Nintendo Life: Hardware Review: MaxPlay Wii U In-Car Adapter

Nintendo Life: A few eyebrows were raised when we reported on the existence of the MaxPlay adapter, a newfangled contraption which allows you to power your Wii U console from your car's standard 12V cigarette lighter socket.

However, we can now report that this unique item is in fact the real deal, having tried it for ourselves. The MaxPlay allows you to play games on the GamePad from the comfort of the passenger seat — or anywhere else in the car, for that matter.

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eferreira1852d ago

Why bring out a wii u when there is a 3ds

SonyNGP1852d ago

At least that has games. ZING!

Dlacy13g1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

LOL... great idea until you hit your first pot hole. Something tells me the WiiU is not meant be portable regardless of this dongle.

edit: as stated above... portable gaming is what the 3DS is for.

nikrel1852d ago

How do you charge the Pad? That has it's own charger as well...

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