Modern Warfare 4 Vs. Ghosts: Which Would You Rather Play?

CheatCC says: "The rumor mill has been practically overflowing with speculation about Activision's next installment in the Call of Duty franchise, but the whispers haven't exactly been trustworthy. Last October, the actor who voiced Captain Price in the previous Modern Warfare titles (whose name is Bill Murray, but it's not who you think) spilled the beans about his involvement in a Modern Warfare sequel. And even though Activision quickly denied the claim and insisted that no actors had been contacted, most of us just assumed that Modern Warfare 4 was the next title on Activision's horizon."

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JoGam1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )


On topic...How can you ask which one would you rather play when it isn't out yet or videos showing gameplay.

Majin-vegeta1786d ago

Cod4 >todays shitty cod titles.

guitarded771786d ago

In before CoD bashing... just kidding. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to be in before that.

Maybe Ghosts will be a departure from the typical bi-annual MW release. At least I hope. I'm not a big CoD fan myself (I don't hate it, just prefer more strategic FPS's), but my best friend loves it and lives in another state now, so CoD is how we hang out.

stage881786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Infinity Wards games are **** bar Cod 4.
Treyarch's are better but have become really stale.

Tl:dr: I'm out

Pillsbury11786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

I stopped caring 3 cods ago.

ZodTheRipper1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Same as me! :)
Or was it 4 ...?

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The story is too old to be commented.