VG247: Will Microsoft launch another console?


"It's balls on the block time. Microsoft said it was in the games business for the long haul when it released Xbox at the turn of the Century, famously saying it was in for a 20-year fight. Xbox 360 has peaked and will now decline against its rivals and we must soon see what Microsoft intends to do: it must now either stick to its guns and push ahead with a new hardware launch or admit defeat. Is Microsoft ready to commit more billions on a fight it will almost certainly never win? If 2008 is the year of PS3, with 2009 be the year of 720?"

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Drekken3751d ago


iAmPS33751d ago

Be careful when making a console choice:


How can there be a console war when the opponent is always quitting . And microcrap is not coming out with a new console there coming out with a new upgrade get use to it...

BLUR1113750d ago

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BLUR1113750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

to all ps3 fanboys on this site. comments on this flamewar article others, is not going to so call kill the xbox so give up dorks. funny how so many users are gone lol , use to be a gamersite ohh ah... -DELETED BY MOD.

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kalistyles3751d ago

Its so true. How is MS looking to keep on with a fight that they can not win. The sales are slowing incredibly right now and as I see it the 360 might not go past 30 million before the next console comes out. Yet again selling their consumers short and making them buy another console. By the figures right now, its taken them 2 years and 4 months to sell 17 million. Multiply that by two, thats only 34 million. 2 years from now it will be 2010, in which a new console will come out. If you ask me thats not to good. The hardware now has past its peak in terms of output. Nevermind the faulty hardware which is proven to be terrible. It will always be an up hill battle for MS. They're in a game they can not win, nor will they.

mikeslemonade3751d ago

Not only is there market share pretty weak but they're not making any money. They're still in debt. They have only made 4 profitable quarter s out 28 quarters since the xbox 1 launch.

The Killer3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

u deserve a bubble for ur good post and for seeing what many dont see or see but ignore or see but they cant put it in good words!

MS will never i think reach the world, certainly not japan! while europe r die hard fans of sony products and america loves good and cheap products so they dont care which company it is!! sony will always be on top of its game nintendo have its own audience(wii is different story but still aiming for families and children)

ps3 is aiming for casual, families(not so much so far) and hardcore!!
ps3 this year will represent a lot of big shooting titles which will get more americans audience, and also MGS4,GTA4,LBP,HOME,MS2 etc which attract a wide range of audience!!

360, well.....hhmmmmm... not bad software but most of its games either its on PC or on PS3 so is it worth to buy it and pay for online and put up with the faulty hardware also lagging with LIVE also it cost u yearly 50$?? well thats ur decision, if u think 360 is worth on top of all the point i said then go ahead and buy it!

ps3 is the true next gen console, 360 is an upgrade to xbox with high GPU and CPU capabilities, while ps3 is upgrade in GPU,CPU,HDD,HD(hard drive blue ray),PSN,HOME,wireless,motion sensing,WIFI etc, so u see the big difference from ps2 to ps3 while from xbox to 360 is just in CPU and GPU.

in the end its consumer choice but there are more consumer that think ps3 is better in everything and the DEV's will only follow the consumers.

kevoncox3751d ago

Her idiots,
How can you say they haven't turned a profit. They made 500 million last quarter and 324 the quarter before it.

You do realize that more games buy consoles the cheaper they get right? I think you have it wrong, I don't think sony will make a profit this generation on the PS3. MS is making money hand over fist.
They are making atleast $100 on all consoles sold this gen.

Why has everyone assumed MS has peaked. They still have the best Online experience and are releaseing the best multiplat games on the console. Most developers are still building for the 360 as the development console of choice. Has it's peaked because Sony's main guns are coming out? What happenes after that?

I'll tell you 360 will still hit 199.99 before the ps3 and that is the most important #. 360 sales aren't declining considering they are moving 200K units a month.

The Killer3751d ago

wat u said is partly true but u failed in some points!
MS did make profit for the last 3 quarters but made more loss for 7 years!!

sony did lose a lot of money but from last year last quarter they made profit in the playstation brand(ps2,psp,ps3)

ps3 will make profit this year and on hardware next year!

and one more thing that was in the past and u need to wake up saying

"They still have the best Online experience and are releaseing the best multiplat games on the console. Most developers are still building for the 360 as the development console of choice."
that was in the long past! now DMC4 and burnout paradise was developed first on ps3, and many other titles was developed simultaneously on ps3 and 360! so this time like all times u failed in ur fanboy post to give facts!!

tehReaper3750d ago

@The Killer

You're obviously the fanboy. You state the 360 was only an upgrade in only TWO things, yet you name all of the PS3's functions. You left out pretty much every improvement with MS's console.

