Satoru Iwata Confirms Nintendo's Plans To Bring More 3DS Third-Party Support To The West

Nintendolife writes: "In Nintendo's recent Financial Results Briefing for the end of the Fiscal Year, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata mentioned that the company plans to bring more third-party support to the 3DS, particularly when it comes to Japanese developers localising games for the West."

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Moonman1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

This is what I'm talking about. I've been over the moon about the Bravely Default announcement.

BlackWolf1857d ago

I'm also content for this. I'll be getting a 3ds soon (I hope), so expanding the game library is a welcome for me.

GraveLord1857d ago

Don't get your hopes up. 3rd party support is virtually non-existant on portables beyond smartphones and tablets.

TheCagyDies1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Mmmmm... more Atlus please!!!

chrispseuphoria1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Just as long as Persona 5 isn't a Wii U Exclusive, sure.

RockmanII71857d ago

Just give me Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney and I'll be happy

DFresh1857d ago

Yet the Wii U continues to get no love or support.

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The story is too old to be commented.