Molyneux: One Acorn Will Grow In Fable 2, Multiple Acorns Unconfirmed

MTV Multiplayer are presenting two posts today that excerpt from a big Fable 2 interview they conducted last month with he ever-fascinating Peter Molyneux.

The first tidbit: confirmation that the promised acorns-will-grow-into-trees feature that didn't make the first Fable will be in this year's Fable 2, but possibly in very limited form.

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niall773652d ago

sometimes he should just stick to making games instead of making wild promisses.

Adamalicious3652d ago

Yeah, nobody would care about the stupid acorns if he never promised they'd grow. If it turns out you can only plant one tree people are still going to flame him for it.

vitz33652d ago

Never trust a Peter M. Both Moore and that dude who ****ed up Fable. That's always been my words since the 360 came out.

Eclipticus3652d ago

i think peter molynuex is cooler than a companion cube.
but not cooler than the other side of the pillow.

kira9893652d ago

Didnt he say the same about the first Fable!!

*sigh* keep Takin that talk Petey

Boldy3652d ago

The reason it, and alot of other promises he made, were not on Fable 1 was because on the Xbox 1 hardware it was basically impossible for those promises to be kept. But on the 360 hardware, it's a different story.

kira9893652d ago

but the point still remains.... Unless he's absolutly positive, he shouldnt say anything!!!!

He has already stained his reputation and its goona take alot until I'm able to trust what he has to say...

i dont know i may just be biased against him and Fable though!!!
Didnt like the first