +   945d ago
LMAO at pic

Laughing My Afro Off
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Persistantthug  +   945d ago
I wonder if another company takes their place next year...
Will you still be applauding Nintendo?
Blackdeath_663  +   945d ago
agreed i like E3 because it encourages competition between companies as they reveal their biggest projects at the same time so gamers can see which company brought the most to the table. this year however that has already been broken since sony jumped the gun and announced at their own conference and Ms to do the same at the 21st this has changed next gen reveals into a massive strategy game between the companies. nintendo was wise to do their own thing too since they won't benefit from going up against sony and MS in any way. they released their console in their own time so it makes sense that they do their big reveals in their own time too rather than at E3. i have yet to decide whether its better for all companies to reveal at the same time or to do it separately like this year but i have to say so far im enjoying it.
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Wenis  +   946d ago
Looks like my body won't be ready this year...
Root  +   946d ago
" and urges other companies to follow suit " mean don't do a presentation at one of the biggest game conferences of the entire year which will get whatever you show off so much exposure

Yeah if you say so...
from the beach  +   946d ago
Do their own versions of Nintendo Direct.

Microsoft's could be called Direct Xbox, I don't think that name has been used for anything previously..
Root  +   946d ago
Direct shows for E3....I'd rather just have a massive conference to be honest

I mean smaller shows arn't going to get much exposure and Nintendo need the exposure at the minute for the Wii U. Doing a smaller show isn't going to turn many heads when all gaming sites will be reporting on Microsofts and Sonys next gen consoles
kneon  +   946d ago
But nobady who isn't already interested in Nintendo will ever watch Nintendo direct. In fact few people even know what it is. It would be no better if Sony or Microsoft did their own versions.

This approach is fine for keeping the fans informed but it does nothing to bring in new customers.
diddybeats  +   946d ago
@kneon All of the big games websites have had articles on the Nintendo directs so far so why would that change? If anything this gives Nintendo more control. Their slot was on the last day I believe after the other two. Now for example they could have a Nintendo direct right after the Sony Press conference and then another right after the Microsoft one. I personally don't think they will go head to head like this but what it gives them is control over how and when their news is broken rather than putting it all out in one press conference.
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kneon  +   946d ago

Normal people don't go to gaming web sites so it doesn't matter if they cover the Nintendo directs. We're not normal, we already know what's going on, what's coming and where to go to find out when we don't know.
Dubaman  +   946d ago
First off, im pissed that their won't be a traditional conference because the Nintendo stage shows have become something special at E3. Especially over the past decade or so when they started having fun with them and really putting on an entertaining show. My body is ready, Zelda E3 2004 and the recent Legend of Zelda Orchestra are now legends of the show. Even more so when compared to "Riiiidge racer" and "fist bump"...still, those kids make me cringe.
The anticipation and participation in the show are great moments for gamers and they will be sorely missed.

Saying all that though, i can see where Nintendo are coming from. Having an hour and a half to satisfy investors, developers and fans is a tall order. The cost of the conference alone must cost a pretty penny so using that money in more direct ways of getting different messages across, to different people, could be hugely beneficial. They could do all the developers and investors talks behind closed doors, yeah its interesting to know but when it comes to E3 all we really care about are the games. So let them use the resources they have to show case just the games. Imagine all that floor space and money devoted to showcasing JUST the games. The trailers, announcements, shock surprises and hands on reviews, all available through 1 source...Nintendo Direct. I imagine that some people may not be around to watch a live show..but take your 3DS with you, go into somewhere with a wifi signal and you can get all the info you want, Obviously you'll have other sites giving their impressions and thats just the bonus. You get information about the games as and when its there, maybe even sooner because no one knows exactly what Nintendo have planned. This could be the start of something new and brilliant in way of distributing information through an established source. Or it could completely kill all hype and momentum for the WiiU and Nintendo in general.

Sony and MS have to bring the guns out to compete with eachother but also to compete against something completely new in terms of 'putting on a show'. It wil be a shame to miss the spectacle of a Nintendo Conference, done right though and this could be their way of stealing the show. All i know is that i've booked the week off work to find out and see. Never underestimate the BigN.
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Sandmano  +   946d ago
If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen...

@below lol funny coincidence I meant when you said "having an hour and a half to satisfy investors, developers and fans is a tall order"

Lol "tall older" I believe you work in a kitchen now :P
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Dubaman  +   946d ago
It must be me as i actually do work in a kitchen and its tiring but..I'm....i'm not really sure what you mean..
Kte  +   946d ago
Nintendo messed up by releasing the Wii U too damn early. If they would have stayed focus on that instead of the console wars, they actually would have been pretty damn decent right now.
Dubaman  +   946d ago
Well when would have been the right time to release it the WiiU? I think we all knew they wasn't going to be in the "specs war" when compared to MS and Sony but they do have a foothold in the door. They have 3Million+ systems already out in the world and though its having its problems, its still a great system. When PS4 and Xbox release they'll have their teething issues too. When the X360 released it couldn't even display in 1080p without a patch and we all know how the PS3 started out.

