The Big Issue: What's Nintendo got up its sleeve?

From the article: "When Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aime told last week that Wii-owners can expect "a big game for the holiday" the Internet blew up. And why not? When Nintendo does take the time to make games tailored towards its more hardcore fans, they usually turn out stupendously well. So, with speculation hitting critical levels asks what exactly has Nintendo got up its sleeve?"

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wiizy3748d ago

kid icarus , zelda , donkey kong and wii sport 2

JsonHenry3748d ago

Well... Here is to hoping for a new Punch Out! game!!

PS360WII3748d ago

He didn't even meantion Pikmin! A fps Zelda game is plausable seeing that the Zelda Crossbow Training is already past a million. Grr what could it be!

ItsDubC3748d ago

Gimme Mario Paint Wii already.

qohelet3748d ago

F-zero anyone? (please please please...)
donkwii kong?
if it's another wii fit thingy i'm gonna lose it...
tell us already!

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