"Shocking" Tech Taking GTA to New Levels

Rockstar Games president Sam Houser says the developer has achieved what it always wanted to with Grand Theft Auto IV, and that which wasn't possible until this hardware generation.

Speaking to Edge about the latest installment in the GTA series, Houser said that the incorporation of NaturalMotion's Euphoria procedural animation technology means all user experiences with the game will be unique.

"This is how we always wanted GTA to be, but it simply wasn't possible until now. And some of the technology that's gone into this new game, compared to what we had before, it's shocking."

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Strife Lives3655d ago

And i cnot frickn wait ! !

Exhaust3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Can't wait for this game.

This launch is an event. Its going to KILL Halo 3 in sales and media attention.

Knowing Rockstar there will be tons of suprises. Supposedly they've only revealed about 30% of the games features. But really all we need is the Euphoria animation engine to make it a great game. Going on rampages will be on a whole new level.

chaosatom3333655d ago

" I’ll be getting in a battle with some guys, I’ll steal someone’s car and some fist fight’s kicked off, and then suddenly he’ll be chasing me through the street, and I’ll get in position – like, ‘I’m not running from you any more; I’m going to ****** have it with you now, mate’ – and just as I’m about to crack him, a car comes flying through the shops, runs him over, and he goes flying."

I'll always love when something you never thought would happen, happens.

NO_PUDding3653d ago

Euphoria isn't an engine or any type of ware. It's a seperate technology that has to be built in. And I think you are totally right to think it will change the atmosphere totally, in an awesome way.

tweaker3655d ago

Great news! This is next gen gameplay.

ip-student3655d ago

That is why I was so bummed about the Wii - you need the additional processing power to do procedural things that can bring games alive. How cool is it that no one is going to have exactly the same experience. A game that is linear suddenly becomes more random (not saying that GTA is linear since it is a sandbox game).

I am excited about the changes happening - in a generation or so Deus Ex might be possible again (right now it would be probably be too expensive to make such a game).

mrdeli13655d ago

That Next Gen article does honor to the game community. In a sea of "my Xbox 3 fix me p0wns your gaystation 3" -- this is real meat. It was a joy to read, can't wait for part 2 !


Skerj3655d ago

It's good to see a lot of developers turning to Natural Motion now. I remember when they hit the block with Endorphin, it was (and still is) a revolutionary application for animation.

SUP3R3655d ago

This will be the GTA of all GTA's.
Even though IV isn't out yet, I'm already anticipating the spin-offs using the engine with other cities(hopefully revisiting London).

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