Yahoo's "Unlimited" Email Hits Its Limit

From Washington Journal:

"We hate to pile on to Yahoo, what with Microsoft making its unwanted advances. But a recent near-death experience with Yahoo Mail deserves some comment.

Like many other cubicle dwellers saddled with slow-poke corporate Microsoft Outlook email, we regularly forward our regular work mail to an outside account. Yahoo Mail has been our choice, liking as we do its clean, Outlook-like interface. We happily even pay $19.99 a year for the "Plus" version service. And since last summer, it's offered unlimited storage ("Never delete another email!" it said), which we considered icing on the cake."

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TriggerHappy3722d ago

Things are looking really bleak for Yahoo...tick..tock...Microsoft is also watching like a hawk waiting for every opportunity to swoop them.

Karebear3722d ago

Yahoo is going to go the way of AOL eventually.

Pain3722d ago

You do Recall that Yahoo~ Dose NOT Like MS and would rather Apple or another buys them?

Skerj3722d ago

Why people don't stick to GMail is beyond me, it's been 4 years and I haven't thought about using anything else. I also forward my Outlook email to it.

Tarmgar3722d ago

Ew, GMail. My outlook is connected to my ISP. As for Yahoo, I hardly keep any mail in there. I check it daily.