Exclusive interview with Turbine's executive producer - Jeff Steffel

HEXUS.gaming hook up with Turbine executive producer, Jeff Steffel to ask his opinions on, amongst other things, the apparent demise of PC gaming and porting MMOS to consoles.

"HEXUS: There's been a bit of debate over at the official LOTRO forums about what's going to happen when Age of Conan and Warhammer arrive later this year and whether a chunk of the community will jump ship to play these big titles. What steps are you putting in place to ensure this doesn't happen?

Jeff: To continue to distinguish ourselves we'll continue to evolve the game and bring new things to the arena. We'll continue to uphold the level of quality and stability in the game. Besides WOW and LOTRO I don't know if there is a game that has been able to do that, certainly not a new one and I think that makes us very competitive."

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