Capcom: PS3 Can't Support Online Betas ; Killzone 2 Developer Says Otherwise

Following a spot of whinging about the lack of a PlayStation Network beta for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix to go alongside its Xbox 360 beta, Capcom has stated that Sony is unable to host beta programmes on the PS3 just yet.

Killzone 2 developer Guerilla seems to think it will be able to produce a beta for its shooter this year - although it could be the non-existence of a beta programme that has stopped it producing one thus far.

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mighty_douche3691d ago

Why not PROVE them wrong Guerilla! ;)

decapitator3691d ago

Oh they will. I heard a rumor that PlayStation premiere might be somewhere this month and I hope we get to hear some Killzone 2 information

BrianC62343691d ago

I just don't believe this story. Is Capcom starting to make up stories to make them not look horrible toward PS3 gamers? If this is true why did they report their first reason? Why not just say this from the start? At least it would give them a good reason. Now it just makes them look like lying fools.

MikeGdaGod3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

then WTF have i been doing in Home for the last 6-7 months?!?!

has it all been a figment of my imagination???

or does Capcom really not know what the f*ck they're talking about???

someone needs to tell them i was in the Warhawk beta also for a few months.

MikeMichaels3691d ago

I was in the beta for Warhawk and i am currently doing home.

Perhaps Capcom was suggesting the infrastructure isn't available for 3rd party dev's?

XBOX 3603691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

lol. I'm assuming you need to buy an XBLA game to get into this beta, right (Commando 3)? I'm also assuming Sony wanted the beta to be free and Crapcom didn't like it, so they didn't release a PS3 beta at all.


games4fun3691d ago

the warhawk beta went on for like 4 months or something

this will not go over well for capcom they were already on thin ice with ps3 owners for all the crap we've gotten from them

ShAkKa3691d ago

so where will be konami releasing it`s MGS online beta, on the 360?
i don`t know what happened between capcom and sony but this is getting old.

beoulve3691d ago

they already proven wrong with Warhawk and Home beta.

Sevir043691d ago

i mean i've only seen 3 kind of betas on the xbox 360 and those were all some form of Paid in for entry beta, The crackdown to play halo 3, the pre order to play the COD4 beta and now the buy the xbox live version of wolf of the battle field game to get in.

but I've already been apart of the Warhawk beta and that was free, My best friend is on the Home beta, and The LBP beta is active right now but it's closed. and the MGSO beta which i'm in is about to start. Capcom this generation is simply rolling in the money like EA. and we can clearly see it. LOL!!! still for them to say that sony isn't open enough to run a beta... they might have just been offerd some money for it. either way. MS certainly has been courting Capcom graciously.

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destroyah3691d ago

I stopped caring about Crapcom games a long time ago.

PS3 can't support online betas and yet we got LBP, Killzone 2, MGO and other online betas coming. That makes a lot of sense, Crapcom.

AllroundGamer3691d ago

agree, Capcom has turned into a lazy pure moneyhungry company and their reputation will go down the toilet over the time...

BrianC62343691d ago

Maybe the PS3 can't support Capcom betas because it will need 5GB of disk space just to install. That will be a huge download. :)

socomnick3691d ago

Im more inclined to believe someone at capcom than some idiot on a gaming website. Thats the problem though too many people feel they are experts. Also notice how you talk about the future where are the betas at now. Thats right you haven't had any while the xbox 360 has had 2. Please think before you talk you dont know Jack S$%# about what the systems are able to do so please shut up.

Skater3691d ago

PS3 hasn't had any betas? WTF? What do you call the Warhawk and Home betas? You should listen to your own "advice" and not comment on what the systems can do.

TheHater3691d ago

The PS3 hasn't have any beta? Because I was in the Warhawk beta, and I sure hell wasn't playing that on my xbox360. Wasn't there an MGS4 online beta going on in Japan a few months a go? Isn't there a HOME Beta currently going?
Take your own advice and STFU.

MikeGdaGod3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

i'm currently beta testing Home, i was in the Warhawk beta.

neither one of you know what you're talking about.

don't believe me....check me out PSN: MikeG115

i'm always on. i leave the PS3 in Home when i'm out just to make people on my friends list jealous. look me up or ask around. just stop making stupid, uninformed comments.

"Please think before you talk you dont know Jack S$%# about what the systems are able to do so please shut up."


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cellypower3691d ago

Theres a MGO beta on the april 17th.

PirateThom3691d ago

Didn't Warhawk have a beta as well?

And isn't Home currently in a Beta testing phase?

cellypower3691d ago

Good point! I think crapcom is full of it.

SeanScythe3691d ago

I remember being in an online only beta I think it was call Warhawk.

BrianC62343691d ago

I was in that Warhawk beta too. Or maybe we were all just dreaming.