Google Chief Slams Microsoft-Yahoo Proposal - 'Takeover likely to harm internet'

BEIJING (Reuters) - Google Inc, the world's leading search engine, said on Monday it was concerned about the free flow of information on the Internet if Microsoft Corp were to succeed in acquiring Yahoo Inc.

Last month, Microsoft proposed buying Yahoo in a deal originally worth $44.6 billion, but Yahoo's board has rejected the offer, saying it was too low.

"We would be concerned by any kind of acquisition of Yahoo by Microsoft," Chief Executive Eric Schmidt told reporters.

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decapitator3600d ago

Could be bad ? It will be bad. Eating up the 'competition' because you are not innovate enough to come up with something is not healthy for any kind of business.

Boink3600d ago

look how many companies google has bought.


them talk like this about MS is just pure BS. Google is just afraid of some competition.

Bombomb3600d ago

know nothing about's useless.

google didn't start off by eating smaller firms but it's been trying out the menu little by little.

there are different rules of ms, as always.

RealityCheck3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Buying a smaller company to add to your portfolio is one thing. However buying a competitor (Yahoo) that already overlaps with part of your business (MSN) adds nothing to your portfolio, so you end up cutting the acquisition (Yahoo) to pieces to keep a few select parts (IP) and discarding most of it (employees).

games4fun3600d ago

Google is the monopoly and yahoo msoft the weaker competitors

DarkSniper3600d ago would be used as a primary source to spread lies and false claims on the vastly inferior XBOX 360. Dark Sniper would prefer the popular search engine to stay as it is. The average internet user does not need to be informed about the deceit and lies Microsoft is intending to spread to the internet community.


Phil Harrison Mk43600d ago

FECK!!! They wanna own EVERYTHING!!! :-/

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