N4G Radio 03/17/2008

This week we bring you an epic St. Patty's Day show this week with NPD numbers, the future of digital distribution as well as the latest games including Condemned 2: Bloodshot, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Wild Arms XF.

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T_O873659d ago

Going to listen to it while playing some MLB 08 the show

Harry1903659d ago

fans have better things
to do.oi,who's on top
right now.die fabregas,die.
should be careful though.
chelsea's lurking.

SilPho3659d ago

Sweet. And I like the sound of "epic". *Downloads*

(How on earth can someone disagree with T 087's statement?)

T_O873659d ago

maybe they are Man UTD fans or 2k8 baseball fans

Danja3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I agree they must be 2K8 fans.....The Show is awesome BTW


Harry1903659d ago

don't care friend.we all
know the best team in london is
tottenham.4 draws in a row,and a match ahead.