Xbox Live made a huge upgrade and is the best online service as of now. When Home releases, it might be a different story.

Hard Drive. There are multiple hard drives to choose from on the 360, yet you go on and state the PS3 has hard drive upgrade and never stated this for 360. Hmmm.

Same goes for HD. Both systems have HD..

Same goes for Wireless...sigh..this is getting repetitive.

Wifi, yep, 360 has it.

It may not of had Blu-ray, but it did have HD-DVD, and Microsoft can't predict the future. Whose to say that when the HD-DVD drive was released, MS knew it would be beaten?

So, who is the fanboy here, that guy for defending flat out lies to make his console of choice seem better, or the guy promoting flat out lies to make his console of choice seem better..

Just so you know, I own all three consoles, and think of them all equally.

As for this article, it's just another FANBOY post to add more fire to the PS3. This is getting rediculous.

The Killer3750d ago

look man read carefully what i wrote!!

i said the upgrade from the previous generation to this gen!!
i was comparing ps2 upgrade to ps3 also xbox to 360!!
and yes 360 had all what u mentioned but they do not come as standard like the ps3, 360 doesnt include the following as standard
2)wireless(not in all models and the first versions which sold 10 million didnt have wireless contrllers)
3)motion sensing
5)buit in HD (disk reader drive)
maybe i missed somethings also.

ps3 provides all this as standard and its a huge upgrade from ps2 unlike the upgrade from xbox to 360 which is just in CPU and GPU, of course there is more but all cost u extras and does come as standard!!

got it now? am not a fanboy but i am a fan of ps3 and sony!!

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Joey Gladstone3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

this article is just RIPE for the flaming.....regardless of your views on Microsoft or the Xbox360, I think the only real concern should be the huge number of people that would be royaly shafted once again if Microsoft discontinued their current 360 console and introduced its next newer console too would seriously be like a second slap in the face to the loyalists...
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Exhaust3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

They do extensive market research. They know full well consumers would be pissed and less likely to buy their next console. I really believe they're shooting for the Playstation business model this time around. While they may launch the 720 in the next couple of years I fully expect them to continue support for the 360 even if its just for show with a couple of big titles early in the transition. They HAVE to at least sell the idea. To do otherwise would be a death wish.

Once again I really doubt MS expected to "beat" the PS3 this generation. You'd have to be stupid to think you could beat a competitor coming off the juggernaut PS2 market share even with a year head start. It just doesn't make sense. The fact that people even consider the possibility and "debate" this console war is a huge achievement for MS. As far as I'm concerned they're still the underdog new comer to the video game market. Sony is expected to win by everyone even MS. Best MS can hope for is increased market share which it looks like they're going to get.

MURKERR3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

sobering read

its like the ps2 scenario all over again,history repeating themselves as they say

ps2-slow start,new format(dvd),hard to program for,big hitters in second year,bashed by bad press,suddenly loved

ps3- slow start,new format(bluray),hard to program for,big hitters in second year,bashed by bad press,suddenly loved

kudos to microsoft they tried this time by releasing 1st which helped but in the end brandism and quality prevailed and rrod really didnt help, but their games did which some were amazing,but they need to lose that hardcore gamer tag which to be honest they are trying to do.

microsoft will do a 3rd console but they need to think long and hard because by the time sony release there 4th console maybe a year later it gives sony the chance to do what they did this generation...take risks(bluray),and make it tech wise on paper superior again.

its catch 22 for microsoft

meepmoopmeep3751d ago

yup, i'm one of those original xbox owners that got shafted and so it left a bad taste in my mouth when i think about MS and gaming. bringing out a new console is fine but at least f*cking support the old userbase.

crck3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

seems to leave the way open for an easy exit out of the industry. Not saying that they will but instead of buying studios like Sony does to ensure exclusives decades down the line. MS seems to only want to buy exclusives or finance independent devs to make an exclusive game. That doesn't seems like a long term plan to me. I think they are leaving the door open in case they do decide to leave the industry.

BrianC62343751d ago

The article missed the biggest reason Microsoft might get out of gaming. They can no longer afford it. I know, I know. Microsoft has billions in cash ready to spend. But what if they end up buying Yahoo? That will cost them a fortune. And for what? Microsoft is a computer software company. They don't make hardware. The 360 proved they don't know how to design it. They really should think hard about getting out of the console business. This price drop in Europe means their gaming division will probably be back to losing money. No way can they keep making money if they drop the price as soon as they turn a profit.

