Huge Tomb Raider Bundle Discount and a additional free game – Hurry to get your copy

You only have a limited time to take advantage of this huge discount so hurry.

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lilbrat231852d ago

What additional FREE game?

guitarded771852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Quantum Conundrum.

I had my $10 voucher from spending $50 last month, so I scored it for $15 with the PS+ discount.

zeee1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I haven't played the game so far but I liked the trailers. Sadly, I haven't had the time to see the actual gameplay videos or read in-depth reviews.

Have any of you guys/gals played Tomb Raider? How do you rate this game?

I believe this game is fairly new to be getting these "deals". I know it didn't sell as well as SE expected but are the sales that low?

I remember seeing similar deals ($19.99 on for Resident Evil 6 with in 2 months of launch! I could understand that because RE6 sucked! Sucked real bad!

TopDudeMan1851d ago

I got tomb raider on green man gaming at the weekend for 20 bucks on steam with a promo code from kotaku. I thought that was a pretty decent deal.

lex-10201851d ago

It's a really great single player but sadly the multiplayer just inst enough to hold someone over after the beat the game.

f7897901852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Since their website had issues.....

PSN - $30 - until Monday

kreate1852d ago

Still too much for a digital version.

WeAreLegion1852d ago

I can't even begin to comprehend your reasons for this...

NukaCola1852d ago

Its $30 with DLC and PSN game. It was a good deal.

chcolatesnw1852d ago

PC version on GMG for 20$. 24$ after sale plus 20% additional off.
PC Master race ftw

cyclonus0071852d ago

Does that deal include Quantum Conundrum like this one does?

chcolatesnw1852d ago

who doesn't have that yet.
and for 27$ you can get entire tomb raider collection which beats this combo anyway.

TrailerParkSupervisr1852d ago

Gotta say, Quantum Conundrum is awesome. Makes me feign for a new Portal....

-MD-1852d ago

$30 for Tomb Raider on consoles or $18 on PC. Tough choice.

Quantum Conundrum is regularly on sale these days for less than $4.

BuryYourHead7071852d ago

Lol too bad GMG is sold out of copies :]
I love PC gaming, but I hate PC gamers.... :/

Can some of you console guys get a PC pleeeeeeasssseeeeeee??? lol

cruncher_201852d ago

Console version 29$

PC version = 20$ + THE F**** PC...

What if I don't play on my computer ? Can I enjoy a great console deal without reading comments on how cheaper stuff are on PC... Just buy it and play on your PC.

Anyway I don't even believe that you buy your game... You probably hack them and worst you are probably proud of it.

SlapHappyJesus1852d ago

So, you can argue that the deals we get for pc helps even out the price a bit, no?
Sure. We pay more for our systems. A lot more. Gaming is a luxury in itself. PC gaming doubly so.
You pay for luxury.

cruncher_201852d ago

I have nothing against PC games... I would like to have a good PC for gaming myself. I just don't like people that come on a PS3 article to troll about PC games...

I mean it is not like it is something new... PC games have always been cheaper. That said, I don't think that the price of one affect the other because even if there is an overlap, people are PC gamer or console gamer.

Still, 30$ for Tomb raider on console at this point it is a good deal. Nothing more to add.

sdozzo1852d ago

You Can't Sell It Back. No Deal.

jwk941852d ago

This was posted last week, how did this get approved?

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