Why PSN online gameplay should remain free on Playstation 4

Bubblews: "Sony has been silent as to whether or not the PSN online gameplay should remain free for the Playstation 4. Although making gamers play a price in order to play online will no doubt help the company financially in the short term, it may also hurt them in the long run."

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Jaqen_Hghar1882d ago

It will along with cross game chat and sharing (since it's on the controller), but streaming, spectating, and taking control is going to be on + for the same $50 fee along with all the current benefits. At least that's what a man would do.

stage881882d ago

Although I agree, why do you keep talking in the third person?

Jaqen_Hghar1882d ago

A man assumes a user doesn't watch Game of Thrones or read A Song of Ice and Fire?

sikbeta1882d ago

PSN must be free first because it's Sony's bullet point and way to compete against XBL because it's not on par with MS online platform

neoMAXMLC1882d ago


Lol The social aspects of the PS Vita put Xbox Live to shame.

All these XBL is still teh bestest comments make me chuckle. You're paying for an online service that a freaggin' HANDHELD can match at NO COST. The PS4 will no doubt curb stomp the current XBL to the ground

RTheRebel1882d ago

If a man keeps talking like that I will spoil the show ;)

Capt-FuzzyPants1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Please don't. I don't have enough time to read through the books.

I don't see why they would add a subscription. If they make enough profits off of Plus anyway. Having free service is one of the most attractive things about the PS3 compared to the 360.

Jaqen_Hghar1882d ago

do your worst! A man has already gotten up to date on the books!

KwietStorm1882d ago

Is there some intrinsic reason you post every day with this "A man.. Blah blah?"

--Onilink--1882d ago

thats how that character speaks in A Song of Ice and Fire(Game of Thrones)

M-M1881d ago

Asks why he always talks in 3rd person, replies in 3rd person lol.

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SilverFiz1882d ago

As much as I would love it to be free, I totally understand if they require payment. I doubt they can just give us all those features for free, and Xbox live has proved that people are willing to pay subscriptions.

princejb1341882d ago

xbox live has proved that SOME people are willing to pay subscriptions
i would hate to pay a subscription especially for services i wont use

but if they do decide to charge i would have no choice since xbox most likely is going to charge also

GamerzElite1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Why people pay to XBL? Cause they don't have choice. I invested my money on XBox 360 and to play online i need to pay them, I wish I had another option but..... Don't wanna suggestion to buy a PC or PS3 cause I have both.

BitbyDeath1882d ago

PSN has over 90 million accounts that can access online. (inc PSVita and PSP)

XBL has 46 million as of this year and only about 20 million can play games online.

Why restrict your userbase like that?

thechosenone1882d ago

I think the last count put it at 110 million.

YodaCracker1882d ago

Yet most games have more active online communities on the 360. People are willing to pay for a better service. If Xbox LIVE Gold went free, the quality would almost certainly go down.

--Onilink--1882d ago

the whole "90 million accounts" number is and always has been biased and everyone knows that. Most people who have a PS3 have 2-3 accounts, especially with the way you could share games before

aquamala1881d ago

people have multiple psn accounts to access stores in different regions, and to game share. there's no reason to have multiple xbl accounts.

BitbyDeath1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

'Most people who have a PS3 have 2-3 accounts'

Most people who have a 360 have 2-3 accounts too.
What is your point?

'people have multiple psn accounts to access stores in different regions, and to game share.'

That is just not accurate. That's like saying 360 has more duplicates than PS3 due to banned accounts. Each are only a small portion of the total numbers.

'there's no reason to have multiple xbl accounts'

Family maybe? Brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, kids? Same reason as having multiple accounts on a PS3.

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kma2k1882d ago

As long as i can still play single player games & access my netflix & without having to pay a fee ill be happy. The reason i resent live (yes i own a 360) is because i refuse to pay for this.

yesmynameissumo1882d ago

I really think online gaming will remain free, but they'll off things like streaming, etc. for a subscription.

Jaqen_Hghar1882d ago

exactly what a man said therefore have an "intelligent" bubble.

TheUndertaker851882d ago

Probably linked to the next gen Plus system. Why not though? Streaming so much through the system will obviously up the network usage for Sony. In turn things like no downloads and instant gameplay seems more like a perk to me.

Online gaming, services like Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Amazon, and, and the general network will most likely stay free as rather people like it or not it is a huge advantage for Sony, particularly if they market these factors over Xbox Live. Most people don't like having to pay for their Netflix service & ISP just to be told they have to pay again to use their own ISP & Netflix access. Cross game chat will probably also be free on PS4 since it's already free to use by Vita owners.

Things like instant streaming without a need to download will probably be linked to Plus since it'll be an additional perk of the system. Plus not everybody in the world will be ready to instantly stream in games due to bandwidth caps from ISPs and the fact that not everywhere in the world has higher end networking in place.

To go out on a limb though I could see Sony extending their current cloud save service to non-Plus members, just with a smaller storage space compared to what Plus members have. I'd even wager if they did, they'd sell extended storage space separately so users with bigger needs could get more storage.

stuna11882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

The way I see it Sony will keep psn free to combat Microsft backwards compatibility !

While psn will still be free with the expected ps+ subscription for those who want a little more meat on their bone.

On the other hand Microsoft will probably offer backward compatibility, you'll still be require to purchase Xbox Live to even access the multiplayer portion of any games old or new.

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