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Jak & Daxter Collection PlayStation Vita System Bundle Listed by Amazon France

So far, Amazon France has given us information about two currently unconfirmed PlayStation bundles - The Last of Us PS3 and a Soul Sacrifice PlayStation Vita bundle. - PSLS (Jak and Daxter HD Collection, PS Vita)

Wedge19  +   944d ago
This would be a great way to help get the Vita out there a little bit more.
TrendyGamers  +   944d ago
Please include an 8GB (or higher) memory card with this one.
alexcosborn  +   944d ago
Cool dude! This is awfully tempting.
majiebeast  +   944d ago
If they add 3 months of free PS+ you cant ignore and you know it;)
dbjj12088  +   944d ago
My launch vita is still holding up. I wonder if they'll have a Vita redesign soon.
boybato  +   944d ago
Can't really think off ways on how to further improve the hardware other than removing some non- essential features. (eg. 3G, back touchpad - though there are a lot of games that utilizes that feature.)
fredrikpedersen  +   944d ago
I thought this was confirmed already.

Quick search yielded this http://blog.eu.playstation....
Rockefellow  +   944d ago
I was confused about this at first too, but they're simply reporting on a Vita bundle, not the game itself. A rather droll thing to write about, but whatever.
Snookies12  +   944d ago
This isn't just about the game though, it's about the game bundled with a Vita system. :]
fredrikpedersen  +   944d ago
I understand, my bad!
knifefight  +   944d ago
I've seen screens of a Soul Sac bundle with the physical game and no mem card, but like anything online, it could be doctored....
Shawtymann  +   944d ago
am I the only one who plays the Vita more than the PS3? I love the indie games on it. I think Sony should make that the focal point of the system

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