Not even dinos can salvage unexciting 'Turok' - MSNBC

The biggest problem with "Turok," though, is simply that there are better first-person shooter games on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It might not be totally fair to compare "Turok" to "Orange Box" or "Call of Duty 4," but both of those games simply offer better action. True, neither of those games offer dinosaurs, but then again, nobody's perfect. -- Levi Buchanan

Verdict: Skip It

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MadMax3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

I dont get it, i played Turok on the 360 all the way through and it kept me playing where most games lose my interest and i never end up finishing. I think its a great game, i am getting sick and tired of all the same old war fps games. Its getting old and i dont even look at those type of clone games anymore. Turok is a refreshing change and looks great on the 360, the PS3 version on the other hand suffers in the graphics department and doesnt look as good. If you like running around with a flamethrower torching oversized scorpions and incredible looking dinos then this is the game for you. If you wanna keep shooting the same old generic looking soldier with the same old generic looking rifle then stick with military games that seem to be over flooded on the market right now. I highly recommend Turok to anyone who enjoys a good time taking out a T-REX!

Excalibur3747d ago

I had a great time with Turok as well.
I don't understand why it's getting trashed.
I've played games that I thought were trash that got great reviews by most of these idiots.

Who knows.

I can say this, if you reviewed the game by the demo you got it all wrong.
The devs didn't do themselves any favors by using that part of the game for the demo.

MadMax3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Yea, I agree. The demo was a very small and non important part of the game that you have no idea what the rest of the game was about. I loved the original Turok and the 2nd one, they started to go down hill after that and then finally started to pick up the pace again with this one. People should really give a game like this a chance, i think they would understand where we are coming from after playing it through. I also found funny in this hilarious review how it says the bow is the most effective weapon in the arsenal, lol i maybe used the bow like a couple times cuz it seemed like the weakest weapon to me. Its so clear that the reviewer has absolutely no idea about games, sounds like it was reviewed by a teenager.