GT5 Prologue PSN download is 1.9GB

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is set to weigh in at 1870MB on PlayStation Network when it goes on sale next Thursday, 27th March.

That's how big the game was when we downloaded it to put together our exclusive review of the PAL version, and Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer that it will be the same when the game goes live on the PlayStation 3 Store.

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TriggerHappy3562d ago

Man, I just cannot wait for this game. And Holy Sh1t with 1.9GB for a PSN game..?

Then again, MGS4 is on yeah.

ShAkKa3562d ago

you are right ju,i mean the mlb08 the show and heavenly sword demos almost reach the gigabyte.

CrazzyMan3562d ago

OR do you wish to download UNPACKED 7-8GB?
Because japanese version after unpack takes over 5GB on hdd, and European version got additional content.

MaximusPrime3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

wow biggest one ive seen so far.

I've already preordered 2 copies of GT5:P on Bluray. Looking forward to the game.

Btw: great image. ;)

decapitator3562d ago

Yes. I said the same thing. Considering this is a PSN game, thats pretty big. I am sure most people with slow internet connections will probably go with the disc based version.

MaximusPrime3562d ago

well i have a fastest internet connection so it is not an issue for me.

I only use HDD for demos not full game. (plus other medias)
Warhawk is the only full game ive downloaded.

Watkins3562d ago

Believe me, you do not have the fastest internet connection. lol

Ju3562d ago

The article actually says, the size is small for the game. And why that is, is because the movies are not included in the download, but can be downloaded on demand from within the game. And I agree. 1.9G seams small for a hi-def 1080p game in that comprehensive quality, IMO.

travelguy2k3562d ago

wasn`t the Turok demo like 1.8, or The Club, that was also pretty big.

and these were pretty short 10-15 minute demos, so all in all i am surprised they got it down so small.

Homicide3562d ago

Yep, I'll take the disc too. Downloading speeds are slow for me, and I don't think I can wait 4-5 hours to download it.

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mighty_douche3562d ago

Personally, I'm going for the Blu-ray.

How long do you think this will take to download upon release?? FOR EVER and i aint waiting that long ;)

decapitator3562d ago

That would be the smart thing to do if you aren't very patient and have a slow internet connection :P

mighty_douche3562d ago

Plus doesn't the Blu-Ray come out a day earlier?

Keowrath3562d ago

MD, I believe the BR is scheduled for Friday the 28th here, along with Hotshot's golf and Dark sector

PirateThom3562d ago

I would never download a full game when given the choice, I didn't download Warhawk either, got the disc version.

I like to display my collection and having more discs is so much better than the few seconds saved selecting it from the HDD.

If digital download becomes commonplace, this will become not only the average, but a small download.

masterg3562d ago

I'm the other way around. At least on games.
My cousins apartment was broken into the other day. They took everything.

PS3, TV, Ipod, DVDs, Games.

At least with downloaded games he can just download them again.

PirateThom3562d ago

We have home insurance, if something gets broken or stolen, I get a replacement reguardless of cost.

tweaker3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Can anyone confirm if you could share the GT5P downloaded version across 3 PS3's at once? I'm going for the multi-monitor setup and it saves me a bunch instead of buying the game 3 times.

JoelR3562d ago

I would not be surprised if it worked like Warhawk and is account limited - with only one account online at a time.

tweaker3562d ago

Thats what I'm worried about. Although, Warhawk is an online only game. GT5P is both offline and online, so I'm guessing it's probably a whole different authentication system different from Warhawk. High Stakes on PSN is an on/offline game that supports simultaneous online up to 5 PS3's at once. I hope its the exact same way for GT5P. :)

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