What's the best beta? IE 8 vs Opera 9.5 vs Safari vs Firefox 3

It's up to your Web browser to make using the Internet easy and enjoyable -- it's arguably the most important piece of software you use. As the Internet becomes more integral to daily life, the browser you use is of great importance to software companies too. That's why every major browser developer is working on new versions of their product.

Fortunately, they've all released early versions of their work -- that's betas to you -- for us to poke around and play with, so we can suggest fixes and improvements that could be made before the final version is released to the general public.

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decapitator3927d ago

No competition here, Firefox for me please. At least, it does not force me to restart it and is consistent.

GutZ313927d ago

Firefox is the best, hands down.

mighty_douche3927d ago

Running FireFox 3 beta 4 right now, it's working just great. Found a few little problems with beta 3 but they seem to of already been sorted out.

On my PC firefox Vs. IE, firefox is always much quicker and more stable.

Go on Mozilla, make a complete OS....

mighty_douche3927d ago

*down low* ahhhh your to slow... lol :)

decapitator3927d ago

haha...I just saw your new comment..:P

PS360WII3927d ago

I use a few. I have IE on my PC, Safari on my iPhone, and Opera when I'm messing around on the Wii internet. Go Wiicade ^^

Kholinar3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

I've used all of them except IE8 for a while now. But I honestly think IE8's far to Alpha to compare to the others, so...

It really depends on your browsing habits. Safari's is, by far, the most lightweight. That's refreshing in light of Firefox and IE in particular. It's a great browser when browsing is what you want to do. I only use something like Firefox when I'm developing for the web, since the development plugins are fab. Safari's also the fastest of the bunch. It's weakness is extensions. Which leads me to Firefox.

Firefox's original purpose was to be extremely lightweight by default (I've used it since it was Firebird, around the .7 release) and allow users to add as much or as little as they want via extensions. Now it's nothing like that design and it's sad that it's made so many compromises. I'm glad that they've fixed the memory leaks, but I hope they aim for something much lighter in 4.0. Otherwise, there's a lot to like in Firefox. The gui in this version is a massive improvement (particularly for non-windows platforms, though it's still a bit weird on OS X), and the rendering engine is much faster. Speed is king, of course.

Opera's a great browser. It's more lightweight than Firefox, though not as light as Safari, just as fast as Firefox and has a lot of nice things in the user interface. I don't particularly like the asthetic, but otherwise it's a perfect work browser. Opera does, despite people's perception, have a ton of extensions available.

It's fab that there's finally some choice on the browser front, particularly for Windows. For other platforms there's a far more fierce competition, but hopefully Windows will continue to grow into a sublime browser market.

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