Why would Nintendo opt out of E3 this year?

It’s obvious the average consumer doesn’t understand that the Wii U is more than just a fancy controller for the Wii. Yet this year, Nintendo has opted out of putting on a big E3 press conference. WHY?

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Abash1790d ago

I think it has to do with the big elephant in the room that would have to be addressed, the poor Wii U sales. In a televised event, I doubt Nintendo wanted to apologize and point out that the Wii U is doing a lot worse than they expected

cl19831790d ago

I wonder if its not a bigger economic issue. I don't know how much a conference/theater room cost, but if there isn't the big wow potential it's just a waist of money and time.

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admiralvic1790d ago

a rep at a game company (won't name names) told me a small booth at E3 cost 100,000, so it would be FAR from cheap, but E3 would give you a lot of bang for your buck. Especially if they showed off new things like Bayonetta 2 gameplay (we still know nothing), Super Smash Bros U and Mario Kart U.

jimbobwahey1790d ago

I think it's because Nintendo simply doesn't have anything to show. Their big release for 2013 is a rerelease of a GameCube game, which says it all really, there's just no games to show off so why hold a conference? They can't dedicate an hour to showing one game and begging people yet again to please be more patient.

I just feel sorry for Wii U owners, spending all that cash for the console and Nintendo isn't supporting it. Even their more recent Nintendo Direct was showing off quick and easy updates of old SNES games for the 3DS.

Nintendo is swimming in money and could easily spend some of it to increase the size of their development studios and get games finished quicker and out more regularly, but they simply don't care about their customers enough to do so.

They're gonna keep drip-feeding their customers the same games they've been buying for decades now.

I'm glad to see that the utterly abysmal sales of the Wii U show that people are wising up to Nintendo's tactics though, and aren't falling for their tricks.

7uff11790d ago

Yeah, maybe, just maybe they're preparing for a price cut, that's what made 3DS' sales increase drastically, but I think if there is price cut involved, it will be by the end of the year.

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AngelicIceDiamond1790d ago

Like I said before E3 won't feel right with Nintendo missing.

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jcnba281790d ago

You do know they will still be there right?

chadboban1790d ago

Why are people acting like they're not gonna be there?

They're still gonna be there and they will still be making announcements. As far as how they will be presenting their announcements, I'm not quite sure. But they will be there.

I will wait and see how this all plays out though. Regardless I'm still quite excited to see what all the companies show off.

LOL_WUT1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

That would be a really dumb move by Nintendo to bow out of an entire conference just because they didn't feel the need to apologize. That didn't stop Sony from making their E3 conference when the PS3 got hacked, which btw was more difficult to deal with than a console who's been labeled a flop. ;)

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pat_11_51790d ago

I think it could have been their chance to bounce back and say screw you. It's a shame they opted out.

esemce1790d ago

They can't just bounce back if they have nothing really good to show people, You think if they had many great exclusives coming out this year they would not want the whole world to see?

If MS and Sony cannot do a worldwide console release this Xmas than that would of been a perfect time for the WiiU to pickup more sales especially if they cut the price slightly.

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danny8181790d ago

They prolly have a handfull of games only grom western developers and they think its a waste of time. Nintendo is really dropping the ball if they think people other than their fans take time off their day to watch nintendo direct

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admiralvic1790d ago

If I were take a swing, I would assume the Nintendo Direct that happened recently would have been their E3 showing (though obviously more information would have been given if they did it there). Nintendo probably assumed they wouldn't get as much attention with the PS4 being announced and Xbox suspected (at the time) to be announced there. I mean a new Link to the past / Earthbound on the Wii U is awesome news, but it wouldn't compare to the interest of the new console announcements.

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