Strangelet PT3751d ago

Do you live in this world?
The Xbox 360 is one of the best designed consoles of all time. The only problem was thar Ring os Death problem, I bought one at launch day and I had no problem with it.

But your statment is stupid. Every developer praises the 360 architecture, the MS developer tools, etc. MS did the homework this time.

JsonHenry3751d ago

The simple fact that the line "it will almost certainly never win" should tell everyone with even a remote sense of objectivity would steer away from this article.

No one thought Sony would ever make it either. And now look at them. No one thought that Nintendo would lose its crown. No one thought the X360 would sell like it has. (or its head and shoulders attach rate over its rivals)

They do NOT have to come out with a new console to compete. The install base is already there for new games.

hades073751d ago

Json Henry is right, the console war this generation is not so easily defined as previous generations. You have the Wii kicking the snot out of both the 360 and PS3 but then you have sony and ms fanboys saying its not a true gaming system, just a toy, or some other nonsense. Sony is making a boatload of money now off of blu-ray, but MS is also making a boatload of money because 360 owners are buying alot more game, and how do console companies make most of their money, from software sales. If you were to base a winner right now on hardware sales, it would be the Wii, if it was based on who has the brightest future, it would be the PS3, and based on who is probably making the most money this generation it would be the 360. This generation of systems is the most equal it has ever been.

Scottama3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )


Are you KIDDING?: "based on who is probably making the most money this generation it would be the 360"

The Microsoft gaming division have only EVER reported two quarters in which they turned a profit; with this price drop they could be back to making a loss.

I think that the PS3's appeal will only increase, and the Wii's (IMO) gimmicky appeal will just wear off.

Daishi3751d ago

Speaking of gimmicky appeal, six axis anyone?

jmare3751d ago

That was funny. "They do extensive market research. They know full well consumers would be pissed and less likely to buy their next console." Obvoiusly you haven't notice their "Upgrade or Die!" business model with their software side of business, which they continued with the XBox. They offer token support while pushing their new OS harder than Winnie the Pooh into a hunnytree.

Also, their is no reason Ms shouldn't have expected to beat Sony this generation or last generation. Think about it, Sony killed the reigning king (Nintendo) in one generation. I MS had tried a different approach, things might be different now.

Exhaust3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I'll agree to disagree on the first point.

About expecting to beat Sony this generation... The PS1 era was totally different. Nintendo was arrogant and shot themselves in the foot insisting on using 32mb carts as media and a long list of other stupid moves like Virtual Boy. Nintendo couldn't stick their own finger... At the same time Sony having been stabbed in the back by Nintendo on the SNES CD deal comes in with that CD technology. CD media was MASSIVE way more than DVD was for PS2 or Bluray is for PS3. Karma probably didn't hurt either.

Going by your logic Kia is going to beat Toyota and Honda next year. They put out a couple models that means the next one is going to be the winner to take all the market share.

No matter how hardcore fans try to spin it business is business.

jmare3751d ago

I was not trying to say something as ridiculous as Kia beating Toyota or anything like that. I was simply saying that it isn't an unheard of event for a newcomer to come out strong and dominate the industry. My logic was only to that: If executed properly, with the right conditions, a newcomer can overcome its competition. However, I do appreciate someone being able to disagree in a civil manner. Bubbles to you, sir.

Alcohog3751d ago

Thanks for the good laugh!!!

xplosneer3750d ago

You pretty much proved his point. Microsoft is a software company.

Monchichi0253750d ago

Obviousily written by someone who isn't a professional. To say that the 360 is already past it's peak is ludicrious. The 360 has yet to hit the magical $200 - $250 price point where all the mass market comes in at. Right now they are still catering to more of a hardcore gamer, but there is still a HUGE market of price savy people looking to jump into the next generation.

If you look at the PS2's sales, they didn't explode till they hit that price point. say what you may say about the PS3 but it will never be able to compete with the 360 in price and Quantity of value game selsection.

This race is far from over.

NO_PUDding3748d ago

To be honest, we all know it's goign to go PS3's way. I think MS is gettign a good share of the market but they are goign to be hard pushed into the next generation. Forcing their custoemrs in too early will amke them go to the PS3 more, and goign to late will mean the PS4 is already there. Difficult decisions for MS next gen, I am not howeveer denyign Sony won't have HUGE challenges to face. But this console war was alwasy only going to go one way.

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Kaz Hirai3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Do they really want their empire to continue dying?
Do they really want to be HUMILIATED again?
Those damn SIMPLETONS!


tehReaper3750d ago

Oh, how I hate you and your mindless crap that you call comments.

decapitator3751d ago

Who really knows ? They choose to do whatever the hell they want. Is anyone's guess.