Slightly Mad Studios seek investment for PS4 Project CARS

VVV: "Now, though, it seems that the prospect of Project CARS being ported onto PS4 is indeed a possibility, as Ian hinted at future investment plans: "First up will be the PS4 and Durango versions opened for investment. Yes, I said INVESTMENT. ", he continued. "I should also mention that we're now official PS4 developers."

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jimbobwahey1819d ago

Glad to see this coming to next gen consoles, should do a nice job of keeping PlayStation/Xbox fans happy until next gen versions of Forza and Gran Turismo release.

ABizzel11818d ago

Forza is suppose to be a lunch title, and Drive Club (composed of some of the best developers from every racing team out there) is suppose to be a launch title for the PS4, so I think their car fix will be catered to.

But it's always good to have variety and quality.

level 3601819d ago

Think console owners wouldn't have to put up with WMD scheming as PC counterparts.

WMD is a one-way-street and the losers are those poor gamers' shelling out their hard earned salaries/monies.

cyril sneer1818d ago

If pc gamers didn't shell out there money it wouldn't likely be coming to console so you should be glad they did as it's looking good.

Larry L1818d ago

I think you completely miss the point of the sim racing fans who "invested" into this game. I guarantee 99% of them didn't invest their 20 or 50 or however much it was, with the thought of investing in it in the sense of making money. These are just Sim Racers who are really just paying to be a ble to have early access to a great new sim racing titles, and they also get the oppotunity to help mold the game to be as perfect of a sim as possible for the actual type of gamer who will really be playing this game Day 1.

It's an investment in being able to say "Yeah, I helped make that as good as it is."....assuming it does turn out as good as it's potential. For the larger investors who actually have the opportunity to share in the profits of the game.....I think the profits are sencondary....or even lower on the list of priorities.

It's a hyper realistic sim, so unless it's one of the few on consoles outside of Gran Turismo to sell millions of copies.....the chances for profit are slim anyway thinking realistically, and I'm sure that fact was pointed out to the profit-level investors.

sinjonezp1818d ago

Did they not receive a truck load of money from donations and direct investors? While I love this studio, how much more money and time they need? Like some say this may be vaporware. I hope not and its truly successful. Considering ps4 is x86, porting shouldn't be a hassle. Here's to optimistic thinking

Larry L1818d ago

I think they reached their target investment funding which was 3.75 million or somewhere around there, and then cut off the investment oppotunities saying "thanks, but no more".

That was their first bad move. They should have raised more knowing that whatever they raised would be matched. More=better when it comes to budget to make a game. 3.75 million is NOTHING to what it costs to make a racing game with such high detail and realistic physics. Especially if they want to run with Gran Turismo. GT5 cost 60 million if I recall (though they made that back just on the sales for the fund-raiser: GT5 Prologue.

They need ALOT more than even the double 3.75. And as for the time it tales, that's the same story. It takes a LONG time for each car for things to actually be realistic. AGain just look at GT5 for a time comparison.....and PCars is shooting for an even higher standard. Even with the much smaller roster of's gonna take a LONG time to finish this game. I don't expect it any time before Fall 2014. The PS3 and 360 versions are just going to end up being a waste by then, unfortunately. Maybe if they're lucky porting PS3 code over to PS4 won't really cost any extra money or time if Sony did a great job on the dev kits, and the wierd and unfortunate timing of this game's dev cycle won't hurt their profit margains too much.

Skate-AK1818d ago

Shouldn't be to hard to get the investment. Cerny said it should only take a couple weeks instead of months to port from PC to PS4.