Design Your Own Xbox 360 Theme

Starting today, you can design your own theme for the Xbox 360. Yes, you read that right, and not only that but you can also win some amazing prizes. Platform Nation is teaming up with Disruptive Publishers, which is partnering up with Nokia, to bring you a very special contest where you can design your own theme and walk away with some cool prizes for doing so. First off, let me tell you about the prizes as I know this will get you pretty pumped up:

The Grand Prize winning theme designer wins a Blu-Ray DVD player, a 42' LCD 1080p TV, a 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Home Theater, a Nokia N81 Phone, five XBOX 360 Video Games (valued at $2499.99), and the winning theme will get published by DP and the designer will receive a royalty payment contract from DP for future content.

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mighty_douche3752d ago

Good stuff, my room mate loves the fact you can make them for the PS3, this will be welcoming news for him.

I'm i right in thinking that MS charge you currently for the themes on Live (the good ones anyway)?

Nostradamus3752d ago

The developer of the theme has the choice of pricing them or giving them away for free.

There are alot of free themes, and there are alot that cost $.

DarkSniper3752d ago

Is it possile to use the Playstation logo accompanied with a high resolution picture of PLAYSTATION® 3? It's the system these Microslaves will be purchasing this year so it makes perfect sense to start their pledge to the Sony Sniper Coalition early.

If Dark Sniper enters and wins, he will take those 5 Xbox 360 games and trade them in for the superior game selections in PLAYSTATION® 3.


Satans Cousin3752d ago

I check my personal settings,and find nothing new.

XBOX 3603752d ago

PS3 did this a while ago, lame.

iNcRiMiNaTi3752d ago

i dont see any links for it

tgh machines3752d ago

You have to click the picture/ad at the top

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The story is too old to be commented.