Ben Heck revised one-handed Xbox 360 controller mod

Benjamin Heckendorn aka Ben Heck has revised and updated his custom one-handed Xbox 360 controller, i.e., a controller that can be played with one hand. The revised version features a more ergonomic grip that's easier to wield and a swiveling trigger area to accommodate diverse finger dimensions, among other tweaks. Those interested in checking out how this mod works may visit Ben Heck's site via the source link below.

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YoMeViet3688d ago

lol that sure is ugly, wonder how it works in FPS games though. If you can beat ppl online with that controller you are truely pro.

vitz33688d ago

To play DOA4 & DOAXBV2 right? That pervert Itagaki would love this controller.

DanAmrich3688d ago

It's my understanding that the original one-handed controller was built for a returning war veteran who had lost the use of one of his hands/arms, but still wanted to play Xbox 360.

Robearboy3688d ago

Do you think it will take before some moron mentions rrod on this article?

iAmPS33688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I feel bad about saying this, but it's my civil duty, so here it goes:

This device is 18+ only and I know why they want users to buy the one-handed controller for the X360, the poor slaves will need one hand free for their new title:

StuffRokz3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

you are a sad excuse for a gamer. seriously. it's sad to see someone stoop that low to attack xbox 360 owners. sad, sad, sad...

edit: upon further review, what i said applies to most of the people in the open zone. it's a shame people just cant enjoy their own system and games and leave those who prefer others well enough alone.

iAmPS33688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I am not attacking 360 users or gamers, I am attacking the XTARDs/XBOTS/PIGS. The same people that few months ago crowded this website with hate messages toward ANY PS3 owner.

If your not a XTARD or XBOT chill out and come back to Gamer Zone, I was not referring to you. Now, all of this is supposed to be a joke, so don't take it personally ok?

We are crazy competitive, argumentative people and we have fun by competing, thats about it.

Have a nice day and May Sony Gods Bless Us All!!!

StuffRokz3688d ago

ah ok. just making sure, i've seen people launching verbal attacks on people who simply owned an xbox 360, and since i do own one, i get somewhat irked by such statements. however i can't deny the actions of xbox fanboys, since they piss me off just as much. and as a final statement, i must say i have my eyes locked on that MGS4 PS3 bundle. a hell of a game to enter into the realm of the PS3.

iAmPS33688d ago

I appreciate your honest opinion and you will be a very welcomed member of the PS3 community.

May Sony Gods Bless Us All!!!

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Bleucrunch3688d ago


iAmPS33688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Solid, with all these "exciting" news you better what your back with all these BOTS trolling this site.
They might be looking for your "Snake"!!!!!

I wouldn't crouch too much if I were you.

Take care my brave Sony soldier!!!

rofldings3688d ago

The scoundrel used a PLAYSTATION D-Pad.

SUP3R3688d ago

I said the same thing lol.
I thought the xbots claimed their controller was 'supreme'?
If that was true then use your own damn d-pad xbots!

Goodfella783688d ago

just to make your premonition come true[listen] this device is the first of its kind,the one handed controller that all 360 owners cant do without,never again will you be caught with your 360 pants down because this the one handed controller is perfect for keeping your other hand free for fanning the flames of your ill fated console just before it REDRINGS[LAUGHS] so buy today and save yourself and possibly your family the chances of a certain death of 360 fire/.and for all the single 360 guys out there, we know there is many,well you too could beneft from the one handed controller,simply put if your gaming on your flaming 360 and get bored of that boring linear gamplay then why not use that free hand to tug one off at the thoughts of the mgs4 exclusive and many many more you will never see.peace out .....

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