While SONY and MS are showing off their consoles and talking about the specs and launch games, Nintendo will be showing off just the games. That's all it has to concentrate on and thats all WiiU gamers need to hear because we already have our systems. Around the time of E3 we'll have another system update improving and adding features. We'll have a system that is out of its teething phase, with big games being released and momentum growing, because it will. All the WiiU needs is games and they're coming, well before any other competing franchises. I guess that's a benefit of 'going early', though as we've seen, it comes with risks too.
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kneon  +   946d ago
Actually I think they were a year too late. Had they launched a year earlier they would have had the time to build up their install base with less distractions from upcoming next gen consoles.

But the Wii sales dropping like a rock caught them off guard so they weren't ready.
Kte  +   946d ago
The thing is, sony has more hired minds then Nintendo seeing as they have that much money. But if you think about, look how the next gen consoles are coming out later this year..and then think about how things would have turned for Nintendo if they did the same.. They could have had all the time to not only increase the crappy performance of the Wii U, but also take care of the bugs it comes with, as well as make better launch titles. The Wii U has the power to hold two screen controllers, yet they only made it so that it's 1 per console. If they would have changed that, and the launch titles, they would have more people/money falling in their hands. But nooooo Regie had to come in thinking if he released the Wii u early, it would shut MS and SNY up.
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kirbyu  +   946d ago
I've never really been bugged by the things that aren't game announcements that happen at E3 conferences.
juggulator  +   946d ago
They have nothing to show and PS4 and the next Xbox will easily overshadow anything Nintendo announces.
mafiahajeri   946d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
kirbyu  +   946d ago
Nothing to show?

(see above)
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jcnba28  +   946d ago
You're absolutely right, they have nothing to show at E3...

- Mario Kart

- Wind Waker Remake

- Bayonetta 2

- Super Mario Galaxy 3 (or whatever it's going to be called)

- Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

- Pikmin 3

- Wonderful 101

- Xenoblade 2

- Super Smash Bros 4

- Retro Studio's unannounced game (Starfox/Metroid/new IP)

- Zelda Wii U (trailer/screenshots)
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LOL_WUT  +   946d ago
Super Mario Galaxy 3? Please no, i'd rather they make Mario sunshine 2 instead.
howardwhite28   946d ago | Spam
Qrphe  +   946d ago
It's sad, but knowing Nintendo, if they were to have an E3 presentation, they'd waste 30 minutes on Pikmin 3 this year instead of new games.
OwlEyes  +   946d ago
Exactly. This has been a long time coming. Look at how they unveiled the 3DS XL - two weeks after E3 in a Direct.

Nintendo has embraced the online age while the other two companies are partying like it's 1995. E3 is now last gen.
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Twisted_H3art  +   946d ago
"E3 is now last gen" lol how long have you been gaming don't try to spin it .
swice  +   946d ago
"E3 is now last gen"

howardwhite28   946d ago | Spam
PirateThom  +   946d ago
Here's the issue.

No one, outside of Nintendo's fanbase, cares about Nintendo Directs. I am not going to sit down and watch a man holding bananas and pretend to care.

A press conference, if Nintendo would do one properly unlike the last few years where it was all crap, works well, especially since you're going to get exposure.
OwlEyes  +   946d ago
The very fact you're aware of Iwata staring at bananas despite never watching a Direct shows that the information gets out.
PirateThom  +   946d ago
Yeah, but I don't know the reason or context.

I think that is a problem.
JeepGamer  +   946d ago
Nintendo has nothing to show and that's the only reason they are not taking the stage.
gameonbro   946d ago | Spam
HonestDragon  +   946d ago
So, he doesn't want companies to show what they have planned for the upcoming year at one of the biggest electronic expos? What sense does that make? It's not like as if he's being forced to watch it. If he finds it trivial, then that's his opinion, but many of us like watching the conferences. We happen to like being informed about what's new and upcoming in the industry.
Picnic  +   946d ago
There is something increasingly sad about caring what Nintendo are doing next.

This is the company that decided to release Luigi's Mansion : Dark Moon on the 3Ds rather than the WiiU.

The company that seems so committed to handhelds rather than their 'major' console that they even give their major console a giant handheld as a controller.

The future of Nintendo is probably that it will be all about handhelds - that you can connect to your TV if you want.

Nintendo were never properly cool , not like Sega were. Who made the N64 cool? Rare mainly. Who made the Gamecube cool? Retro Studios and Capcom mainly. Nintendo are still that same conservative playing cards company under it all. That may suit the Japanese well but it's consigning them to a museum piece to me. Frankly, Nintendo deserve for the WiiU to fail at the moment.

Those who continue to love everything that Nintendo does are probably living in some Super Monkey Ball hermetically sealed infantilistic bubble where it's still exciting to see the next Mario Kart.
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commander  +   946d ago

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