Why the Next Xbox’s Low Expectations Only Help Microsoft

"We will finally get some details about Microsoft’s next Xbox console, which has been codenamed Durango but called everything from simply “Xbox” to “Xbox 720” by many gamers who have simply been looking for a name for the damned thing." | Explosion

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GalacticEmpire1820d ago ShowReplies(3)
Godmars2901820d ago

How is, "it works when I turn it on and put in a game" a low expectation?

Right now people are screaming that they wont even look at the thing if it technically bricks whenever a used game in put in it or it loses an internet connection. This should not even be a point of discussion much the rumor the lingering rumor that's it become.

And if its the other rumor, that MS is only using the first to diminish the PS4 in the public limelight, such exploitation does not speak well of healthy business practices.

smashcrashbash1820d ago

I agree. People keep saying that nonsense that Microsoft is using the negative things against it to get itself into the limelight.That is idiotic. Negative publicity only works for people not products. If I say my product is riddled with diseases to get everyone's attention and then tell them it isn't true what kind of attention is that. I mean I know people like to spin things but that is really stupid. You diminished all the good things that are being said about the PS4 by let negative things be said about the next Xbox? I did business and I never read or saw that technique anywhere.That sounds like something a fanboy would do. It's strange when the PS4 was getting it's lumps no one saw it as an advantage but somehow can turn it into an advantage for Microsoft.

Godmars2901820d ago

The only good negative publicity towards Xbox3 is doing is for the PS4. Everyone's too focused on what MS may likely do wrong with their unannounced system and not asking what might be wrong with what Sony's already revealed about theirs.

Now when Ms finally does show off it off, people are going to be looking for flaws, where Sony may just get away from the same by mentioning additional features.

MS will have their cable box, but if they don't have new IPs, new IPs that aren't tied to Kinect with its presentations not being as overly staged as ones prior, at the very least they're not going to get an honest homerun out of things where Sony might.

MonkeyNinja1820d ago

100% of your comment runs through my head every time someone tries to say that all of this bad publicity is good.

+ Well said

StrongMan1820d ago

This makes sense. Nobody is expecting much from MS with the 720 so this leaves room for MS to impress a few people even if they put on an underwhelming E3 like the past 5 years. MS would shock the world if they stop renting out free apps through XBL but we know that won't happen.

Count1820d ago

Underwhelming E3 for the past 5 years. Well, aren't you generous? Just short of saying they had underwhelming E3 ever since the release of the 360.

yesmynameissumo1820d ago

Past 5yrs is a ridiculous stretch. 2yrs, maybe even 3. I won't be shocked if their reveal is similar to their E3s. A few exclusives, tons multiplatform games, and then Nike and Pizza Ordering.

Drummerdude411820d ago

In my personal opinion low expectations are never a good thing. It's never good to be held to a lower standard than one can achieve regardless of business or the idea that by pushing expectations lower a standard becomes greater. Not saying the next xbox is gonna be bad i just don't agree with this perspective.

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